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Posted 6 hours ago2021-02-25 21:38:09 UTC
in light_environment not casting light. Post #345370
I'm so sorry for bumping the thread with this unrelated question: does it really matter changing 'unseen' textures with trigger/sky despite these faces not drawing outside the playable area? That is unless you make a walkable/accessible area where the face(s) would now draw but you'd like it not to be.
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Posted 2 days ago2021-02-23 20:16:08 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345369
Half-Life Updated Beta 3 is out:
Notable changes:
  • Made scientists aware of carcasses, meat and garbage so they can comment on it (Thanks NongBenz)
  • Fixed Human Grunt shotgun damage not using correct skill values
  • Fixed bugs causing incorrect field of view when loading save games/changing levels while zoomed in
  • Made cheat protected commands give, fov and impulse check the value of sv_cheats on demand instead of caching the value, enabling the use of these cheats without having to restart the map
  • Added new engine functions added in the latest engine updates
Posted 2 days ago2021-02-23 14:51:26 UTC
in Help, can't replace textures in HL1 Post #345368
Hi MenDax, your textures are saving but most single player maps have the textures included in the BSP. Type r_wadtextures 1 in console to force HL to use your wads.
Posted 2 days ago2021-02-23 11:09:06 UTC
in Help, can't replace textures in HL1 Post #345367
You shouldn't modify the existing wad files, it can easily cause problems. Make new wad files.
Posted 2 days ago2021-02-23 07:12:09 UTC
in Help, can't replace textures in HL1 Post #345366
Hello, my textures aren't saving, in using wally, when i want to save xen.wad it is working, but if i want to save halflife.wad it saves, but does not shows in the game/hammer.
Posted 3 days ago2021-02-23 02:58:50 UTC
in Redemption Map Transition Issue Post #345365
I can't find how to delete this thread but I just figured out it was cause I didn't smash the tank holding that weird particle LOL
Posted 3 days ago2021-02-23 02:41:05 UTC
in Redemption Map Transition Issue Post #345364
Hey all! So I decided to make a post on here cause there is no physical way I'm going to be able to resolve this issue on my own. Anyways I hit the end of Himalayan Madness, but the level isn't advancing to the Fun Times at the Carn'evil one. This version of the game I just kinda found a folder of and put into my half-life steam one. I'm not missing major elements of the next level as far as I can tell, but there could be some files I am missing since they came from the internet. Thank you to anyone who attempts to help me on this one! :biggrin:
Posted 3 days ago2021-02-22 10:16:55 UTC
in ambient_generic Post #345363
Thank you, it finally works
Posted 4 days ago2021-02-21 20:37:02 UTC
in ambient_generic Post #345362
That's what Penguinboy meant. Your button should turn on the multi_manager. multi_manager can act like a timer to perform multiple tasks, first it turns on your ambient_generic immediately and then it turns it off after 10 seconds. If your ambient_generic is named "coolsound", then keyvalue pairs on your multimanager should look like this:

coolsound 0
coolsound#1 10

The #1 should appear by itself when you use a name more than once. Read the tutorial to learn more.
Posted 4 days ago2021-02-21 16:37:00 UTC
in ambient_generic Post #345361
Probably I wrote something not correct before. I just want to set a playback time of a looping alarm sound without turning it off manually. I.e, player press a button, alarm starts playing, it sounds for a ten seconds and then turns off.
Posted 5 days ago2021-02-21 00:02:31 UTC
in ambient_generic Post #345360
Use a multi_manager to trigger your sound, and then trigger it again after a 10 second delay. Be sure you don't have 'Not Toggled' set on your ambient_generic (it's off by default - leave it off). See Tutorial: Multi manager for more info on using multi_managers.
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 5 days ago2021-02-20 13:14:13 UTC
in ambient_generic Post #345359
Greetings, can someone help me, I need to set the duration of the sound,I press the button, it plays for 10 seconds then turns off, until I press the button again. how to do it?
It shows up just fine for me in both HLMV 2 and HLAM. It doesn't load in Jed's model viewer though.
That's all there was. Everything works in the game. I also checked now, indeed, it does not show in HLMV, although, again, everything is in the game.
Posted 6 days ago2021-02-19 09:08:08 UTC
in Place osprey with command problem Post #345356
Apparently the monster_osprey's origin (position) has not been set, so it's placed at the default (0, 0, 0) position. I guess Xash3D's ent_create command will place entities at the point that you're looking at, but maybe that doesn't work correctly when you're looking at the sky, I don't know.

What happens when you use the ent_last_origin command after creating the path_corner? What happens when you manually specify the positions (ent_create path_corner targetname point origin "-200 -900 -1000", and ent_create monster_osprey target point origin "-200 -900 -1000")?

If that fixes the problem, but your game crashes, then that's because the path_corner doesn't have a target. There should be no 'dead ends' in the path that the monster_osprey is following. Maybe pointing the path_corner at itself will be sufficient, but if not, then you'll need at least 2 path_corners that target each other.
Posted 6 days ago2021-02-19 05:31:25 UTC
in Place osprey with command problem Post #345355
I was going to spawn a path_corner and grunt,and i type "ent_create monster_osprey target path_corner" in console,the osprey where gone and only can hear sound

Sorry for my bad english

If you Don't know this problem,please watch it
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-18 21:14:13 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #345354
That's a very ingenious solution indeed, Ogdred! Very nice.
I downloaded the model but for some reason in HLMV I don't see anything? I suppose I can try decompiling it but I'm not sure what's going on here so far unless files are missing.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-17 11:03:34 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #345351
^An invisible tank, the cursor is actually it's barrel. When you click on a key the turret shoots it, thus triggering the key.
As for the entity set-up, it's not all that complicated, more tedious than anything.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-16 22:26:28 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345350
Nice work overall on the changelog, especially that chainsaw crowbar. Will try to use your projects issue tracker for other bugs.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-15 15:28:25 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345349
Thanks, i've added the information to the report and i've fixed it in Half-Life Updated.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-15 08:33:41 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345348
I think I found a fix for this (scientists not using the Scent lines near carcasses even though audio lines and sentences.txt are present) :

// ISoundMask - returns a bit mask indicating which types
// of sounds this monster regards. In the base class implementation,
// monsters care about all sounds, but no scents.
int CScientist :: ISoundMask ( void )
return bits_SOUND_WORLD |
Scientists are missing the carcass/meat/garbage 'sounds' that barneys do listen to so just add those ->

`int CBarney :: ISoundMask ( void)
return bits_SOUND_WORLD |
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-14 16:06:44 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345347
Yeah half-life updated is the main one. HLEnhanced is deprecated.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-14 15:58:55 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345346
Is the "half-life-updated" repository the main one on which I can create mods? Because I saw on your GitHub another project "HLEnhanced" and I don't know where to start.

I gave a follow on your github,
ps. check out my github and also give follow [:
Funny how some mods that were on this site, and only on this site once, is now considered "lost". The only hope of ever finding them is hoping that someone saved them in their drive for 10+ years.

All files should have been hosted internally from the start, in my opinion.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-13 13:40:19 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345344
I don't think you need to make a new entity for that. A func_button combined with game_text can do that. Unless you need a lot of text.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-13 12:07:22 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345343
I do some programming in c++ but I have never done anything in half-life source code. Would it be difficult to write such an entity, when after pressing E (Use) a text label with some text will open for me? I would like there to be some logs, notes that can be read in my mod.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-13 11:05:06 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345342
Yeah that's kinda the purpose of this thing.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-13 10:25:50 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345341
can i compile this source code in visual studio 2017 and 2019 without any errors?
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-12 20:15:52 UTC
in Lords of Coding, I need help!!11!!one Post #345340
Oh, I feel stupid :lol: Thank you, Solokiller. It works! My problem is solved! You're one of those Lords of coding!
Valve, we got a lord of coding here!Valve, we got a lord of coding here!
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-12 16:35:24 UTC
in Lords of Coding, I need help!!11!!one Post #345339
You're supposed to replace attachmentIndex with the number matching the attachment.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-12 15:34:11 UTC
in Lords of Coding, I need help!!11!!one Post #345338
Hello Solokiller. Thanks for answering. When I replace WRITE_SHORT( entindex() ); with WRITE_SHORT(entindex() + (attachmentIndex << 12)); it says identifier "attachmentIndex" is undefined. And it fails to compile. :cry:
Counter-Strike and Sven-Coop have different animation sets for players. You'll need to rearrange your model's animations to match with CS anims(just decompile any CS player model and refer to it when adding/removing/replacing what's needed).
And they definitely have different acts and events in QC file, so keep that in mind, too.
I can't get access to the model file for some reason, let me know if you want me to have a look at it.
I apologize, apparently forgot to open access to the file. Opened.
Posted 1 week ago2021-02-12 12:11:09 UTC
in Lords of Coding, I need help!!11!!one Post #345335
To attach it to an attachment you need to pass the attachment index along like this:
WRITE_SHORT(entindex() + (attachmentIndex << 12));
Where attachmentIndex is the attachment index + 1 (0 means use entity origin).
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-12 02:01:32 UTC
in Lords of Coding, I need help!!11!!one Post #345334
Hello hermanJnr, thank for your response! I still can't find a solution for my problem :(
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-11 20:42:11 UTC
in Lords of Coding, I need help!!11!!one Post #345333
Not the most helpful answer from me here since I'm still learning myself, but have you checked the code used for the HGrunt muzzle flashes etc. ?
Obviously for that animation the origin of the flash is set at the end of the gun attachment, so I imagine you just have to do the exact same thing here.

Anyway sorry if that doesn't help. Hope you get it sorted.
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-11 19:10:03 UTC
in Lords of Coding, I need help!!11!!one Post #345332
Hey, Lord of coding, I know your knowledge of Half-Life programming is vastly superior to mine. For dat reason, I ask for your help! :D

I want the beam that I have created (simulating the orange beam of the tau cannon) to come out from an $attachment that I defined from the QC file of my model, and not from the model's origin, as you can see in the image that I attach here:
This is the problem!This is the problem!
This is the bunch of code I wrote so far:
void CHEVScientistGauss :: HandleAnimEvent( MonsterEvent_t *pEvent )
    if (m_hEnemy != NULL)
        TraceResult tr;
        Vector vecSrc, vecAngles;
        vecAngles = ShootAtEnemy( vecSrc );
        UTIL_TraceLine( vecSrc, vecSrc + vecAngles * 1024, dont_ignore_monsters, ENT( pev ), &tr);
        CBaseEntity *pEntity = CBaseEntity::Instance(tr.pHit);
        if (pEntity != NULL && pEntity->pev->takedamage)
            pEntity->TraceAttack( pev, gSkillData.hevscientistGaussDmg, pev->velocity, &tr, DMG_SHOCK );
            ApplyMultiDamage( pev, pev );
            WRITE_SHORT( entindex() );
            WRITE_COORD( tr.vecEndPos.x );
            WRITE_COORD( tr.vecEndPos.y );
            WRITE_COORD( tr.vecEndPos.z );
            WRITE_SHORT( m_iBeam );
            WRITE_BYTE( 0 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 0 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 1 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 10 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 0 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 255 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 128 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 0 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 128 );
            WRITE_BYTE( 0 );
        EMIT_SOUND( ENT(pev), CHAN_WEAPON, "weapons/gauss2.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM );
Thanks guys for your time. :glad:
Open the model in a program like Blender (you will need the "Source Tools" to import GoldSrc SMDs) and check the orientation of all of the bones.
Sometimes when a model is decompiled/edited/ported, the bones will orient in weird directions. Or they will lose Parenting or things like that which can stop things working properly.

You will also want to check the vertex weight paint mode and make sure everything is set to basically 1 or 0. There are tutorials online, a great site named 303 something covers importing models to GoldSrc.

For context, I experienced errors with bone orientation when editing Scientist animations. The model decompiled by Crowbar will have incorrect Roll values for the foot bones, causing final animations to be messed up. This sounds like a similar problem.

EDIT - I can't get access to the model file for some reason, let me know if you want me to have a look at it.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-09 11:49:59 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345327
I've already gone through everything in that video. Everything that can be fixed has been fixed. The 357 and MP5 seem to be fine already, corpse sounds can't be fixed because the data needed doesn't exist in the client side.

I tried to fix the egon gun beam issue but it's a real pain in the ass. The attachment offset isn't calculated properly for view models and the workaround is pretty ugly. I'm not sure if it will even work.
Isn't Crowbar for Source and not Gold Source
Crowbar has options to compile for GoldSRC games.
NiallNeNe NiallNeNeAlpha Enthusiast
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-08 23:16:36 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345325
Wow! Amazing work as always! I believe thats all of the WON features restablished.

This video here has some interesting things if you want to check it out:
While watching the video i shared i realized that the beam from the retail egon isn't properly aligned with the gun's barrel. I've took some screenshots from the video so you can understand what i mean (i know "alligned" is mispelled, sorry about that i'm dumb...).
User posted image
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-08 12:52:50 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345324
Half-Life Updated Beta 2 is out:
  • Re-implemented view roll
  • Re-implemented view model tilt
  • Fixed Egon gun beam colors being too bright
See the full changelog for more info
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-07 20:16:36 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345323
Are there any other bugs or features missing from WON that anybody wants dealt with? I've re-implemented view roll as well so once all other stuff is taken care of i can release a second beta.
Isn't Crowbar for Source and not Gold Source, ether way it's a pain. Last time I did it I used Milkshape lol
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-06 21:08:33 UTC
in The mods that never were Post #345321
I don't have any mods that never were. Just a few that are taking a long time to be.
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-06 20:11:05 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345320
For those that want to play Half-Life with these fixes, i've provided a beta version:
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-02-06 19:53:53 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345319
I've implemented a couple more fixes. This should now make halflife-updated up-to-date with all fixes that were added to the game but not the SDK.