What is your opinion of melee combat in Op4?

Posted 1 month ago2024-02-22 14:58:05 UTC
My single player Op4 campaign (tentatively titled "Op4: Wrench/Barnacle/Snipe") emphasizes use of just the wrench for most of it, then the grapple, and finally the sniper rifle.

Do people generally hate that? The problem I face is that, for people who love the wrench (like me), it's extremely easy to clear rooms of monsters. For people who hate melee, it will be super difficult.


Commented 1 month ago2024-02-22 15:10:39 UTC Comment #105999
If you give the players no other options, they will eventually get used to using only melee.

Just be careful about the difficulty ramp. Warm them up with some headcrabs and breakables first and slowly increase the encounter difficulty instead of dropping the player directly into an arena with several gonomes and bullsquids. Let them become comfortable with it before challenging them, so to speak.

If the enemies have ranged attacks, give the player plenty of cover so they don't end up feeling defenceless (which in turn is experienced as unfair and difficult by the player).
Commented 1 month ago2024-02-22 15:40:03 UTC Comment #106000
That's all good advice, thank you. Unfortunately I start them out with a gonarch (that they can run from). But I suppose I will not proceed with my plan to put them up against a voltigore shortly afterwards :-/
Commented 1 month ago2024-02-22 17:00:53 UTC Comment #106001
As long as you make it clear they have to flee from the Gonarch and not engage in combat with it, it should be fine 🙂
Commented 1 month ago2024-02-22 17:40:43 UTC Comment #106002
They have the option to flee, and also plenty of ways to avoid confrontation as they figure out how to flee. Also, two to 4 direct hits to the sack gibs the thing and I've loaded them up on armor and health is available.

I guess I won't know if it's too difficult until I get it playtested.

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