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Posted 40 minutes ago2024-05-27 21:21:06 UTC
in HL custom entity/NPC AI can't walk/run Post #348832
Good job. I'm glad you figured it out. At present judging by the video the drone is still somewhat slower than in other importations that make use of it.
Posted 43 minutes ago2024-05-27 21:18:01 UTC
in Is it possible to play vox sentences individually? Post #348831
Glad to see you still around Awkook. :)

@SirCobalt. Best you join Discord to get realtime help and an exchange of knowledge.
Posted 2 hours ago2024-05-27 19:26:04 UTC
in Is it possible to play vox sentences individually? Post #348830
Is the "!" prefix just telling the entities (ambient_generic and scripted_sentence) to look in the sentences.txt file?
awkook awkookaka vhetutor
Posted 23 hours ago2024-05-26 22:07:19 UTC
in HL custom entity/NPC AI can't walk/run Post #348828
I figured it out!

what i think was happening is that i havent coded in its ranged "spike" attack yet and its trying to do that but cant, and since im in range that method is taking precedence over the walking or chasing method.

once i comment out the range attack then he chases!
void CBaseMonster :: CheckAttacks ( CBaseEntity *pTarget, float flDist )
/*if ( m_afCapability & bits_CAP_RANGE_ATTACK1 )
if ( CheckRangeAttack1 ( flDot, flDist ) )
SetConditions( bits_COND_CAN_RANGE_ATTACK1 );
if ( m_afCapability & bits_CAP_RANGE_ATTACK2 )
if ( CheckRangeAttack2 ( flDot, flDist ) )
SetConditions( bits_COND_CAN_RANGE_ATTACK2 );
if ( m_afCapability & bits_CAP_MELEE_ATTACK1 )
if ( CheckMeleeAttack1 ( flDot, flDist ) )
SetConditions( bits_COND_CAN_MELEE_ATTACK1 );
if ( m_afCapability & bits_CAP_MELEE_ATTACK2 )
if ( CheckMeleeAttack2 ( flDot, flDist ) )
SetConditions( bits_COND_CAN_MELEE_ATTACK2 );
I had no idea you could do that. It works, thanks.
have you tried ambient_generic where the WAV value is an entry id from sentences.txt prefixed with !?

e.g. in sentences.txt there's:
C2A2_launch (p50) deeoo deeoo deeoo (p100) satellite launch system activated. five deeoo(p50) four deeoo(p51) three deeoo(p52) two deeoo(p53) one deeoo(p54) launch is go
then in the ambient_generic:
  • "WAV Name" (message) = !C2A2_launch
  • Flags:
    • ☑ Play Everywhere
    • ☑ Start Silent
    • ☑ Not Toggled
Posted 2 days ago2024-05-24 23:13:54 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #348825
New release


Warpball templates

Warpball templates for monstermakers are now defined in the templates/warpball.json file. The old entity-based approach is still working but now is considered deprecated.

Configuring save titles

The save titles (the ones shown in the Load game menu) are now configurable via external file save_titles.txt (in original Half-Life they're hardcoded in the engine).


  • Added player_capabilities - allows to disable/enable player's capabilities such as jumping, crouching, attacking and using (+use).
  • Added player_speed - allows to change the maximum player speed.
  • trigger_configure_monster now can dynamically change the monster's blood color.
  • Add Ignored by classify parameter for monsters. E.g. one may set barney to be ignored by Alien prey class (which headcrabs belong to), so headcrabs won't see barney as an enemy while barney will still shoot them.

New configurable features

  • dying_monsters_block_player - whether monsters block player movement while in dying animation. This is standard Half-Life behavior which becomes problematic when the dying animation is too long (e.g. bullsquid's one). This is standard Half-Life behavior which becomes problematic when the dying animation is too long (e.g. bullsquid's one).
  • player_maxhealth and player_maxarmor to set the default maximum values for health and armor used in the mod. Alternative way is to set maxhealth and maxarmor in the map .cfg file. game_player_settings now also is capable of changing the maximum health and armor values.


  • Fixed monsters sometimes not finding the nearest node when they're on stairs. This is a bug from original Half-Life. Whether the fix is applied depends on the value of findnearestnodefix cvar (set to 1 by default, which means the fix is enabled).

Codebase changes

  • ALLOC_STRING called on the same data won't request the string allocation again. Instead it will reuse the cached value if such string has been already allocated on the map.
  • UnpackRGB is now shared between client and server code. Added PackRGB.
Welp, I just researched it a little bit and I gave it a shot.

It streamlines creating mods for almost any valve game. I've setup my own test mod on top of MapBase in under 10 minutes. I doubt I could've done that without wasting a good hour on reading how to do this (I haven't been a regular mapper for years and wasn't really into modding so I've forgot a lot of details).

Here's proof:
User posted image
You can easily set background images (I've AI generated one for this) or map-based backgrounds.

This is how the main menu of the tool looks like:
User posted image
In the free version you can only access the mod assistance tab and the mapping assistance (which you could live without). So really, it's mostly just for the modding assistance.

Unfortunately, it is a bit buggy (some menus don't load unless you restart the app), and I despise the payment model. I'm not saying the author doesn't deserve to be paid for the work put into the tool - it's clearly a great modding assistance tool that Valve should've provided - but it's such a niche product that I don't think it deserves a subscription model...

All in all - it's a really great tool set back only by its payment model (imho). The author asks about 20$/year, but I think it should be a one time price.
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
Can you create custom sentences for the announcement system and have them activated at a specific time when triggered instead of randomly spoken by the speaker entity? While the answer is probably no, I'm not really in a position where I can create a wav file that has all the words I need in it and play it through an ambient_generic. It would be much more convenient to create custom sentences and play them individually somehow. I tried using a scripted_sentence but it didn't work.
I would rather want you to do it the old fashioned way. It's more of a healthy learning curve and it's free.
Meerjel01 Meerjel01I want to be a Meerjel
It seems useful.
Posted 4 days ago2024-05-23 19:54:40 UTC
in HL custom entity/NPC AI can't walk/run Post #348820
i have a lot of experience with mapping and modelling for counter strike 1.6, source, and the specialists. modding has always been the last step for me
Posted 4 days ago2024-05-23 19:25:50 UTC
in HL custom entity/NPC AI can't walk/run Post #348819
Ok, sounds good.. Make absolutely sure to join the Discord Server. There you will receive help almost in real time. Although lesser help than it would be the case, say for mapping. There are obviously lesser coders around in the hl community than mappers.
Posted 4 days ago2024-05-23 19:15:27 UTC
in HL custom entity/NPC AI can't walk/run Post #348818
i joined just now.
And yeah the goal would be to make something entirely new, but im still learning the ins and outs of the sdk, and i had no clue about the unified sdk, i think i will give that a try, thanks
Posted 4 days ago2024-05-23 18:55:55 UTC
in HL custom entity/NPC AI can't walk/run Post #348817
I'm not a coder myself but tell me ? Is your goal to create something entirely new. A npc that's totally different than anything else we know from Hl1 and Opposing Force? If that answer is yes. Then you must wait till somebody who can code helps you out.

If the answer is no and you just wanted new skins or additional body groups for your models then I suggest to you to use

Featureful SDK:

It's primarily made for people that can't code themselves. That being said it already contains all Opposing Force Monsters such as Pit Drones, Voltigores, shock troopers, functioning Ropes, model and sound replacements (including npc death sounds) and so many more amazing features. Tomorrow a new update is scheduled to get released. So it's actively maintained and the author tries to implement feature requests made by us the users.
SDK Features:
Their Discord:

Unified SDK

If your desire is learning how to code yourself then I suggest you use Unified SDK instead. It has 1000 of Engine bug fixes, new features for script and audio usage and is by far the most advanced & stable- bug fixed SDK out there. That SDK requires you to be able to code yourself and having intermediate knowledge.
SDK Features:
More Info:

This Forum isn't so active anymore The golden ages of website forums are over. I strongly recommend you to join this very websites own Discord Server instead:
TWHL Discord:
Posted 4 days ago2024-05-22 23:56:36 UTC
in HL custom entity/NPC AI can't walk/run Post #348816
Hey im pretty new to modding with half life. I followed Source Modding channel on youtube to get the initial mod setup going as well as adding a custom static entity with collision boxs including a visualizer, etc. I have experience with c/c++, also just finished a 2 year "computer programming" program at Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus in Ontario Canada so im decently familiar with programming,

Anyways, since there is no more video tutorials there i came here to follow this NPC tutorial and im reading through the entity programming manual here as well.

The tutorial above didn't specify the method to place the npc in game so i just modified the .fgd file and added this so i can place the entity into my map through hammer editor.
@PointClass base(Monster) color(0 255 0) size(-20 -20 -20, 20 20 20) studio() = wip_MonsterPitDrone : "wip_MonsterPitDrone"
model(studio) : "Model"
I can share the code for my custom entity .cpp file at the bottom of this post so you can see what i have at the moment.

The issue im running into is the npc is not running or walking towards me as it should be according to the tutorial im following.
The npc does however do the "yaw" rotation to track my position when im in the set distance to trigger that, and if i go right up to it, it starts to attack me.
Im trying to troubleshoot why those actions are working but the chasing is not. Ive been trying to set up flags in the code as console alerts so i can check if its failing to create the route to execute the movement but im not sure how to write to the halflife/steam console, all the attempts ive tried didnt work.

Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I can post a video here so you guys can see the npc's behavior.
#include "wip_monster.h"

class CPitDrone : public CBaseMonster
void Spawn(void);
void Precache(void);
int iSpikes;
int Classify(void);
void SetYawSpeed(void);


LINK_ENTITY_TO_CLASS(wip_MonsterPitDrone, CPitDrone);

void CPitDrone::Spawn()

SET_MODEL(ENT(pev), "models/pit_drone.mdl");


pev->solid = SOLID_SLIDEBOX;
pev->movetype = MOVETYPE_STEP;
m_bloodColor = BLOOD_COLOR_RED;
pev->health = 100; // Health -
pev->view_ofs = Vector(0, 0, 20);
m_flFieldOfView = 0.5;


iSpikes = 6;

int CPitDrone::Classify(void)

void CPitDrone::SetYawSpeed(void) {
pev->yaw_speed = 90;

void CPitDrone::Precache()
PRECACHE_MODEL("models/pit_drone_spike.mdl"); //Loads the model for the spike
PRECACHE_MODEL("models/pit_drone.mdl"); //Loads the NPC model in the game

// Bunch of pretty self-explanatory sounds
Make sure you've installed Visual Studio 2022 properly, with a Windows SDK. Then make sure to upgrade the solution to the latest MSVC (in VS2022 it's v143, in VS2019 it's v142 etc.)
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Hi im new to coding and i try to compile the hl dll on sdk's and it says "no path to windows.h" even without editing the code it shows that on the compile error's. and even just putting the zombie's blood color red it has 96 error's

I need help!
Depending on what you have in mind, you might start with vanilla HLSDK.
The mapping and modelling will be your biggest concerns anyway, not the code.
I want to make a Half-Life Alpha mod, but I have no coding or any general modding skills to add new features. Is there an SDK that my lazy ass could use to skip the hard parts?
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-19 23:34:36 UTC
in MESS 1.2 has been released! Post #348811
I just tested with v1.2.2 by creating a func_wall named my_wall (render mode: solid, FX amount: 255) and a func_button that targets hide my_wall, show my_wall:1. This created a multi_manager named hide my_wall, show my_wall:1, an env_render named hide my_wall and another env_render named show my_wall. The multi_manager triggered hide my_wall immediately, and show my_wall with a delay of 1 second, as expected.

Maybe you've been using this pattern in a template entity map that didn't allow any rewrite rules? That's what the map property _mess_allow_rewrite_rules with value {} does. I'm using that in several template entity maps to ensure that other scripts won't interfere with it, but it does mean that things like target patterns won't work, unless you invoke it manually by creating an instance of for a specific target.

If that's not it, could you share a test map with a multi-target pattern that doesn't work so I can have a look?
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-19 02:09:02 UTC
in trigger_changelevel does not appear? Post #348810
thank you
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-19 02:04:31 UTC
in trigger_changelevel does not appear? Post #348809
Just in case you're not aware, trigger_changelevel is a brush entity, like trigger_once and trigger_multiple.
monster_urby monster_urbyGoldsourcerer
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-19 02:00:34 UTC
in trigger_changelevel does not appear? Post #348808
[solved] Hey, sorry if this is wrong category thread thing, but I'm making a mod, but however, i already have 2 maps, but trigger_changelevel wont appear, and when i manually type it in as a entity, it doesn't work either. I'm using J.A.C.K, with a custom game config that uses the half-life FGD. does anyone know what's going on? :zonked:
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-18 04:53:25 UTC
in MESS 1.2 has been released! Post #348807
Okay, I just figured out why I never get multi-target patterns; I can never get it to work for some reason. It just doesn't. 😭
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-17 23:51:26 UTC
in MESS 1.2 has been released! Post #348806
The multi-target pattern is just a comma-separated list of targets, which gets translated to a multi_manager. So if a button targets door1,door2, MESS will generate a multi_manager named door1,door2, which triggers both door1 and door2. Delays can be specified with colons: door1:0.5,door2:1.5 will generate a multi_manager that triggers door1 after 0.5 seconds, and door2 after 1.5 seconds. Each target can also be a pattern, so +door1,-door1:5 will send an 'on' signal to door1 immediately, and then an 'off' signal after 5 seconds. So that pattern translates to a multi_manager and two trigger_relays.

As for rewrite rules, there are two moments when they can be applied:
  • Before macro expansion - this happens right after a map is read into memory. At this point maps still contain macro entities and entity properties can still contain unevaluated MScript expressions. The main use case for rewrite rules here is to turn template entities into macro entities and to link them to a specific template map.
  • After macro expansion - this happens just before the output map is written to a file. At this point, all macro entities have been processed, all template instances have been created and any expressions have been evaluated. Here, rewrite rules can be used to modify entity properties.
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-17 10:45:03 UTC
in Game_sounds Post #348805
Looks like these should be the defaults (CSoundParameters in isoundemittersystembase.h). Try creating a script without the parameters and see if it works.
User posted image
Dr. Orange Dr. OrangeSource good.
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-16 19:59:15 UTC
in Game_sounds Post #348804
Searched for anything for the sound script files (i.e "game_sounds_world.txt") couldn't find it here or on valve developer wiki. I was wondering if I could remove everything but the path properties and the game would assume default values for them.
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-16 16:04:42 UTC
in MESS 1.2 has been released! Post #348803
Thanks for the feedback. I've amended zhlt_strip, speedfactor, and mtlx_decal_text.

The thing with multi-target patterns is that I haven't internalized how it works and so haven't been using it, hence why I cooked my own. Maybe I should make it split the entire pattern with semicolons and pass the rest of the multi pattern to the stock library.

AFTER_MACRO_EXPANSION also I don't fully understand hence why I missed it.

But yeah, looking forward to JACK FGD support and model() rewriting in the next update!
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-16 14:59:42 UTC
in MESS 1.2 has been released! Post #348802
It's really cool to see what you're doing with MESS! Your feedback has also been very useful. Thanks! :)

A few notes:
  • zhlt_strip and speedfactor should probably use AFTER_MACRO_EXPANSION, to ensure that they're working with final values (instead of raw values that may contain unevaluated MScript expressions), and to ensure that they also apply to generated properties.
  • mtlx_decal_text.ted relies on an fgd-parsing fix/change that's only available in v1.2.3 (line 28, the help text/description part). Very cool entity - it makes me want real-time editor preview support for MESS...
  • In v1.2.3, MScript has bitwise operators, so texture_scrollspeed_handler should be easier to implement correctly. I'll rewrite the scrollspeed handler logic accordingly.
  • Also in v1.2.3, template entities can provide their own editor sprites/models, so mtlx_decal_text could have a model to help with orienting the text. Model pitch inversion is probably going to make that more complicated though...
  • mtlx_trigger_sequential is an interesting one - it's like mtl_trigger_counter but with implicit count values and support for delayed triggering. Now I'm thinking, if I had to add something like this to MESS... maybe I'd do it as a single-target-at-a-time mode for mtl_trigger_sequence, or maybe by adding a new target pattern for triggering something with a delay. Actually, the multi-target pattern already supports delays ("target1: 0.5, target2: 1.5"), I could just extend that for single targets (e.g. "+door:0.5" would send an 'on' signal to door, after 0.5 seconds).
Regarding MESS 1.2.3, the big stuff is done: conversion between .map, .rmf and .jmf files (including conversion of TrenchBroom groups/layers), with support for cordon areas and VIS group filtering. The only things left to do are a few template entity changes and of course the most 'fun' part: updating the documentation.
Hey! I'm new/ish / to half life, I've been working on a project for a bit and while I'm decently experience with adding custom textures, sounds, decals, and mapping, I'm not all that familiar with modding code-wise. (if that's required for this)
I've been looking around and I cant seem to find any documentation on anyone else trying to do this.
what I'm trying to do is have an image appear on the players screen, what I'm mainly trying to do with this is have a little box with character
text in it and a little picture of the character talking to the left of it.

I feel like I've seen this done before in a mod, don't remember what it was called, it was some kind of wave defense thing where the player was running away from a Gargantua I think, and the mod had a picture of a cat show up to block the players view.
I saw it in a video on a mod for Black Mesa which I know isn't goldsource but I believe I saw a version that was running on the original half life and doing the same thing. Could've been Hl source though.
If anyone knows anything about this or how I could manage to do it, I'd greatly appreciate the help!
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-14 17:30:50 UTC
in How to change HUD color in HL1/Goldsrc games Post #348800
Nope. HUD colour is hardcoded, and changing it requires code changes.
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-14 03:24:52 UTC
in How to change HUD color in HL1/Goldsrc games Post #348798
So... is there a way to change HUD color in HL1 without usage of the SDK ?? (E.G for personal modding)
Posted 1 week ago2024-05-13 22:43:03 UTC
in Half-Life Featureful SDK Post #348797
New version


Configuring the ammo amounts in ammo and weapon entities

The new features/ammo_amounts.cfg file allows you to customize the ammo provided in ammo_ and weapon_ entities by default.

This is an experimental feature.

Changes to the sample mod

  • The new demo map is included in the sample mod - flyers_demo - for demonstration and testing of the osprey and apache.
  • Previously missing models/blkop_tailgibs.mdl has been added to the resources.

New features in featureful_server.cfg

  • door_rotating_starts_open_fix - when enabled, fix the bug with func_door_rotating becoming unresponsive after the first use if it has Starts Open spawnflag. This feature is currently left disabled by default just in case some existing map relies on this behavior.
  • warpball_at_monster_center - if enabled, when env_warpball is used as a template effect for monstermaker, create the effect at the monster's body center by default, instead of monster's origin (which is usually at the monster's feet). The feature is enabled by default. If you want the old behavior, set the warpball_at_monster_center to false in your features in featureful_server.cfg.


  • The values of the parameter Warp at monster's... of monstermaker now have a different meaning. Any positive value means to create a warpball effect in the center of the monster's body. Any negative value means to create effect at the origin. And 0 (default) means to create at the position depending on the warpball_at_monster_center feature.
  • env_warpball now can define a second sprite that will be played along with the first one. sprites/xflare1.spr is provided as default second sprite in the fgd. You need to manually set the second sprite on existing maps if you want warpballs to create two sprites.
  • Added Smoke position parameter for env_smoker.
  • Added Instant spawnflag for multi_manager, multi_trigger and multi_sequence. By default targets with 0 delay will be triggered only on the next frame after the multi_manager has been triggered. With this flag such targets will be called instantly.
  • You now can provide custom keyvalues for the monster spawned via monstermaker. In the editor toggle SmartEdit (like you do with multi_manager) and add keyvalues you want to forward to the monster prepending the key names with # symbol. This allows to set some parameters that can't be set via monstermaker otherwise (e.g. bodystate of monster_barney).


  • Fixed opfor grunts coming from osprey without weapons.
  • Fixed osprey and apache sounds not stopping if they were replaced with a sound replacement system.
  • Fixed flocking flyers sounds not being replaceable with a sound replacement system.

Codebase changes

  • Added GetWeaponData and SetWeaponData functions for weapons to tidy and deduplicate some prediction code.
  • ALLOC_STRING is now a function instead of the macro.

Repository changes

  • The features/ directory is no longer included in the automated builds. This is to avoid situations when someone wants to try the latest version and rewrites their features/ directory with the default one by accident.
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 21:34:55 UTC
in Is it possible? Post #348796
By "particle" you likely mean sprite, which are 2D image objects in the game, and yes these can be attached to a playermodel and turned on/off based on various conditions such as when a flashlight is turned on/off.

Both making the sprite turn on/off, and limiting its use to only specific weapons, should be possible to code in CBasePlayer::FlashlightTurnOn() and CBasePlayer::FlashlightTurnOff() methods. Of course, you'll need to use programming for this using the SDK.
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 19:56:38 UTC
in Is it possible? Post #348795
Hi, welcome to TWHL.

Try to include as much information as possible when asking questions, as you're more likely to get the right answer!

For starters, what game is this for?
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 19:35:48 UTC
in Is it possible? Post #348794
Hi everyone is it possible to make this:
1:when you turning on flashlight and on player model appear a particle
2: you can use flashlight only on weapons
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 15:00:38 UTC
in Problems with the old .sln project Post #348793
Okay i just installed MSVC 143 - build tools C++ VS 2022 for x64/x86 (version 14.36-17.6) and the problem is gone.🥳
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-11 21:05:57 UTC
in Car™️ Post #348792
clock included lower right...
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-11 17:07:18 UTC
in Car™️ Post #348791
the clip was sped up lol
awkook awkookaka vhetutor
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-11 15:49:30 UTC
in Car™️ Post #348790
how can you do it so fast?? it looks so precise
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-11 14:40:36 UTC
in Problems with the old .sln project Post #348789
im not even a programmer, but your sln file is trying to open files that don't exist.

2>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.39.33519\include\cctype(11,10): error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ctype.h': No such file or directory

Go manually browse to that folder and verify that the file exists. (ctype.h) i dont know where it's supposed to live, but your sln wants it and it cant find it. You may have to reconfigure some paths in your sln file
awkook awkookaka vhetutor
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-11 13:23:37 UTC
in Problems with the old .sln project Post #348788
Year ago i was worked on my mod and put it aside and a year later i can't build cuz i have seeing this error:

2>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.39.33519\include\cctype(11,10): error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ctype.h': No such file or directory
2>(compiling source file '../../dlls/crowbar.cpp')
2>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.39.33519\include\cctype(11,10): error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ctype.h': No such file or directory
2>(compiling source file '../../dlls/gauss.cpp')
2>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.39.33519\include\cctype(11,10): error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ctype.h': No such file or directory
2>(compiling source file '../../dlls/egon.cpp')
2>D:\.HLSDK\ad\halflife-updated-master\public\interface.cpp(1,10): error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'string.h': No such file or directory
2>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.39.33519\include\cctype(11,10): error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ctype.h': No such file or directory

also don't know why but my visual studio was uninstalled and when I installed it again and opened the .sln project, visual studio didn't ask me to upgrade to v143.I checked for ctype.h and it doesn't exist. What i should to do?
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-10 10:13:51 UTC
in TWHL Tower: Source Post #348787
Hey, everyone! I'm now looking for testers for the Beta 1 build of TWHL Tower: Source. This is the first beta, and will probably be the last playtest build before release, so I'm looking to iron out as many bugs and gameplay inconveniences as possible. Send me a direct message on Discord (@dr._orange) or on TWHL if you're interested in testing!
Dr. Orange Dr. OrangeSource good.
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-09 16:00:04 UTC
in Sven Co-op Repair men Post #348786
Ok, Sounds good, thank you for the help.
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-09 11:01:46 UTC
in Sven Co-op Repair men Post #348785
By "repair men", do you mean Gus?
Gus (forklift.mdl)Gus (forklift.mdl)
If so the model name is forklift.mdl and it's one of Half-Life standard assets (so this version from Half-Life/valve/models can be used in your mod).

On the other hand, if you mean some player model then there's /models/player/HL_Construction/HL_Construction.mdl and /models/player/HL_Gus/HL_Gus.mdl from Sven Co-op and these are specific to SC, which means that you should ask for permission to use these in your mod, and possibly need to do some conversion as the player skeleton and/or sequences are different between HL and SC.
As for using assets from the main games (such as Half-Life, Blue Shift and Opposing Force), it's generally fine to do so for a HL/BS/Op4 mod. So re-using a main game texture in your mod's WAD is all good.

It's only a problem if you lift these assets out of these games and put them in another non-Valve game.
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-08 21:00:11 UTC
in Car™️ Post #348784
Remember: the more stuff you make, the faster you'll get at it, and it will be less of a chore to make it in the future
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-08 20:22:33 UTC
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Yes, mapping requires occasionally actually mapping :^_^:

You can build the main shape in under 10 minutes, it's not all that much work
10 mins
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-08 18:39:20 UTC
in MESS 1.2 has been released! Post #348782
I don't feel like this qualifies for a Vault entry, so here it is instead, a menagerie of miscellaneous MESSy stuffs I made on MESS 1.2.2.
Item Description File type(s)
zhlt_strip strips stray zhlt keyvalues that might produce unintended results in your map .ted
speedfactor multiplies any speed keyvalue in entity by a factor. useful to quickly multiply values for a range of entities with finely-calibrated speed values. .ted
mtlx_decal_text translates to a bunch of infodecals representing stenciled text. besides letters and numbers, also transforms some text symbols to a bunch of other decals. .ted, .map
mtlx_multi_manager translates to a multi_manager. this entity facilitates easy selection of targets using JACK's dropdown textbox. Also shows the arrow connections. .ted
mtlx_trigger_sequential translates to a relay that fires specified targets in order, and can loop back at the end of the list e.g. this → t1, this → t2, this → t3, this → t1... .ted, .map
texture_scrollspeed_handler BUGFIX for the one included in MESS 1.2.2 .ted
note: mtlx stands for MESS template library extras, to compliment MESS' included mtl entities.
  • MESS 1.2.2 or above
  1. Dump contents of gist/zip file to <mess 1.2.2+ install path>/template_entities/custom/
  2. Run MESS once to update mess.fgd
  3. Restart JACK/Hammer to load the updated mess.fgd
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-08 15:40:35 UTC
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Yeah I mean the Black Mesa cars.

also man i do have to do it manually 😔