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Posted 1 year ago2017-07-19 18:13:43 UTC
Screamernail ScreamernailYour personal Fear
I've decided to make my project in Unity3D. Because i'm more familiar with it then goldsource modding. And because i rather do 3DS games than PC games.

Have i gone here for nothing? Maybe not or maybe.


Commented 1 year ago2017-07-19 18:30:20 UTC Comment #68586
I really did feel like you wasted your time here if you're at that point of leaving if you don't want to invest the time to learn. It does take a while to get the hang of things. Shame if you want to leave, but you can do whatever you want, no one is stopping you.

On a side note, I know Unity has support libraries for the 3DS, but that's for licensed developers only. I kinda doubt you have a license to develop for the platform. Why even mention it? It doesn't seem relevant.
At least in my opinion since GoldSource is PC unless you want to break in Gearbox and get the ported source code, or develop it yourself. :L
Commented 1 year ago2017-07-19 23:23:46 UTC Comment #68585
you don't have to know goldsource stuff to hang out here... You can still chill and chat about other stuff and thats still cool!
Commented 1 year ago2017-07-20 06:18:46 UTC Comment #68587
I guess i can. Even if i'm not that good at talking to other people.

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