Journal #8848

Posted 10 months ago2017-08-03 19:02:31 UTC
Checklist for SMJ.
(Doesn't include everything, only the things I write down.)
[ ] Bonus Room Doors
[X] Enemy Memory
[X] Coin Memory
[X] Aiming system for gamepads
[X] Camera control for cutscenes and secrets
[X] Destructible blocks for terrain
[X] Navigation Minimap
[X] Options - Cursor size
[X] Options - Crosshair Follow speed
[X] Options - Number of crosshairs
[X] Options - Preview Cursor mode
[X] Number keys equip or use items
[X] Item drop system for enemies
[ ] Controls and game setup on launch
[X] Controls Setup in Options
	[X] Keyboard Config
	[X] Controller Support
[X] Physics for Coins
[X] Coins of increased value like 10, 25, and 100
[X] Item Shop interface for buying
[X] Drops for enemies
[X] Coin Bank Screen Graphics
[X] Coin Bank Screen Mechanics
[X] Item stash in van for excess items
[ ] Picking up blocks objects
[X] Chest Blocks that spawn items and whatnot
[ ] Timer Switches
[ ] Lever Switches
[X] Switch Blocks
[X] switches
[X] General Phys Block (like a crate but indestructible)
[ ] Water system
	[p] Water Graphics
[ ] Swimming for player with ability upgrade
[ ] Wayne riding and pickup
[ ] Format All Sounds to OGG's
[X] Optimized one-way platforms
[X] Pressure plates
[X] World Map Screen Mechanics
	[ ] Map Screen Graphics
[X] Bus Stops
[X] New Ladder System
[X] Enemies Template
	[X] "Heat" Combat AI
[X] Options Screen
	[X] Shift to Run option
	[X] Cursor Color
	[X] Sound Volumes
[X] Keys and Key HUD
	[X] Locked Doors
	[X] Monster Doors
[X] Health and Wallet Expansions
[X] Bombing and Super Bombing
[X] Duck-crawling
[X] Brick and Pound Blocks
[X] Game Over screen
[X] Player damage and link to HUD
	[X] Warnings when health is low
[X] Doors and Pipes
[X] Save Block
[X] Ability upgrades
[X] Basic pickups, coins, hearts, item template
[X] Inventory
	[X] Item Equipping
	[X] Item Dropping
	[X] Equipped Item Indicator
	[X] Mouse-over highliting
[X] Graphics and fitting for map system
[X] Incorporate MV Map system and map display
[X] Title Screen and splashes
	[X] ESC pause menu
		[X] Menu buttons
	[X] Continue Game Screen
[X] Music Player
[X] Level Settings
[X] Basic scene layers and Physics


Commented 10 months ago2017-08-03 23:41:10 UTC Comment #42441
I'm out of the loop, what's SMJ?
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-04 00:04:16 UTC Comment #42437
Miraculous timing with this game. Inbetween you starting the project and today, indie metroidvania-style games have exploded in popularity.
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-04 06:46:07 UTC Comment #42432
Give us a shout when it's ready for beta! :)
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-04 09:01:44 UTC Comment #42440
Now, that was a lot of work. Congrats on getting things done!
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-04 10:30:44 UTC Comment #42442
Oh, what's SMJ? I mean I know what does SMJ stand for, but what this game is all about?
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-04 12:56:53 UTC Comment #42433
Y'know, I don't know if I ever got the details of this game. I know what it's called, and what it looks like, but I don't really know much more about it. Give us the run down, Rimmer!
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-04 16:53:06 UTC Comment #42434
I remember playing the demo waaaay back and having a lot of fun - glad to see you've got so many things crossed off the list, and look forward to the final product!
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-04 22:08:42 UTC Comment #42427
Super Matt Jordan is an adventure platformer about a friend of mine who is a pretty cool and misunderstood guy. With all that, it's also about the empirical versus the hypothetical, or in other words, what would you do if you had super powers? I asked a number of my friends this question then pitted their answers and personalities against an incredible challenge "what if someone threatened to destroy your home?"

It is a metroidvania with exploration and discovery. It's also story driven, which I've developed a very in depth system for dialog and cutscenes. Story has undergone quite a lot of work and is still undergoing a lot of changes. It's a big project but it's moving along.

A couple TWHLers are in it, a good number of people are. It's also non-profit and free.
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-06 11:19:28 UTC Comment #42438
That night screenshot with the monolithic figure though...
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-06 22:33:37 UTC Comment #42428
Which one? This one?
User posted image
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-07 00:00:00 UTC Comment #42439
Yup. I'm a fool for blue and night scenes, so the atmosphere in this one tickled my pickle the most. There's another moody one that i liked with some sort of asian structure on top of the hills, but the front tree blended a bit too much with the rest of the background.
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-07 00:37:57 UTC Comment #42429
I don't even know if I'm going to keep those exact graphics, but I'm glad you liked them. The themes will stay since the landscapes are what they are.
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-08 21:51:30 UTC Comment #42435
Nice. Looking forward to the release.
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-10 04:40:24 UTC Comment #42436
free, huh? I like it! Pretty sure i asked before but you going for steam release? (greenlight is retired)
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-10 21:16:19 UTC Comment #42430
Have to look into the steam thing again, it's been a while. I should use it if it's beneficial, which it probably would be. Final release is far off but the demo will be ready soonish.
Commented 10 months ago2017-08-11 11:45:40 UTC Comment #42431
Ok, achievements might be cool. Though I would make them kinda hard to actually achieve, would probably involve different game modes like Stomp Only or One Hit Knockout. I always felt weird about achievements being super arbitrary and not amazing to get.

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