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About You

Name: Andrew Lucas
Age: 27
Hometown: NA
Relationships: None. I was never in love my whole life, ever.
Occupation: CPP Programmer.
Current goal(s): Publish my first two books, finish writing my three planned books, finish my Half-Life mod.
Politics: I've lost faith in this long ago.
Religion: I have my own beliefs in and relating to God. I pray to God to show me the way, whenever I feel the presence of evil or I feel lost and confused. God has saved my soul numerous times and helped me atone for my sins/misdeeds.

Favourite Things

Food: Beef, pancakes, fried eggs with bacon, apples, bananas, milkshakes, chocolate.
Hot drink: Decaf coffee, yogurt drinks, green label tea.
Cold drink: Water.
Snacks: Potato chips, cheesecakes, nuts like hazelnuts and peanuts.
Movies: Dark City, The Thing, Alien, Jacob's Ladder.
Videogames: Half-Life and it's expansions, Half-Life 2 and it's episodes, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank.
Music: Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Temple of the Dog, Cathedral.
Other: Exercise, reading books on psychology and science fiction books. Re-reading the works of Silvano Arieti. Trying to do right by God.

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Ironically enough I love a lot of foods I can't eat.
Hot drink: Anything with too much sugar in it.
Cold drink: Anything with too much sugar in it.
Snacks: Again, I love a lot of snack foods I can't eat.
Movies: Shitty remakes of classic movies that don't need remakes, and the dumbest movie I can remember hating is Legion of Fire: Killer Ants.
Videogames: Raven City
Music: I can't stand modern pop music, or most rap music either. Love songs are particularly annoying for me.
Other: Loud noises and constant noise that wrecks your concentration. Large crowds of people in cramped spaces, because that activates my agoraphobia even more than just going out for work every day. Being tired most days beyond just the normal tiredness that comes with the burdens of life. Accidentally eating some food that end up making me feel sick or even worse. I greatly fear Soul Murderer-type people and narcissistic predatory types who have a sixth sense for sensing people who are vulnerable to their manipulation. The HD packs for Half-Life. Oh, and the original MP5 view model from Half-Life 1. And the original shotgun's arm.
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About You

Name: Hasan
Age: 25.6
Hometown: Ankara/Turkey
Relationships: No
Occupation: Mechanical engineering student
Current goal(s): Study engineering, invent patent and design aircraft or gunrange sporting guns or something useful for humanity etc., not to die from corona or any other things, become richer and always healty, make or order to make custom video games for my taste, enjoy life
Politics: Staying away from politics
Religion: Atheism, and i making myself to believe to someday we will discover eternal life on a digital universe or something (yes nobody wants to die especially me, but sadly science doesnt proven the god).

Favourite Things

Food: Milk Carbohydrate oil tomato and protein rich things such as pizza or cheseburger, but that doesnt mean im not loving salad and vegetables.
Hot drink: Tea
Cold drink: Water
Snacks: Carbohydrate oil and protein rich things such as MCnuggets
Movies: Probably movies similar to incredibles or pirates of caribbean
Videogames: Half-Life and other gun games that doest have a cutscenes
Music: Not much listening music, probably RNB or epic movie musics are good.
Other: Being healty is fun and life is good, also as you can see giving opinions are things that i like, but its not posible to give every opinion because bad people can exploid you, and i also like designing, mostly designing a machine.

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: A plain mushroom, and some exotic foods such as live octopus etc though i have never ate one of thoes kind exotic food (yes i took literal about disliked food).
Hot drink: Black coffees are very bitter
Cold drink: Chery flavored coke (cherry kernels are bitter too, as much as bitter almonds).
Snacks: Bitter or dark chocalate or bitter almond. But i love some pastry that contains traces of cherry kernel flour.
Movies: Most movies i cant enjoy movies since i have been an adult.
Videogames: Almost all RPGs MMORPGs strategies 2Ds Survivals f2p's, cutscenes, games that doesnt support a powerful modding environment because most of stuff in games are not for my taste and i should mod them.
Music: I already dont like listening music that much, but most music especially with modern bas beats, and electronic music and rap i guess.
Other: I hate not enjoying life, and bad people and killers and wars and limited resources, and maybe politicians (i guess this is a political view though), but sadly all theese things are what a life consists from. (yes i took every thing literal probably because im an engineer and science person, not a poet or politician. :D ).
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Haha!!, I can say that people here at TWHL are the most kind and lovely persons in the world in what respect and patience with newbies is about. I suck at what coding is about, but ALWAYS find help and spoonfeeding here in TWHL, thanks of that I did finish my mod.
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Did not kow that...
Because I thought you are younger for good experience of C++/C. And I am shocking before and they and you say I should learn C/C++. I am shy... :walter: I am speechless. No problem we want respect friendly. :D
SourceSkyBoxer SourceSkyBoxerC# Developer and Linux Creator
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Oh @abbadon, oldest member of TWHL-King!
Did not kow that... :( But I'm far from sayng sergeant Murtaugh's favourite líne "I'm too old for this s..." ;)
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Oh @abbadon, oldest member of TWHL-King!

About me

I am Jens Eckervogt from Germany, 36 years old, deaf and jobless. I am Christian and I believe Jesus Christi.
My relationship with my Filipina girl, but she looks cute like small Filipina. But it is not my daughter just she is really my girlfriend :D and she is 37 years old. Whatever age is not important. Love is important :)

My favorite and hobby

I love colors orange and dim gray, :D I like to watch football but not much. And I develop at computer with C# and haxe/C or C++ ( less )
Videogames OpenArena, Unreal Engine and C# engined like Veldrid or SDL2-CS and XLibSharp ( Work in process.. )
My cooking: party rolling with olives, tomates or any other delicious parts... and Spaghetti, and Filipino/Indian or any asian foods.
I love to earn with Coinbase :D Bitcoins, Etheriums and more and I like respects and dearness...

Dislikes and hates

I really hate bullying, blackmailing, harassing and scamming
And I don't care to send my money to blackmailers / scammers.
I don't care Windows 10 because it happens since September 2018 and Windows Update manipulated my computer into after installation of Windows 10 it looks like default desktop. I really hate it.
SourceSkyBoxer SourceSkyBoxerC# Developer and Linux Creator
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Chennai? It is South India.
My mom won several cooking competitions in Kerala.
Be jealous,Archie.
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in Fake coordinate Post #344003
I have reproduced the Airstrike tutorial save my coordinate Table is like a map on the wall with the rulers going up and down and left to right.
All is right, the mortar field drops the bomb on the target defined by the momentary rot btn. The y value is perfect. The problem I run into is that the ruler which goes from left to right indicates a negative value of x to the mortar.
Well, that’s not a big deal but I’d like that when the ruler is on the right, the mortar strikes the ground ahead on its right side.
I’ve tried to amend the compasses, the distance, rotating, flipping the mortar field or the ground itself ; when I hit then button the bomb is dropped on the opposite side that indicates the x ruler.
What can I do ?

That the JACK files in Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\valve\maps if ever ...
[|JACK output files]
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Food: Whatever my mom cooks
One of my colleagues is from Chennai and he and his wife make the most incredible food. I don't know if that's south-India enough, but if your mom's cooking is similar, I'm very jealous :^_^:
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
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About You

Name: Ijaaz Ahmed,no last name for you guys.
Age: 16
Hometown: Somewhere south of India
Relationships: None so far
Occupation: Student,trying to get a part-time job
Current goal(s): Get into a good college and get my parents to stop complaining,then move to the hostel and work on my life
Politics: The fuck is this? No comment
Religion: Islam,although similar to Admer,but very close to neutrality

Favourite Things

Food: Whatever my mom cooks
Hot drink: Coffee,every once in a while
Cold drink: Milkshake. Chocolate with chunks or strawberry with some icecream
Snacks: Anything fried,nuts,cheesy stuff,apples,oranges,watermelon,mangoes (in increasing order)
Movies: Haven't watched that much,but almost any decent movie will do.
Videogames: HL series,Urban Terror, PUBG Mobile
Music: House, K-Pop(some of it)
Other: Shotguns

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Fuck sapodilla and fish and mushrooms
Hot drink: Congee
Cold drink: nothing so far
Snacks: Sometimes,my mom makes this steamed pie-like things that turns me off,even though her cooking is awesome
Movies: Porn. Time travel and sci-fi to a certain extent. But porn? I hate it completely.
Videogames: none so far
Music: Old tamil/malayalam(dislike)
Other: Whoever reads this(dislike with zebra piss/Zima in your face)
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in A Utopia At Stake Post #344000
Definitely gonna have to finish that feature one day. Right now it only supports this on a single texture.
It's gonna affect any texture beginning with water or !, but I'm thinking of potential applications of this elsewhere too.

Since this works by modifying the texture's pixels in real-time (NOT affecting the actual WAD file itself), I think we can accomplish real-time moss growth, and potentially many other things!
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
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in A Utopia At Stake Post #343999
Oooh, I concur
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 3 days ago2020-04-01 13:10:23 UTC
in How to add spectator option to existing mod Post #343998
Get the jumbot source and put the spectator mode in there using a tutorial. I am sure there's one because I have used it for my mod.
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About You

Name: Angel
Age: 46
Hometown: Cáceres (Spain), but I live in Toledo for the last 17 years
Relationships: just one, since 1992, two child, unfortunately one died
Occupation: D.U.E (nurse), working for the State Health Care System since 1998, I have done some vectorial work for web pages, published Health Care related comics, worked in a call center and even in a videogames store, well, we have to eat, right?
Current goal(s): finish the fight against COVID19, I am in the 13th day of isolation, after this, continue with my life. Finish a comic book I have started ages ago...
Politics: all are crap (sorry)
Religion: atheist

Favourite Things

Food: almost everything, pity I have diabetes.. I love ice crean.
Hot drink: cafe
Cold drink: non alcoholic beer, lemonade
Snacks: ALL... (shame!!)
Movies: all known sagas (lord of the rings, indiana jones, matrix, jurassic park, star wars, back to the future, harry potter, alíen, predator, riddick, martial arts movies, and so on.
Videogames: Doom saga, Half-Life saga, Quake saga(1&2 overall) Undying, Blade edge of darkness, The Hunter Primal, Carnivores Reborn, Mechwarrior 3, Unreal 1(one of the best games ever!!), Epic's Firefight, Aliens games (except AvsP 2 and Amstrad ALIENS), CV's Jericho, Counter-Strike G.O and v1.6, Jedi Knight saga, all mame oldies goldies.
Music: ALL Heavy Metal(metalheadbanger here), Enya, ABBA, Mango, Cher, Madonna , the Cranberries, old songs from my childhood (80s) some 90s dance and techno, some handsup songs, recently I have discovered nightcore,( it's extrange but fun) Karl Orff's Carmina Burana.
Other: I did several martial arts for years, I have published three technical books about Airsoft guns modification, I do comic books and draw very fast (no one wanted to play Pictionary with me... EVER), I have readed several times all Cthulhu mythos books, I have composed a four variation 40 minutes long song for piano, I am the one who repairs and build things at home, I have built my actual 2 PCs from scratch, I have studied classical ballet, I have written a book studying the anathomy and medical derivations of martial arts techniques (feel ashamed one day and I have destroyed it), I did my first game mod in 1988, a variation of Amstrad's Wallbreaker with powerups and music, and... A lot of stuff here.

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: cauliflower (my stomach burn)
Hot drink: broth
Cold drink: all that has alcohol except wine and gintonic(drank twice of this in my life but tastes good)
Movies: spanish films, they are all almost crap, except two or three exceptions.
Videogames: Peter Jackson's King Kong, Quake 3, mobile games, Far Cry 1, Amnesia, most modern FPS that are all but slight modifications of old games requiring a 10 times powerful PCs, HL Alyx... Boring as hell. Multiplayer games.
Music: flamenco, almost all spanish singers with little exceptions, hip hop, rap, r&b, el Divo (please...).
Other: drug dealers, parasitic people, all those who does not add anything to society but problems, people who don't remember that once they were newbies too... Typing all this with a smartphone, I hate smartphones and tactile devices.
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in Get rid of menu options. Post #343996
Hi, that looks to be source, aniway I got it "done", more or les, because even if you cannot see the letters you can still " select" those options. But this solution do the work.
Posted 3 days ago2020-03-31 23:38:23 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343995
Ooooh yes please.
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
Posted 4 days ago2020-03-31 11:37:46 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343994
Map textures can be modified too. So that's a good thing. uwu

video 2

Software water effect in OpenGL, anyone? :walter:
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 5 days ago2020-03-30 17:55:15 UTC
in Get rid of menu options. Post #343993
It's at resource/GameMenu.res. Not sure about the WON version, though.

Original file is:
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_ResumeGame"
		"command" "ResumeGame"
		"OnlyInGame" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_Disconnect"
		"command" "Disconnect"
		"OnlyInGame" "1"
		"notsingle" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_PlayerList"
		"command" "OpenPlayerListDialog"
		"OnlyInGame" "1"
		"notsingle" "1"
		"label" ""
		"command" ""
		"OnlyInGame" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_NewGame"
		"command" "OpenNewGameDialog"
		"notmulti" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_LoadGame"
		"command" "OpenLoadGameDialog"
		"notmulti" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_SaveGame"
		"command" "OpenSaveGameDialog"
		"notmulti" "1"
		"OnlyInGame" "1"
		"label" ""
		"command" ""
		"notmulti" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_FindServers"
		"command" "OpenServerBrowser"
		"notsingle" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_CreateServer"
		"command" "OpenCreateMultiplayerGameDialog"
		"notsingle" "1"
//	"11"
//	{
//		"name" "LoadDemo"
//		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_PlayDemo"
//		"command" "OpenLoadDemoDialog"
//	}
		"label" ""
		"command" ""
		"notsingle" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_ChangeGame"
		"command" "OpenChangeGameDialog"
		"notsteam" "1"
		"notsingle" "1"
		"notmulti" "1"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_Options"
		"command" "OpenOptionsDialog"
		"label" "#GameUI_GameMenu_Quit"
		"command" "Quit"
MrMystery MrMysteryBanned
Posted 5 days ago2020-03-30 06:15:34 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343992
Dancing is a violating of human rights
Not voting for you at the next town council elections, Reverend Shaw >:(

(that's a Footloose joke for those that don't know)
Posted 6 days ago2020-03-29 20:59:30 UTC
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About You

Name: Ezry B.
Age: 20 (seconds)
Hometown: Smalltown rural ohio (yeehaw)
Relationships: Currently in one, it's lovely
Occupation: Self-employed
Current goal(s): Graduate University & get my degree in accounting
Politics: Force is the ultimate authority. Nothing given has value. In order to defend Western values and assure the god-given rights of men we must defend ourselves from those of ill-intent, militarily and culturally. The West is losing its sense of meaning and identity as globalists/postmodernists develop a hatred of their own individuality and freedoms. The people of the Western world are so satiated with freedoms that they are begging governments to come and strip them away. Their governments have grown large and powerful. Their power is exploited by corporations to serve the interests not of individuals, but of consolidated groups. Our media, supply lines and many major companies are controlled by Chinese interests, the governance of whom are enemies of freedom and human rights. Hong Kong, one of the few bastions of liberty and free market capitalism is being crushed by the authoritarian regime. The United Nations, too, is dominated by Chinese interests, its members refusing to recognize the existence of Taiwan. Our politics are being arbitrarily divided. Deus Ex was right. The European Union is an MJ-12 front to destroy any semblance of individual nations or cultures, erasing the borders between to create one titanic super-government. Our culture is a sewer. We have lewd media. We're sexualizing young girls to the point where even I have a problem with it. Half-Life's outlook on unchecked immigration is bleak, but accurate. Donald Trump is simultaneously a bumbling imbecile with ADHD but also a cultural icon and hero for free market capitalism and the American identity. Socialism is an ideology dominated by upper-class white elitists with unfounded moral superiority. The government does not give us our rights; rather, their purpose is to defend them. The United Nations has an incorrect definition of what a "human right" is; they define the "right to work" as a human right, yet they do nothing as governments across the globe are shutting down business for the sake of stopping the coronavirus -- last I checked, rights are pre-ordained by our Creator (whoever you may believe that to be), so either these rights don't actually exist or the UN is weak and unwilling to stand for anything. Our systems of social security are built off of the backs of children, yet the people of this nation see no duty to reproduce and ensure future generations will continue to contribute to these systems. The only real human right that exists is the right to property. Sex is a spectrum. Gender is a man-made construct, as is race. Dancing is a violating of human rights. Free healthcare isn't the worst idea in the world, but a much better one is to destroy the concept of "health insurance." Personal responsibility is a greater value than utilitarianism 9/10 times. Ayn Rand had some funny ideas, but also some really good ones, too. Carl Benjamin was a good politician. Pedophiles are trying to co-opt the LGBT movement and how I feel about it depends on whether the science is in on the whole "born this way" argument for them. Sam Esmail had some brilliant political commentary in his tv show Mr Robot (which may be the best TV show ever made) but his Twitter is a garbage heap. Did I mention that nothing given has value? Starship Troopers was unironically the ideal model for society. Nationalism isn't inherently bad - dare one say, the idea of seeing nations as individual self-determining entities is inherently good! Communism is conspiracy to commit mass murder.
Religion: Atheist Christian

Favourite Things

Food: Chicken (blessed gains bird)
Hot drink: Warm water
Cold drink: Milkshakes (forbidden)
Snacks: I'm a sucker for sweets, ice cream especially
Movies: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is a masterpiece
Videogames: Final Fantasy series, Deus Ex, most of the Valve catalog
Music: David Bowie, John Maus, Men I Trust
Other: Love tabletop roleplaying

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Most, I'm the pickiest eater in the world
Hot drink: Coffee (stinky)
Cold drink: Smoothies (stinky)
Snacks: Anything with peanut butter
Movies: The new Disney Star Wars films are pretty dreadful
Videogames: Dark Souls 2 (stinks)
Music: Most (bad)
Other: Fuck you Paul Gates
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 6 days ago2020-03-29 16:52:46 UTC
in Get rid of menu options. Post #343990
You can change this stuff in the .res files in the resource directory.
Posted 6 days ago2020-03-29 07:15:30 UTC
in How to add spectator option to existing mod Post #343989
I think it is possible - Jumbot is I assume a server only mod (if not this probably won't work).
If you use it with an up to date client.dll, you should be able to write a plugin that loads and passes through to the Jumbot .dll, but in your plugin capture the spectator commands and copy their logic from hl.dll

Hopefully that makes sense.
Posted 6 days ago2020-03-29 07:12:58 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343988
Ah of course! And the same should work for sprites as well.

And yeah it doesn't look like client.dll has any per-entity callback (looks like they're mostly per-frame). Too bad but better than nothing.
Posted 6 days ago2020-03-29 07:11:48 UTC
in Get rid of menu options. Post #343987
I thought there were text files somewhere in gfx/ that controlled this? Nothing in the Steam version that I can see...
Posted 6 days ago2020-03-29 01:48:08 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343986
I'll be honest. A lot of the motivation with this thread was to see people get fired up about their dislikes for my own amusement.

It's working.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 18:59:13 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343985
"Now i'm getting a "could not load library" ctd."
Are you trying to run it on WON Half-Life or Steam Half-Life? If you got any pre-2013 Half-Life version, that ain't gonna work.
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 18:36:51 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343984
Was anyone here able to compile a source for opposing force/blue shift?
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 17:47:35 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343983
Now i'm getting a "could not load library" ctd.
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 16:20:39 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343982
Are you compiling both DLLs?
You should compile both client.dll and hl.dll.
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 15:35:00 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343981
General. I tried a new game but it crashed as well.
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 15:12:35 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343980
In general, or when the savegame is one that was made previous to the compile?
JeffMOD JeffMODCall 141.12
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 15:05:23 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343979
Using visual studio 2017. I found the dll file but the game crashes after loading a savegame.
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 12:30:15 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343978

About You

Name: Those who know, know.
Age: 24
Hometown: Wee shitehole in southern Scotland
Relationships: 2 terrible ones previously, currently living with my GF in London. All's good!
Occupation: Lighting technician for a lighting rental company. Hope to become a freelancer within the next couple years and get my ass on tour.
Current goal(s): At some point when I have expendable income, I want to start experimenting with 3D printing and VR. Current events are showing me that you can't really do any form of training wrt. manual labour when working from home, but you could learn how to repair and inspect things in VR. Problem is, just like with mapping, I'll furiously focus on a project for a day max, then struggle to find any motivation to continue on with it and procrastinate... think I'll need to look at that at some point. Not now, maybe sometime tomorrow. At some point many, many years down the line, I may want to revisit my university degree.
Politics: Left wing, but not to an obscene degree. Disagree with identity politics, something that seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. Pro Scottish Independence, but similarly to Archie, not because of nationalism.
Religion: I'm atheist through and through, but completely respect and acknowledge how important religions are to culture and society. No time for those that use it to justify hatred or cause harm onto others, though.

Favourite Things

Food: I'm pretty much a human dustbin, I'll eat anything. A good burger, chilli or spag bol will go down a treat.
Hot drink: Can't beat an English breakfast tea. A flat white or black coffee will also go down a treat.
Cold drink: Passionfruit Rubicon. Get in me.
Snacks: Insane sweet tooth. Tiramisu, a good chocolate fondant, cake, anything with "Ben & Jerry's" on it...
Movies: Anything that is tongue in cheek, self aware or incredibly atmospheric and immersive. Loved Blade Runner 2049 and Joker, but really have a soft spot for Robocop 1 & 2, Dredd, The Matrix and the likes of Evil Dead / Army of Darkness. I struggle to watch the same movie twice within the space of a few years.
Videogames: Used to be really into FPS games, but have found myself playing a load of sandbox games, like Stormworks, Factorio and Cities: Skylines. I love Metroid but haven't played it in ages, still waiting for Prime 4...
Music: Listening to a lot of video game soundtracks and the likes The Prodigy / Pendulum when I was younger made me listen to dance music and electronic music a lot more than contemporary and traditional styles, save for a few artists. Listening to a lot of deep Detroit house & techno ATM.
Other: I sing, a bit pitchy.

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Aniseed, (most) fish & fennel can get tae. And miso, anything that tastes like I've just swallowed seawater is nothing short of torture.
Hot drink: Anything sugary. Don't know why, but stuff like sweet tea, lemsip etc. makes me gag.
Cold drink: Tomato juice. No.
Snacks: Anything with coconut. The creator of Bounty is a sociopath.
Movies: Generic schlock, horror, and films that give away their entire story in the trailer. Really can't handle films that are just jumpscares.
Videogames: MOBAs, card games and schlock.
Music: Modern trap / rap, and any modern song that samples an entire riff of chorus from another with little to no alteration. Will.I.Am is really guilty of this, it just screams a combination of lack of talent and relying on people's memories of older songs to boost it's popularity. Sampling is such an incredible thing when done correctly, but copy & pasting entire segments of songs is cheap. Again, not massively fussed about contemporary music.
Other: People calling espresso 'expresso'. Winds me up something stupid.
Instant Mix Instant MixTitle commitment issues
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 10:36:14 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343977
We're gonna have a fight about the mushrooms, though
I'm sorry? You, the cheese-hater?
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 09:37:01 UTC
in Post Your Timeline Post #343976
Hah, I've disabled that t long time ago (although thinking how intrusive are apps these days they certainly have some history about my location somewhere).
Wow some of you guys are really prolific travelers. I can't imagine myself going to so far-away countries like Japan. I'm more of a stay at home do personal projects guy, and there's like an internal tension meter that goes up and up and I have to reset it by doing some sort of trip. Usually these come unplanned.

Last year I've visited Austria with a camper van (basically just pure luck to be invited by some friends and I'm grateful for that). The landscapes were stunning. We went with a steam train up to the top of Schafberg from where you can see multiple lakes. There are lots of bird nests on those cliffs so you always get to see flocks. We decided to go back on foot. While going down the mountain a storm caught us. I could hear thunders extremely close, some of them crackling. There were a few near strikes. There was nowhere to hide, the only thing you could do is continue. The wind was blowing furiously and you could sort of see that all this mist was actually clouds hitting on the side of the mountain. I've always had this weird fear of entering a cloud. In conclusion, I've never been so close to shitting my pants in my life.

This winter I've picked up a new "passion": snowboarding. I went to a one week snowboard camp. I've got almost all equipment besides boots and the board which I plan on buying next season (I said it's better to rent to try out different boards while learning). So this gives me the reason to go around in the country and visit different ski resorts, and once I have more experience I'll probably want to go to the Alps at some point.
But man, it was not easy. My butt and knees were killing me the first few times. And I still fall a lot. I'm afraid I'll forget everything by next season though :(.

I too want to visit Scotland at some point. Preferably by motorcycle for which I don't have yet a permit, and the pandemic surely shit on my plans of getting one in the next few months.
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 09:21:39 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343975
"Compiles but produces no .dll"
Explain. How are you compiling? What are you using to compile? Are there any errors in the compile log? Etc.
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 09:00:10 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343974
This game is amazing, it's the best thing Valve made since Portal 1
I thought Portal 2 was the actual masterpiece.

Alright, so I've spoiled some scenes for myself. Oh my god does it look gorgeous. And I'd probably just have to wait until autumn or december to play this in VR. Perhaps equipments will drop down in price until then.
I wonder what other games will come out on Source 2 and if we'll have access to the tools (Hammer) soon.
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 03:11:08 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343973
Oh yeah one of these rocks around ever few years...

About You

Name: Not telling :P
Age: 28
Hometown: An island on the southern part of Australia
Relationships: No GF since 2014, homeboi!
Occupation: UX Designer for a software company
Current goal(s): To live in a house with many books, vinyl records and art. To watch the sun set over it all and be at peace.
Politics: Central. Anti far left, anti far right, anti identity politics.
Religion: Christian. Faith in what is transcendent is profound and deeply personal and goes far beyond the "ancient storybook/invisible sky monster etc" cliche people use.

Favourite Things

Food: I've recently been a big fan of Eastern European dishes, thanks for Life of Boris off YouTube.
Hot drink: Nice cup of tea... Nice cup of coffee. Black or white, whatever.
Cold drink: Nothing specific comes to mind.
Books: Heart of Darkness, Brave New World, Stoner (NB 'Stoner' is the name of the character :P), Clockwork Orange, Catcher in the Rye. Really like but haven't finished yet: The Odyssey, The Gulag Archipelago.
Movies: No Country for Old Men, Apocalypse Now (both which helped me understand life), Taxi Driver, The Thing, Pulp Fiction, The Thin Red Line, Romper Stomper, Mad Max, Kill Bill (well, most Tarantino films really)
Videogames: Mafia 1 is a personal fave for storytelling, Fallout 2, Interstate 76, HL, Hidden & Dangerous 2, Far Cry 2, The Sims, Rome Total War, Morrowind. Had a lot of fun with PUBG last few years.
Music: Used to listen to tons of hardcore punk (ie. Black Flag) but recently more synthwave and some fuzz rock (Truckfighters go off). Reggae for cooking music. Surf music for atmosphere. Big Jimi Hendrix fan too.
Other: Other favorite things? Hey you should check out the Beastie Boys play Sabotage on David Letterman. Its on YouTube, pretty cool. Or otherwise theres Santana playing Soul Sacrifice at Woodstock (also on YouTube), what a jam.

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Coriander. Tastes like dish washing liquid (did you know dislike of coriander is due to genetics?).
Hot drink: When you make a black coffee and put like 5 sugars in it.
Cold drink: Grape fanta and sarsaparilla
Snacks: Pass
Movies: Any generic superhero movie that's released these days...
Videogames: The ship mission off Solider of Fortune 2.
Music: Pink Floyd and The Eagles. Rush is overrated too.
Other: Pass again
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-28 00:44:45 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343972

About You

Name: Ben Benson, there’s actually a bunch of Ben Bensons throughout my lineage. They were all artists.
Age: 33
Hometown: Coldasfuck Minnesota
Relationships: 2, Married to Lyssa, no kids, will never have kids.
Occupation: Illustrator. I work from home drawing various stuff for private clients.
Current goal(s): Finish another map, actually.
Politics: Fuck Trump.
Religion: Live and let live. I often try not to hurt bugs and spiders if I don’t have to.

Favourite Things

Food: Almost vegetarian. I don’t have much of a taste for meat. Tastes like sand.
Hot drink: Coffee or tea. Anything with caffeine.
Cold drink: strawberry milk, water, cold coffee.
Snacks: Oreos, oatmeal creme pies, cookies.
Movies: Zootopia, Cloud Atlas.
Videogames: Half-life, Minecraft, TF2, L4D2, lots of Mario games, Cuphead, Guitar Hero.
Music: A lot of the electronic variety, DNB (while mapping), chillhop (when arting), video stuff. Zelda and Chill on YouTube.
Other: I’m a non-practicing furry. Also I’m sterile and bisexual.

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: mushrooms.
Hot drink: Bad coffee or teas.
Cold drink: Energy drinks.
Snacks: Chips or Crisps.
Movies: action flicks and anything Gory.
Videogames: Mobile games. I can’t seem to find a game I like.
Music: pop music sucks, disco still sucks.
Other: I have depression and ASD.
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-27 22:00:11 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343971
Admer456 said:For Opposing Force, you can use this:
Compiles but produces no .dll
Admer456 said:Alternatively:
Compiles but when i enter the game there's no animations. Enemies don't spawn and the ones that did before disappear.
That's really nice of you man, thanks a lot. I'll send you a PM with my discord info.

And thanks for the information, I'll definitely play around with it.
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-27 21:12:43 UTC
in get steam VR source 2 VHE? Post #343969
Also me too! :crowbar: Because Unity Team is bad cause they ban me if I help to use "-no-pie" in g++/gcc parameters.
SourceSkyBoxer SourceSkyBoxerC# Developer and Linux Creator
No problem, lol. Just contact me on Discord or something and I'll try to send it tomorrow, I don't think I can do it tonight. I'm too lazy to upload to MEGA and whatever. <w<

As for the source code, in case you want it:
Then get Visual Studio 2019 Community and compile that thing. It's more straightforward nowadays compared to several years ago. :)
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-27 19:18:42 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343967
ok so the non vr version is in the game just sux XD
Thanks for the quick response and the advice about Spirit. It was new for me so I had no idea how well it worked.

Yea I should be able to do that with the code. Uhm, can I be a bit rude and ask if you could actually do that for me, and sent me the new client.dll (or is it hl.dll?)

Sorry for being so straightforward, but I currently don't have the source code of the game but also I remember a long time ago I wasn't really able to compile the code for whatever reason.

Sure I can give it a try, but if it's not too much to ask it'd be a great help if you could do that for me. If not, no worries man, you've already helped me a lot.
I think you can actually remove the effect from the code, if you're going to do that.
// Raise monster off the floor one unit, then drop to floor
if ( pev->movetype != MOVETYPE_FLY && !FBitSet( pev->spawnflags, SF_MONSTER_FALL_TO_GROUND ) )
    pev->origin.z += 1;
    DROP_TO_FLOOR ( ENT(pev) );
    // Try to move the monster to make sure it's not stuck in a brush.
    if (!WALK_MOVE ( ENT(pev), 0, 0, WALKMOVE_NORMAL ) )
        ALERT(at_error, "Monster %s stuck in wall--level design error", STRING(pev->classname));
        pev->effects = EF_BRIGHTFIELD;
Around line 2085, in monsters.cpp

Remove the line with pev->effects = EF_BRIGHTFIELD; and you should get rid of the yellow aura.

Also, if you can, please try to avoid using Spirit of Half-Life. Lots of things don't work, lots of things don't, and depending on the version of it, chances are, it might break the HL campaign.
"using the Spirit engine"
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Spirit of Half-Life has a lot of issues depending on the version that you use. I've not tried it recently, but if I recall it is not possible to play through the whole of the HL1 campaign using the Spirit engine. A lot of features can glitch out and certain entities don't behave the way they should.

Spirit is best used for full mods where you have control over the entities/entity setups and can adapt to the quirks that go with it.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-27 16:57:16 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343963
For Opposing Force, you can use this:


For Blue Shift:

There isn't any official source code that was published for them, so yeah, all there is are community efforts to replicate it as authentically as possible.
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Posted 1 week ago2020-03-27 16:51:57 UTC
in get steam VR source 2 VHE? Post #343962
"You are correctly: Blender is brilliantly. But Unity with Probuilder or CSG Shake too."
I don't like Unity. :crowbar:
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
There's this sprite effect that you get when an NPC is (partly) inside a solid object, basically the NPC gets surrounded by yellow flying dots. I know why it's there, I'm just wondering if you can get rid of it somehow. It's for some edits I made to the single-player of Half-Life 1, and repositioning the monsters isn't the solution in my case (long story).

Thanks! :)

Edit: I learned Spirit Half-Life has the spawnflag "No yellow blobs", but that raises my next question, can I play the whole HL1 campaign in Spirit: Half-Life or will I see a lot of changes?