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Posted 50 minutes ago2020-10-01 14:48:39 UTC
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thanks! it's really refreshing to use a tool with a single purpose again, now that we live in the unity/unreal/godot era.

i'm using vluzacn's tools v34, through nem's batch compiler. i also saw seedee's tools but it doesn't seem like i need any of the extra features for my current map, so i'll try them next time. are there any settings i should know about that nem's batch compiler doesn't expose?
Posted 5 hours ago2020-10-01 09:46:45 UTC
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Nice and welcome back. :3
Are you using ZHLT map compilers? Lots of stuff has changed in the last 12 years.
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Posted 10 hours ago2020-10-01 04:57:55 UTC
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hi everyone, i'm new here! i recently got back into cs 1.6 mapping after 12 years off. i'm working on a gungame map called gg_twinmotels, it's about 60-70% finished. it's inspired by mid century modern architecture, a hotel i stayed in once called Tuve, and hiroshi nagai paintings. here are some screenshots:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
i hope to set up a playtest at some point and i welcome any feedback!
Posted 2 days ago2020-09-29 05:14:09 UTC
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Another update:
Action ver.
Stealth ver.
Posted 3 days ago2020-09-27 19:44:04 UTC
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LOZ98 LOZ98Insert Creative "Custom Title Text" here
Posted 5 days ago2020-09-26 13:35:48 UTC
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The Plague
LOZ98 LOZ98Insert Creative "Custom Title Text" here
Posted 5 days ago2020-09-25 19:39:32 UTC
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Bridge the Gap
LOZ98 LOZ98Insert Creative "Custom Title Text" here
Posted 6 days ago2020-09-25 07:34:02 UTC
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That is some really solid work Plan, good job.
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-24 12:44:43 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344736

Woah dude, you reverse engi'ed CZDS code? That's cool as hell.
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-22 21:08:17 UTC
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I did implement this entity a while back:

You can see which changes need to be made by checking the last few commits:

Not all of the code i added is used since i only ported everything needed for the entity to work. Round restarts for instance aren't implemented.
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-21 13:41:40 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344734
There is no trigger_sequence entity in the code but there are some things releated to reading sequence files in eiface.h
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 14:56:05 UTC
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Update on c1m1!
We have leaves boisWe have leaves bois
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 14:35:55 UTC
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Fog... or fumes?
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Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 14:20:15 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344731
The engine supports it, but it requires an entity to actually use it. It doesn't exist in the base version of Half-Life, so you'll need to add it yourself through code.
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 14:09:40 UTC
in Saving data/states? Post #344730
Thanks a lot!
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 13:48:00 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344729
Well, I think the engine supports it. So adding it in the base FGD file should work as far as I know.
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 13:16:58 UTC
in Saving data/states? Post #344728
Yep, you should be able to handle this with globals:

I don't know much about Source, so I don't know how flexible globals are - but at the very least they can store a yes/no value. So for every action that the player can take (or not take) throughout the mod, you store it as a yes/no value with a name against it. And then in the endings, you can load those values and use logic entities to lock/unlock the endings that you want to happen.

Oh- and also, if this is just for a single map (no level transitions) then you can just use math_counter, which can do the counting you described. You can then use logic_compare to fire events if the counter is less/greater/equal to a certain number.

For multiple maps, you could use all of the above - globals to store the variables across level changes, a math_counter to count all the "yes" globals in the ending map(s), and the logic_compare to trigger the appropriate endings.
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Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 11:42:14 UTC
in Saving data/states? Post #344727
So, currently, I'm trying to make a sort of incremental story level, where you complete endings and in certain endings, a number is changed and saved and lets you advance further and further in the level by triggering door locks and stuff. But I'm not sure how I could save a number and let it trigger things when the number increases. Is that possible? I'm making the level/mod for a game based on the Portal 2 version of Source, by the way.
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 11:23:35 UTC
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Spawning models in 007 NightfireSpawning models in 007 Nightfire
I've been doing some playing around in 007 Nightfire:
It doesn't have VGUI though which is a shame.
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-20 11:20:36 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344725
Do .seq files work without the trigger_sequence entity from Condition Zero Deleted Scenes?
If you're making a mod you should be able to get it to work by disabling backface culling in client.dll I think.
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-19 16:12:11 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344723
I'm working towards the first (beta) release of MESS. Currently working on some example maps:
Other examples are about using macro_insert entities to easily reuse a monster warp effect, or using a macro_fill entity to fill a pool with leeches, or using macro_brush entities to create fences and railings that do not block bullets (without having to manually cover them with clip brushes). I think I'll make a rat-hunt example map as well, to demonstrate the power of recursive templates.

The only things left to do now are writing additional documentation and fixing a few issues here and there. Almost there! :)
Posted 1 week ago2020-09-17 20:56:21 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344722
also ontop of Coder were looking for a very professional mapper to optimize our map1 since it has begun to lag with to many entities in visible packet list
*scientist screams STAHP**scientist screams STAHP*
Exactly, I have never come across a mod that didn't work when tinkered with a little bit. I first started collecting mods and mappacks nearly 10 years ago when I noticed a mod called "Akimbo Half-Life" was no longer available. I'm sure you know - it gave you two pistols and slowmotion which was a cool gimmick but not nearly enough for me to put it to my mod collection, which was seperate from my archive.

When it was deleted by the cretor I felt the urge to preserve the addon, It felt weird that a mod / addon I once played was completely lost so I found it once again and started to archive anything and everything just like yourself until a couple of years ago, when I felt that 75% of the mods and maps were pretty low quality and neither was fun to play nor worth keeping around, pity this topic was created after I purged most of them.

I still check out mod sites daily to see new mods / mappacks / addons, I am confident that I played "nearly" every mod that was released to this day and kept the best ones within my personal collection. The most obscure ones either come from the creators' personal sites which was pretty common back in the day or from sites with foreign languages.

Some of the most obscure mods I still (possibly) have come from sites such as these, some of which are:
  • Lost in Black Mesa (the original version not the FX merge) - A typical BM escape type mappack
  • CSM Mapping Contest 2011 - High quality maps from various users
  • Down-Time - the mod is available on RTSL but it is different from a , in creators own words, harder version which was deleted, luckily I archived it.
  • Sewer - An abandoned project that is mostly puzzle solving
  • Various CS maps like cs_assault and de_dust remaked into singleplayer maps, gruntfests - the names escape me
  • One horror type of mod in which a retextured gonome tries to catch you in an old hotel, it has some cutscenes - the name also escape me
I have been going through my archive for some time now to see whether or not there are some lost or rare mods that could be archived on your list, I will let you know if I come across anything but I doubt it. It seems that even the creators themselves lost the files, our chances are pretty slim.

Will let everyone know.
Yeah, I've played and completed a few thousands of Half-Life mods and even the very old ones were working (Some required to swap .dlls to work properly and some were crashing out of the blue, luckily I've personally fixed the ones I was able to fix but 95% of the mods do work fine with the Steam version of Half-Life).

Of course if you still do have these lost mods feel free to post them somewhere, even if the mod isn't brilliant or good, still worth collecting
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-11 13:05:17 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344719
You could use sequence files.
It should be enabled in the most recent SDK. Heres the Tut for it
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-11 08:33:25 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344718
Unfortunately I don't know what the link to the forum was, and I can't find it on any Google searches. However I just remembered: A mod called Overturn was using a custom audio engine, and they opensourced everything.

Their sources are available on moddb:

It shouldn't be too hard to move the sound engine into a clean SDK.
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-10 19:59:49 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344717
well, thats unfortunate, but is there an archive of the forum on the waybackmachine maybe?
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-10 19:54:58 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344716
Unfortunately, you can't just change the sentences limit, because as you said, it's partly in the engine. Same for using custom sentences files per map, it's not possible because you can't change how the engine loads sentence definitions. Using a custom audio engine can help you get around it, but I don't know where you can find one that's open-source. There was one made by a programmer called MrNameless, but the forum it was on has since become defunct.
Posted 2 weeks ago2020-09-10 19:02:14 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344715
I need some help with extending the sentence limit
beacuse changing the limit in util.h is going to lead me to an engine limit,
I need some sort of hacky method to make maps use custom sentence files (like in sven co-op)
or any other method of just extending the limit.
You can't change the directory in sound.cpp for the sentences file "sound/sentences.txt"
beacuse then everything just gets a random sound assigned to it, another engine limit i think.

Btw im using the 2008 VC++ sdk by Gary_McTaggart
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-10 09:41:24 UTC
in button states Post #344714
Sorry I didn't manage to implement your tutorial into my context.
Actually I have never used the func_wall_toggle enity. I need to practice it with maybe another tutorial.
For my sake I used +0BUTTON2 which switches to another texture (+ABUTTON2) when the button is pressed.
BUT that makes a basic On/Off switching. I search how to have a temporary switching.
1) texure off
2) texture on for ~50ms then revert to texture off automatically

That's ok.
I used +0BUTTON2 and a func_button entity with the flag Don't move and a Lip parameter to set the time
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-09 18:00:16 UTC
in button states Post #344713
Since it's not using a switchable texture, you will need to use func_wall_toggles.
  • Create your two brushes, one textured with flatbed_lite1 and the other with flatbed_light2.
  • Turn them both into func_wall_toggles.
  • Give them the same name.
  • On one of them, check the "Starts Invisible" flag.
  • Now create a button or trigger that targets the func_wall_toggles.
  • Voila!
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Awesome! That helped me! Thank you Captain P, you saved me :)
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-09 14:48:33 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344711
just as a note since this was a desperate search the Coder Job is a PAID Position.
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-09 14:07:15 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344710
yep, I've sent you a message
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-09 13:46:27 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344709
nice, are you on discord? :)
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-09 09:59:52 UTC
in button states Post #344708
I made a brush tied to a target_button entities.
The top texture is flatbed_lite2
It's not a native animated texture so I need to change it to flatbed_lite1 when the button is pressed, making a 2 states button.
It easy but I don't know how to do it. So easy, actually, that it must have been settled in a former thread since long but I didn't find one.
Here I am repeating errors from the past.
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-09 08:39:42 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344707
The mod looks very interesting. It does have that Deus Ex vibe.
Modeller: fix all Weapons to have the same hands.
I can help you with modelling, I have experience in dealing with similar tasks.
It looks like you accidentally made that bone hidden. Try unhiding everything (Edit -> Unhide all, or Ctrl+Shift+H if I'm not mistaken).

Hi, this happened to me just recently but didn't notice the missing joint until I needed to rotate that left arm, the name still appears but when you select it to control it, you can't move nor rotate it.
I didn't touched any other buttons than the ones you need to do animation (rotate and move), also, I sometimes do this little trick to adjust one key-frame: I export the current work as a .smd of sequences, then do a copy and edit the key-frame of that copy, carefully, just copying the joints that I need to copy on another key-frame, then save, next, I import that edited sequence on MilkShape 3D, copy the key-frame I edited, open again the animation project and paste that key-frame where I need.
That is the most advance that I go with this program, I hope there is a solution to restore that joint that I can't control. If you need more clues, ask me.
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-08 12:42:51 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Coder Post #344704
Hello, i though i already made a post but doesnt seem so, so here ill present the newest mod that i tried to push the limits of RP in Half Life with

Delta City 2155 - Cyberpunk mod


Current Features: (code based on Half life vanilla)
8 maps you can go back and forth between
  • Main Town with Police Department, Cafe of the 80s, Ship Seller, various weapon and ammo Sellers, Hospital, Teleportdevice and Town/mission hall
  • Main Train System
  • Redlight Destrict
  • Zoo full of Escaped Animals
  • Reactor Room and Power Plant
  • Outside District
  • Underground Base
  • Battlefield
Enemies drop money when being killed
shop System with purchasable items
3 new plasma weapons
Mission System (just a basic text board)
IFF System to sow infos about enemies
damage counter when shooting enemies

Planned Features:
Deployable Sentries
Bounding Box System for objects
Respawn System

Screenshots can be found on the forum but ill post some interesting ones here:
Reactor RoomReactor Room
Redlight DistrictRedlight District
Main Town with ShopsMain Town with Shops
Hey.. Hey.. all i wanted was just a PepsiHey.. Hey.. all i wanted was just a Pepsi
cMain Town Neon SignscMain Town Neon Signs
Underground TrainUnderground Train
Underground BaseUnderground Base
what do we need?

Modeller: fix all Weapons to have the same hands.
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-08 03:05:12 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344703
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-07 18:33:31 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344702
In addition to the above-described renders, there are also

Sister Renderer - metahook
cgeffect-opengl32, metahook
Metahook -MetaSystem - In progress
However, there is nothing to cheat
The mentioned relate engine looks the best of all the renderings
A few years ago I managed to get in touch with the author of this mod, but unfortunately I was unable to convince him to make the engine code public

ps the ACG module also has its render but I have never been interested in it
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-07 12:43:06 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344701
"The renderer is certainly a massive discovery! you should be super proud! I cant wait until the next update!"
I'm super duper proud already, as with all my work so far.

It's not much of a discovery TBH. People have done it multiple times in the past, they just didn't share too much stuff around. I primarily wanted to do the experiment when I saw this old video again:
In fact, I once saw a Vulkan renderer from the same guy in 2017. There were screenshots on the old Valve Developer Union Discord, but that place is gone now. IIRC engine updates broke some things so he stopped working on it.

The thing is, however, a lot of these renderers from scratch tend to never get released, and most of them that do are mostly renderer additions, not rewrites. The most significant releases I can think of are Trinity Renderer, Paranoia's renderer (in the Paranoia Toolkit) and MetaRenderer. But they all have flaws. Paranoia's renderer is slow and sometimes buggy IIRC, MetaRenderer can get you a VACation due to its usage of a hacked opengl32.dll etc.

So, I thought it'd be a good time to plant the seed of a fast, safe & public renderer rewrite. The best part about this IMO is that it doesn't use any extra DLLs, and it doesn't do anything yet that would trip VAC. We'll see about it in 5 years lol.
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Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-07 05:47:01 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344700
Thanks, Its taken awhile to get to there! considering how broke CZDZ is in some regards. But its something :)

Again, I love all the stuff you've worked on with your mod base! It looks so neat!
The renderer is certainly a massive discovery! you should be super proud! I cant wait until the next update!
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-06 19:40:52 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344699
I like what I'm seeing there. ^^

Recently, I've been experimenting with OpenGL and I'm pretty happy to have found out that modern OpenGL is, indeed, possible in HL.
If I were to rewrite the entire renderer, provided I know what I'm doing, it could dramatically increase the performance, and allow maps to use custom shaders and stuff like that. Think about a shader for real-time moss growth. :walter:

However, before I can even think about working on such a renderer (which would replace the entire GoldSRC game renderer, except for the main menu, HUD and stuff), I'll have to focus on bugfixes in my mod base, and then on my ioquake3 fork. But, who knows, maybe it'll be there sooner. :)
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Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-06 11:30:38 UTC
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Another snip from a level. c1m1, a missile base on the coast (?). Features a basic intro to stealth and distractions. A rather short level in a mission, but I hope it gets the point across when people play it.
Shadows are a bit shoddy tho...Shadows are a bit shoddy tho...
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-05 19:12:28 UTC
in Need playtesters for a CS 1.6 map Post #344697
Thanks for playing everyone. The gameplay was very valuable as I found a lot of issues and bugs in the map
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-05 19:05:24 UTC
in Getting Hammered to the Max Post #344696
I meant to share this information months ago, but the latest versions of WW include WW Pro as well as all the extra plugins--for free! They all now come included with the main WW installer. Enjoy :)
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-09-04 16:26:08 UTC
in Need playtesters for a CS 1.6 map Post #344695
Cool map! I really liked the detail! The rooftop combat is very inginuitive! Now i don't have an excuse for playing de_dust2 all the time... :crowbar:
Jackn0 Jackn0Hoi! It's me, a GoldSrc noob! ;)