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Gonna try work on this a bit and hope someone comes by to help. I'm gonna use the source code for the cst to make a custom vrad compiler that can make lightmaps appear correctly.
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In Half-Life you can't connect two entities. The tram and the door are one func_tracktrain entity. Only at the end, when the tram stops, a level change occurs to a map where the the tram door is a separate func_door entity. You can't attach a func_door entity to another moving entity like func_tracktrain. You can use func_rotating or anything else, but you have to do it the way Valve did it.
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in eXperiment HL horror mod Post #346537
thx :>
User posted image
User posted image
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in I have a question about func_trains Post #346536
So the tram in the start of half life has a door near the side of the train and im wondering if i can recreate that sort of thing with a func_rotating instead of a func_door, i also have problems with it screwing up the train origin when i try to connect the 2 entites
As has been mentioned already, those are some lofty goals for what is essentially a Source mod at this stage. As Archie has stated, the artwork is pretty good so far, but the level design in particular needs considerable attention.

I wish you the best of luck with your campaign, but I will be closing this thread now as such repeat posts are not necessary. :)
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I'm not aware of any such tutorial. Best bet would be to reach out to the author of that video. They appear to be active in the comments on their latest videos. :)
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Is there a tutorial on how to "pick up, hold, carry, and let go/throw that item" in the GoldSrc engine? More directly, pick up and throw back a loose hand grenade, or roughly stimulate the HL2 physics gun.

The way I am thinking right is the following:
1. If the player can see the entity, determine if close enough to pick up.
2. Manage if the item is "pickupable."
3. Pick up that item in front of the player's view and iterative through a think-loop, updating its angles/origin to where the player is looking, server-sided.
4. Throw item back on a player key bind, borrowing from the hand grenade weapon/snark/or satchel code.

I've searched the Internet for code or a tutorial on how best to "pick up and hold" an item in GoldSrc. After some digging, I could not find anything obvious. Yeah, GoldSrc predated this game mechanic, but being such a vital game concept and seeing it is done in other GoldSrc mods, I'm not sure why it hasn't been shared openly.

I am running a mod called Cold Ice Resurrection in which I'd like to add initial "carry/throw" support. Its code and assets are fully open. I will provide attribution for those that offer help.
--- DAY 7 ---

Day 7 : here are the numbers !
initial goal : 370 500€
amount raised : 2€
number of contributors : 2
remaining amount : 370 498€

For those who would be lazy to go to the kickstarter page of the brilliantly named 100% PC video game, then this is the kickstarter page of the brilliantly named 100% PC video game that comes to you...
Here are the main information :

Police Characters :
- France
- England
- Germany
- Russia
- Japan
- China
- Brazil

Avengers Characters :
- Ecologist
- Anarchist
- Terrorist
- Communist
- Scum
- Hacker
- Double agent
- Immigrant

Weapons :
- Corbeau (pistol)
- Tigre (pistol)
- DZ1G (machine pistol)
- Terminus (machine pistol)
- FAP93 (shotgun)
- PP20 (shotgun)
- HK420 (assault rifle)
- M4A6 (assault rifle)
- AKT70 (assault rifle)
- Mercy (assault rifle)
- Gr0 (heavy weapon)
- Terrible (heavy weapon)
- NRJV (heavy weapon)
- AWP (sniper rifle)

Accessories :
- Grenade (projectile)
- Flash (projectile)
- Smoke (projectile)
- Decoy (projectile)
- Incendiary (projectile)
- Bulletproof vest (protection)
- Helmet (protection)
- Alcohol (drug)
- Cannabis (drug)
- Defuse kit (tool)
- Night vision (tool)
- Hologram (Tool)
- Bomb (Tool)
- Drone T (drone)
- Drone L (drone)

Maps :
1) Liberté
2) Cascade
3) Monstre
4) Océan
5) Ailleurs
6) Honneur
7) Foule
8) Beauté
9) Enfer
10) Risque
11) Maya
12) Train
13) Hôpital
14) Disco
15) Bureaux
16) Douche

Rewards :
  • Bonus 100 XP GAMAMORT (10€)
  • Digital art book (20€)
  • Poster (30€)
  • Bonus 500 XP GAMAMORT (40€)
  • Digital game (50€)
  • Embroidered Polo (60€)
  • Game box (70€)
  • Skin weapon (80€)
  • Secret weapon (3000€)
  • Credits (5500€)
For the artworks on the other hand, no choice, go directly to the 100% kickstarter page ; take the opportunity to choose your rewards.
You think a friend might be interested ? Don't hesitate to tell them about it.
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in Getting rid of the players weapons Post #346531
Yeah, its what i was looking for! Thank you
jamie jamieidiot with a potato computer
Posted 5 days ago2022-05-16 20:19:52 UTC
in Getting rid of the players weapons Post #346530
I suppose you're looking for player_weaponstrip?
Posted 5 days ago2022-05-16 20:15:05 UTC
in Getting rid of the players weapons Post #346529
So in Aprehension, in Hazardous Course 2 and in OP4´s tutorial the player starts with no weapons or leaves the weapons at some point. I been looking in the internet for hours how was this done or if there is any entity, but no luck. Is there any tutorial or quick explanation on how to do this?
jamie jamieidiot with a potato computer
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Lost Coast took place in Ravenholm.
I thought it took place in St. Olga...
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this mod looks awesome i cant wait to play it and this mod reminds me of doom 3 and system shock
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Here`s a link to Chapo`s Hlbox17b C# code someone might find it useful, its a BSP packer and wad tool, I think it also has click`n`play that downloads and installs maps for you with a single click.

Pack => Automatic creation of an archive from the map's bsp

Unpack => Automatic extraction of archive map with folder's analyse,

Resgen => Generation of a ressource file for a map
I don't think you'll get many backers for what seems to be a pretty barebones mod. The gameplay shown is far too early-stage to be used in promotional materials when you're asking for money. I'd recommend removing all gameplay from the campaign until you have more to show. It looks like a broken version of HL2DM at the moment. Get it to a stage where you can demonstrate the main gameplay and maybe then you can try to get donations.

Keep in mind that multiplayer-focused games require a player base to be successful. Even (relatively) very polished multiplayer Source mods like Hidden:Source died off pretty quickly as the player-base dwindled. If free mods can't support enough active players, a paid mod will have to be exceptional to attract enough players to keep it alive.

I love the ambition and the enthusiasm, but maybe you guys could make a cool singleplayer mod first, and then you'll have an audience who will get excited and want to play your multiplayer game!

L'illustration 2D des personnages est vraiment cool! Bonne chance!
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Hi there! Your links are not working, they go to
--- DAY 3 ---

Day 3 : here are the numbers !

initial goal : 370 500€
amount raised : 1€
number of contributors : 1
remaining amount : 370 499€

For those who feel left out because they don't know what a crowdfunding campaign is, here is a little explanation :

"A crowdfunding campaign is a "process" that allows a project owner to collect donations from a large audience to finance, precisely, the realization of his project."

Globally, the creator will describe his project in a video presentation and the interested parties who find themselves charmed or enthused by it and who want to see it become a reality finance it by buying "souvenirs" from him.
The process is win/win, the creator gets money to develop their project and the fans get unforgettable rewards or perks in return (depending on the platform)."

Now you know what a crowdfunding campaign is, so don't be afraid anymore and dare to buy one or more rewards: let your dreams become a reality !

Seeing your friends tomorrow? This is also a good time to tell them about it !
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Not a pic but a vid of a Segment 1 video playing on my retro TV.

Also here's the DVD cover for it.
User posted image
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Thank you before i had a one way changelevel that put me at 0 0 0 when i went trough it but when the other one was there it was fixed
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in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #346520

Remaining work for Half-Life Unified SDK V1.0.0

  • Replacing sounds (for footstep sounds which differ in Opposing Force), requires client side support which is difficult to provide since it involves the client loading replacement map files
  • Replacing HUD sprites (for Opposing Force which uses a digital-like effect on sprites), requires client side support, could hit engine HUD sprite limit. Might need to be delayed until the UI can be reworked to no longer depend on sprites
  • Replacing the engine's music playback system with one that won't stop playing after level changes. Could be complicated to implement properly since there's no easy way to tell when the client disconnects from a server
I'm considering leaving these features for V2.0.0 so as to focus on stabilizing V1.0.0 and getting it released. V2.0.0 would then be released as soon as it's done so there might be a small amount of time in-between, it's impossible to predict.

Other work that's needed for V1.0.0:
  • Get the assets repository up and running, include all versions of the install scripts in it (add, commit, remove so it's in the history). This repo will contain all of the map, model, etc sources as well as any script code used in the game. A script or tool to copy the scripts from the assets repo to the game installation will be needed to streamline the development process (possibly a filesystem watcher that auto-copies files)
  • Integrate malortie's work into the game installation
  • Update packing script to use a timestamp-based naming scheme ( where Revision is the N'th package that's been made) to make it easier to distribute
I've considered putting the game installation in version control but the available options are bad at storing binary data. For example HLEnhanced has 133 commits and has a size of over 1 GB. The Unified SDK's binaries are twice the size of HLEnhanced so the repository would quickly grow in size to eat up a lot of disk space. Git wasn't made for this, and you can't really bend it to work that way without using risky Git commands. And even if you do that you won't be able to pull changes if you wipe the history (Git will see it as essentially an unrelated branch).

Git LFS isn't an option either. Github's data limits for free accounts is 1 GB storage and 1 GB download bandwidth per month. This project alone would quickly use up the storage space and a single multiplayer playtest could use up that bandwidth as well.

Perforce is stated as being able to do this, but as i understand it it works pretty much like Git LFS and there is no free hosting option for any kind of version control that will host files of this size.

So instead i've opted to use a strategy similar to what i've done with the Half-Life Updated projects: package the installation and upload it on the releases page. Old dev releases will be pruned regularly, full releases will stay. It might be possible to automate this so that executing a script packages the installation and auto-uploads it to Github but i haven't looked into that yet.

I would also like to reiterate that this SDK is not ready for development use yet. Once V1.0.0 has been released i will be switching the repository's setup a bit so the master branch tracks full releases so that it always represents the latest stable build, with an unstable dev branch and feature branches that branch off from the dev branch. This will make it easier to make mods with this SDK without accidentally cloning an unstable version.

Note that because some work involves making breaking changes future updates are unlikely to be easy to merge in. It's unlikely that you'll be able to pull V2.0.0 on top of a modified V1.0.0 and expect everything to work. Unfortunately this is the difficulty in making an SDK that is available early while also solving big problems. The alternative is keeping it private or labeling it unstable the entire time which only complicates things.

I'd like to thank malortie for updating all of the models to work with this SDK. He's been doing a lot of good work and this SDK would not be complete without him.

I'd also like to thank Penguinboy for fixing a performance issue with the skill name regular expression which dramatically slowed down map loading. This fix really helped.
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in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #346519

Progress on Half-Life Unified SDK

A fair amount of work has been done in recent weeks. These are the highlights:
  • Simplified the logging system to remove the need to create loggers in PostInitialize in some game systems
  • Added file logging with configuration support in logging.json
  • Added IGameSystem interface to help simplify how various systems are initialized and shut down
  • Bunch of code cleanup including removal of redundant forward declarations and extern keyword, removing duplicated code and more
  • Added IMPLEMENT_CUSTOM_SCHEDULES and DECLARE_COMMAND macros to Visual Studio hint file so Intellisense stops showing green squiggles under usages
  • Reworked how client commands are handled on the server side to use a map of commands. Commands can be registered and unregistered at any time, this is done for gamemode-specific commands to simplify command handling
  • Changed how weapon selection is handled to use a proper named client command (previously any weapon_* command was interpreted as a weapon selection command)
  • Added virtual destructor to CGameRules so the destructor runs properly
  • Re-implemented the spectator client command to function outside of the CTF gamemode. This command was made unavailable due to Opposing Force using an older version of the SDK as a base which didn't support spectator mode in all game modes. Opposing Force Updated does this for consistency with the original game, the Unified SDK allows the use of this mode in all game modes just like the Half-Life SDK does (even in singleplayer)
  • The hud color is now saved and restored, allowing it to persist between levels
  • Fixed some Opposing Force code sending ScoreInfo messages with incorrect contents causing a fatal error (Opposing Force doesn't send the player class and team index values because it uses a different method of team-based gameplay)
  • Reworked how the health and model values are set to allow mappers to set custom values for both. Entities now initialize these in OnCreate, if a mapper-provided value exists it will be overridden in DispatchKeyValue. All code uses pev->model now to support custom models, although some edge cases may exist
  • Removed NPC voice pitch restore hack (initial pitch value is set in OnCreate now)
  • Added global model replacement support. This feature lets you globally change references to a model to use another model instead. This does not apply to models used by the engine since those references cannot be changed
  • The PRECACHE_SOUND macro has been removed, either CBaseEntity::PrecacheSound (for entities) or UTIL_PrecacheSound (for global precaching) should be used instead, or g_engfuncs.PfnPrecacheSound if you need to precache a sound unaffected by global model replacement
  • The SET_MODEL macro has been removed, CBaseEntity::SetModel should be used instead
  • Weapons store off the world, view and player models they use to properly precache and restore these models as well as to adjust the active weapon model when changing levels (not intended for use outside of these use cases, but can be made more robust if necessary)
  • Fixed weapon_eagle saving and restoring booleans as integers
  • The player's hud color and suit light type (flashlight or nightvision) can be configured from a configuration file now as well as through an entity and the console
  • Simplified how game configurations are loaded by merging the data apply step into the parse step (more efficient, easier to use, less confusing)
The work that's been done brings us much closer to allowing one to play all 3 games without requiring either code changes or swapping out files.

I've recorded a short video that shows the Half-Life => Opposing Force => Blue Shift transition when changing maps:
The first map has this configuration file:
    "Sections": [
            "Name": "HudColor",
            "Color": "255 160 0"
            "Name": "SuitLightType",
            "Type": "flashlight"
These are the default values as well.

The second map has this:
    "Sections": [
            "Name": "HudColor",
            "Color": "0 160 0"
            "Name": "SuitLightType",
            "Type": "nightvision"
            "Name": "GlobalModelReplacement",
            "FileName": "cfg/maps/Op4ModelReplacement.json"
This configures the HUD color to Opposing Force green, the suit light type to night vision and it uses the Opposing Force model replacement file, which looks like this:
    "models/v_9mmar.mdl": "models/op4/v_9mmar.mdl",
    "models/v_9mmhandgun.mdl": "models/op4/v_9mmhandgun.mdl",
    "models/v_357.mdl": "models/op4/v_357.mdl",
    "models/v_chub.mdl": "models/op4/v_chub.mdl",
    "models/v_crossbow.mdl": "models/op4/v_crossbow.mdl",
    "models/v_crowbar.mdl": "models/op4/v_crowbar.mdl",
    "models/v_desert_eagle.mdl": "models/op4/v_desert_eagle.mdl",
    "models/v_displacer.mdl": "models/op4/v_displacer.mdl",
    "models/v_egon.mdl": "models/op4/v_egon.mdl",
    "models/v_gauss.mdl": "models/op4/v_gauss.mdl",
    "models/v_grenade.mdl": "models/op4/v_grenade.mdl",
    "models/v_hgun.mdl": "models/op4/v_hgun.mdl",
    "models/v_knife.mdl": "models/op4/v_knife.mdl",
    "models/v_m40a1.mdl": "models/op4/v_m40a1.mdl",
    "models/v_penguin.mdl": "models/op4/v_penguin.mdl",
    "models/v_pipe_wrench.mdl": "models/op4/v_pipe_wrench.mdl",
    "models/v_rpg.mdl": "models/op4/v_rpg.mdl",
    "models/v_satchel.mdl": "models/op4/v_satchel.mdl",
    "models/v_satchel_radio.mdl": "models/op4/v_satchel_radio.mdl",
    "models/v_saw.mdl": "models/op4/v_saw.mdl",
    "models/v_shock.mdl": "models/op4/v_shock.mdl",
    "models/v_shotgun.mdl": "models/op4/v_shotgun.mdl",
    "models/v_spore_launcher.mdl": "models/op4/v_spore_launcher.mdl",
    "models/v_squeak.mdl": "models/op4/v_squeak.mdl",
    "models/v_tripmine.mdl": "models/op4/v_tripmine.mdl"
The third map uses this:
    "Sections": [
            "Name": "HudColor",
            "Color": "95 95 255"
            "Name": "SuitLightType",
            "Type": "flashlight"
            "Name": "GlobalModelReplacement",
            "FileName": "cfg/maps/BlueShiftModelReplacement.json"
Same thing as Opposing Force.

Config files can be included in other config files so a single file can be used to configure entire map packs pretty easily. The server config file can also do all of this so you can use that to configure a mod's default values.

The CTF game mode is the big exception since that still uses hard-coded values. Ideally those will also be configurable at some point.
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in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #346518

Half-Life: Opposing Force Updated beta released

A Half-Life: Opposing Force Updated beta has been released:

  • Fixed typo in shephard player model name
  • Fixed clients not getting ScoreInfo message for new players immediately in CTF
  • Fixed crashes when GetClientColor returns null in CTF
Thanks to Shepard for helping test this and uncovering these issues.
I assume you're talking about level transitions? Did you try following this tutorial about changing levels?
Everything loads fine but when i spawn im at 0 0 0 and i cannot noclip, walk, or jump,
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Hello to everyone

I’m so proud to announce you, in this beautiful day, the launch of the Kickstarter campaign of my video game genially named 100%.

100% is a First Person Shooter (FPS) for PC, both single and multiplayer, developed on the basis of the Source engine (Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Portal...) and which makes confront, in nervous and frenzied games, the policemen to the avengers.

Beware! There are no good guys or bad guys: only different convictions...
Your biggest problem will be choosing sides!
Are you going to join the Police, those modern-day vigilantes, or the Avengers, those outcasts of the system who want to live their difference to the fullest?
Make the powder talk and fulfill your destiny. You live, you win; you die, you lose...

Intrigued? For more juicy details as well as many spellbinding illustrations, go directly to the 100% kickstarter page (
If you're excited about the game and want to get a taste of it one day, then do yourself a favor and buy one or more rewards quickly.

Don't forget to tell your best friends and leave hints for others on the forums and social networks you frequent.

We are counting on you!

The 100% team
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
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in eXperiment HL horror mod Post #346509
Posted 1 week ago2022-05-11 09:50:50 UTC
in Shiny missing texture? Post #346507
Make sure to place a few env_cubemap entities throughout your map, and then run the buildcubemaps command through the developer console. Building cubemaps takes a while, so it's best to only do this for final releases of your map.

Depending on the game, the map file may already have blank cubemaps in it when compiled which are not overwritten when building cubemaps, so you'll have to manually delete the cubemaps first. This can be done through a BSP pack lump editing tool such as either BSPZip or a third-party GUI tool like VIDE.
Dr. Orange Dr. OrangeSource good.
Posted 1 week ago2022-05-10 21:21:15 UTC
in HLDM Server! Post #346504
Please note Off A Rail has been updated on the server to fix a minor glitch. If you've already downloaded it, you can delete the previous version from this directory to force a re-download of the latest version:

This update does not affect competition judging.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
I have no idea how to do this using Blender... however you can do it using MilkShape 3D... I even wrote a tutorial about it.

There is an even easier way to do it, it's combination of MilkShape3d and notepad++ (but even taught it's easier, it requires more explaining; but I think you can figure it out by checking the link I gave).
Or simply using the compass for horizontal directions.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
The attribute "Pitch Yaw Roll"
This will probably sound very stupid, but where do i set the angle?
jamie jamieidiot with a potato computer
What exactly are you struggling with? Set the angle, set the speed and it pushes you when you walk into it. Unless you check the "Start Off" flag, then you need to trigger it to turn on somehow.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
What i want to do is make the player get pushed to right and a door opens and the player falls to the void and dies. But there are not many tutorials about trigger_push. Can anyone give me a quick guide?
jamie jamieidiot with a potato computer
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-05-05 15:50:19 UTC
in HLDM Server! Post #346496
Caldera Jungle has been added to the map rotation with Fast Download.
User posted image
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-05-05 15:40:14 UTC
in HLDM Server! Post #346495
Please note Caldera has been updated on the server to fix a minor glitch. If you've already downloaded it, you can delete the previous version from this directory to force a re-download of the latest version:

This update does not affect competition judging.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
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in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #346494

Half-Life Updated betas released

Half-Life Updated, Half-Life: Opposing Force Updated and Half-Life: Blue Shift Updated betas have been released:
Half-Life Updated:
Half-Life: Opposing Force Updated:
Half-Life: Blue Shift Updated:

Changes for all games:
  • Fixed node graphs being loaded from search paths other than GAMECONFIG path (properly this time)
  • Fixed node graphs being loaded with a null byte appended
  • Fixed "fullupdate" call making a HUD disappear
  • Fixed STL Algorithm Header Errors When Included with Platform.h
Changes for Opposing Force:
  • Fixed not being able to open team menu after a full CTF round has been played
  • Fixed npc_gonome trying to play non-existent sounds
  • Fixed monster_tentacle missing spawnflag 64 (different model option)
I've tested Opposing Force CTF using multiple clients on a LAN. Everything seems to be working fine, so i'm fairly certain that this will be the last beta release before the full release.
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-05-04 15:58:28 UTC
in HLDM Server! Post #346493
Get out! Both of you must have put an incredible amount of effort into those! I cannot wait to try them! Caldera reminds me of the old Tony Hawk's games for some reason
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-05-04 13:28:33 UTC
in HLDM Server! Post #346492
Competition entries Off a Rail & Caldera have been added to the HLDM server with Fast Download.
Off a RailOff a Rail
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
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in Half-Life: The War of Xen Post #346491
To UrbaNebula: Perhaps he could be under the account called "ChickenFist." I could be wrong though.

To Meerjel01: It sure does, but it is sad that Pietrekder didn't archive the prototype versions of the mod, otherwise it would be history.
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-05-03 19:30:05 UTC
in Programming video tutorials Post #346490
Phew, finally, we got another one:
Vector maths
Also forgot to post this one:
Enhancing existing entities
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-05-03 17:12:41 UTC
in Half-Life: The War of Xen Post #346489
Looking the mod up on YouTube brings me back. :)
Meerjel01 Meerjel01I grab my Soup!
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-05-03 16:57:53 UTC
in Half-Life: The War of Xen Post #346488
I could be wrong, but Pietrekder never had a profile here on TWHL as far as I am aware. If they did, it's long gone.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-05-03 15:27:38 UTC
in Half-Life: The War of Xen Post #346487
Hi there Pietrekder and The Whole of Half-Life forum, this is ToxicHolyGrenade, or Andrew Matchett. While I understand the mod has been cancelled, I was wondering if you will be able to give me duplicates of the prototype versions of The War of Xen Mod, at least if you still have them around somehow.

Not just because there could be people who would be more interested and in them, but there could also be those, that research and document what has been changed and what was cut, even with the likes of game prototype wiki sites.

A good example of such a site is called The Cutting Room Floor wiki, which records and researches cut content of games, as well as their prototype counterparts. And there could also be people who have an affinity for archiving and preserving works and history like myself, and a good example is the Internet Archive site.

If you don't I was wondering if you can give me some emails of Pietrekder, because ever since the site has been shut down, there is currently no way for me to contact him. Many thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you will have a nice day. :)

Sincerely, Andrew Matchett.
It didnt, it actually made it more interesting
jamie jamieidiot with a potato computer
You need to copy or move the barney.wad to the mod/game directory you are using. By example, if you are making a map for CS 1.6, copy the wad to cstrike directory
jamie jamieidiot with a potato computer
Hello, I'm trying to use Textures from Blue Shift in my map, I've imported the barney.wad file into J.A.C.K (tools > options > game profiles > textures) and it worked fine. However upon compiling and loading the map i get an error saying "Couldn't Find barney.wad" followed by the game closing. I tried looking for answers online but couldn't find a clear answer. If anyone knows more about this issue please let me know.
Here's the code with all the words:
I hope seeing it doesn't spoil the fun