We need members for our mod!

Posted 3 weeks ago2024-05-01 17:41:18 UTC
(Voluntary project so no payment)
Engine: GoldSrc (Half-Life)
Roles Needed: Programmer, Concept Artist, Level Designer (LD role full)

Hello and good day.
Lambda Team is working to revive the cancelled Hostile Takeover expansion as a mod. We aim to make it our own by taking the essence and adding our own ideas and creativity to make it unique and not just a copy.

It's a Singleplayer campaign, set in Half-Life's universe during the events of the second half of the Resonance Cascade, in another region separate from Black Mesa. The player steps into the shoes of a junior G-man and works to complete his assignment while accompanied by members of Team Fortress: Classic (not TF2).

The mod will include:
  • New combat mechanics with new and original weapons, plus G-man "powers".
  • New and original NPCs that change up gameplay.
  • New locations.
You will be working alongside the rest of the team, consisting of Writers and Game Designers who have already begun painting a good picture of the mod and its roadmap. As a member you will also be able to influence the design. Scroll down to see current work in progress

If you're interested, DM me in Discord @Chimz76 even if not meeting all requirements.

General Skill Requirements
  • Good team spirit and communication.
  • Open to feedback and criticism.

Level Designer Skill Requirements:
  • Familiar with Half-Life Level Editor tools.
  • Familiar with Blockout/Grey Boxing and Fast Prototyping.
  • At least one published Goldsource map.
Bonus Points:
  • Familiar with concepts of Level Design.

Programmer Skill Requirements:
  • Able to code NPC behaviors.
  • Able to code weapons.
  • Familiar with FGD development.
Bonus Points:
  • Familiar with Half-Life Featureful SDK.

Concept Artist Skill Requirements:
  • Able to work closely with designers.
  • Able to paint pieces that can be read and used by modelers.
  • Experience in painting weapons, creatures, characters.
Bonus Points:
  • Experience in painting environments.

Some sneak peaks

Work in ProgressWork in Progress
Work in ProgressWork in Progress
Work in ProgressWork in Progress
Work in ProgressWork in Progress


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