Tidings Ahoy!

Posted 12 years ago2007-12-21 11:12:00 UTC
AJ AJGlorious Overlord
Christmas! Again! And TWHL marches on!

Well, it's been a while since the last post, so I thought I'd keep y'all updated on what's going down on TWHL lately!

On the competition front, the results for "Map from Layout" were released a while ago: congratulations to DocRock, Trapt and doodle! Your prizes will be heading out as soon as we get your addresses.

As for the next competition: we're thinking of holding it over until TWHL3 gets here. Probably looking at a Map from Base thing this time, but nothing's set in stone. Prizes are also a possibility again, but again, that'll be confirmed later.

Now, onto more exciting matters: TWHL3. Now, I know we've teased you all about for goodness knows how long, but, believe it or not, we're actually progressing very VERY nicely on it. And guess what: it'll be here before March next year, guarenteed! If it isn't, well, you can beat us with big sticks or something. TWHL3 is brand-spankin' new code, coded from the ground up by the talented Penguinboy. It's looking pretty good at the moment folks, so hopefully there isn't long to go (we'll beat Duke Nukem Forever to the end, don't worry).

What else...I guess this is where we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all that malarky! See you all in the New Year!


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