Check this out....

Posted 20 years ago2003-09-09 00:14:00 UTC
Just in from SlayerA is a Single Player, Half-Life, 5 Map Mod/extension called "MINIMICUS" (3.3Mb). I have been following the development with interest for about a year now and it just gets better with the final release. There are some really tricky mapping subjects covered in this release. Have a good look and listen when you run this. I spent most of a day trying to work out how SlayerA created some of the stuff........ I gave up in the end and just asked him :-)
Anyway, get on over to the Map Vault and download this...... and let SlayerA know what you think.

If you want to try CS mapping, check out both of pepper's CS specific tutorials : CS Mapping, Part 1: "The cs_map" and : CS Mapping, Part 2: "The de_map and as_map"


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