Hi everyone!

My friend asked me to make a map based on a real place. There would be some buildings, they're long, and there would be 4 of them.

The problem is: I try to reduce to wpoly count, but it is still too high! Other problem: it is just a small part of the map. Anyway, the map has to be for CS 1.6.

I think I can reduce the wpoly count a little, for example make texture for the bed's ladder instead of making from brush, but the polycount should be still high. Annoying, how many not seeable things are rendered (Checked with gl_wireframe 2) And yes, they are really invisible from that point of view. You can check it. Please help me, very important!

Here is the link, you can get the map from here.

Note #1: one building should look like this:
________ ________
[ A| ][ |B ]
[_ | ][ | _]
[d| C| ][ |D |d]
[ |_][_| ]
[_ _____|][|_______]
(looks good with fixed width fonts!)

A = (the building part, what is ready)
B,C,D = other parts, similar to A
d = entrance

note #3: download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7iw6ry6wkjbi96h
note #4: I don't want to change to much on the map! I want to copy the real place as close as possible! (even it is in very low poly...)

If you can the solution, please help me!