My LSD Dream Emulator recreation map got played by Vinny

Posted 2 weeks ago2022-07-26 09:40:44 UTC
Vinny played my LSD Dream Emulator recreation map during his Randoslap Map Pack stream. It was a very surreal experience for me, i have never had anyone with any sort of large presence spotlight something i've created before. Too bad it was the one map i've made so far that isn't an original design, lol. I'm happy and grateful anyhow.

Here's a link to that video. Many interesting maps get played.


Commented 1 week ago2022-07-27 17:35:01 UTC Comment #104688
Where do i download it? It seems like a very good map!

EDIT: Im very stupid is on your profile lol
Commented 1 week ago2022-07-28 03:39:50 UTC Comment #104691
Thanks for the compliment and thanks for checking out my map! :)
Commented 1 week ago2022-07-28 08:45:07 UTC Comment #104692
I was so bored I actually watched a bit. What this weird modpack with maps from TWHL members? I've never heard of it before.

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