Journal #917

Posted 17 years ago2004-08-26 03:07:54 UTC
Yay just became joint mod leader of the Critical Mass Modification

Contact me if u are interested in doing a little bit of mapping for the mod ....if u are noob sry we need good quality maps.....oh and finally if u join u won't need to do much work only a small map, but u can make as much as u want if u really want...and remeber if u want to join send examples of work to me it must be made well or we will get a bad impression...oh and the maps should in a smilar style to black mesa...btw the mod is already 40% done


Anyhow email me at

p.s. -_- = @ I just don't want any of those email collection bots to get my email...maybe I'm paranoid but I don't care :)


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