Journal #8879

Posted 1 year ago2017-10-19 15:37:47 UTC
Uploaded a Storm Engine 2 dev base on GitHub!

It contains minimum base assets coming with the engine, as well as game logic (entities), placeholder DEV textures, simple skybox, test fire particle and a test level created by me.


Commented 1 year ago2017-10-20 12:27:26 UTC Comment #67927
Looking through the files I'm seeing a few familiar constructs and file types - is this engine Quake-based, or are you coding it from scratch and just emulating a few of Goldsource's entity and mapping setups for convenience purposes?
Commented 1 year ago2017-10-20 12:53:47 UTC Comment #67929
As far as I know SE2 is a modified version of idTech 4.
Commented 1 year ago2017-10-20 15:35:58 UTC Comment #67928
As Windawz said, it's Storm Engine 2 - modified idTech4. You may also know it as Doom 3 BFG engine.

It is similar to Quake based engine and not that hard to work with - it's just less explained than Goldsource and other engines. Really cool engine, advanced and powerful. It just takes more time to figure out what does what, but when you deal with this problem, it works like a charm.

Configuration for mapping is extremely easy, just like compiling your levels. You'll spend more time polishing your assets than configuring things to work. It's volumetric based, fully dynamic lighting engine, so it puts a lot of emphasis on optimizing lights.

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