New EP, 3 tracks

Posted 2 years ago2019-03-08 19:07:12 UTC
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
New EPNew EP
Hey guys, made a new EP with about 3 tracks.

You can listen to it here on Youtube.
Or if you're more of a Spotify kind of guy, you can find it here.

Maybe this time there will be ska! There isn't.


Commented 2 years ago2019-03-08 20:30:18 UTC Comment #101870
curious question, how'd you do the writing on the cover art? font? drawing tablet?
Commented 2 years ago2019-03-08 22:00:38 UTC Comment #101871
I drew it myself with a mouse in about 5 minutes. I originally did it as a joke then I discovered I kinda liked how it looked, so it stuck.
Commented 2 years ago2019-03-09 05:21:17 UTC Comment #101873
my anticipation for ska has been let down for a 3rd time :(
Commented 2 years ago2019-03-10 11:05:32 UTC Comment #101880
Video blocked in country.Video blocked in country.
Commented 2 years ago2019-03-10 15:39:43 UTC Comment #101883
Idk, I guess Spotify-linked vids can't play in Romania for some reason. I remember I've had this problem with some Canadian videos, I guess you have to listen to it on Spotify. or bandcamp works, too.
Commented 2 years ago2019-03-14 23:41:10 UTC Comment #101905
Same for Serbia.

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