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Posted 5 years ago2014-10-19 23:54:32 UTC
in Packing textures into .WAD files Post #322094
Posted 5 years ago2014-10-19 22:36:19 UTC
in Packing textures into .WAD files Post #322090
I can use Wally to pack textures without an alpha channel into a .wad file easily, but I want to use a texture that has transparency. When I try to do that it says editing 32 bit textures aren't supported.

How do I add textures that have an alpha channel into a .wad?
Posted 5 years ago2014-10-05 17:56:17 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #321942
I recently started leveling in Source. I know Sledge is in alpha but, is it stable enough that you would recommend it over what ever the old version of Hammer is that works with GoldSrc? Would it be more familiar to a Source level designer? Or, would you recommend I wait until it's more stable and complete? I want to start using this to create levels for the Sven Coop Half-Life mod.