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Posted 12 years ago2009-01-05 19:33:03 UTC
in compiling error - odd :( Post #259618
Now I know the problem. And I just downloaded the compiler you said. Thanks.
Posted 12 years ago2008-12-08 17:28:55 UTC
in [UTILITY] Compilator 3 Public Beta Post #259607
The important is seeing my map compiled, not the program's "beauty" while compiling...
I don't even use my PC when compiling lol
Posted 12 years ago2008-12-08 16:42:16 UTC
in compiling error - odd :( Post #259598
No, no.. I have only 1 WAD...
Now I know what to do.. It's with a little more than 4MB. If I remove some other textures it will be ok..
Thanks :D
Posted 12 years ago2008-12-08 16:35:41 UTC
in compiling error - odd :( Post #259595
Hey, guys... What's up?
It's the second time it happens.
I'll post the log of my map, so you can help me easier.
Explaining: I searched twice if my directories were ok, and they were. So, I guess it's not a directory problem, but a texture problem, because, when the error "appears", it's below the texture section (in the log).

Thank you, I hope you can solve my problem :/
Posted 12 years ago2008-12-08 16:11:08 UTC
in How to make that crazy thing under the r Post #259594
that's not a plug-in in VHE, 'coz I've seen people using that on dust2 and some other maps, and nobody would use VHE just to put a thing written below the radar..
I've made a map with that, but I used a lot of game_texts and a lot of trigger_multiple... But that isn't thaaat beautiful...
It's something modified in CS, not in VHE...
I've seen that before