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Posted 10 months ago2020-04-08 16:28:44 UTC
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Please delete this thread as it is on the wrong forum I believe!
Posted 10 months ago2020-04-07 15:22:50 UTC
in Help with my first map Post #344037
Hello there! I'm new to mapmaking and I've had a lot time spent with JACK map editor these days, trying to recreate my school to play a little with my friends online multiplayer (mind you, I've finished school 10 years ago so this won't have any repercussion). The problem is I first started compiling through JACK and told it was not wise to, so I'm now using Compilator 3 BETA 1.50, even though I think the map now runs smoother as soon as the guy with the worst graphics wise pc joins he starts lagging, I can't seem to improve performance on my map, I've read a lot but seems my map got a bit too complex for the engine to run at a reasonable speed.
Is there anyone here who can throw me a hand?

I've uloaded the map so you can take a look, hope I got every file you might need.
Currently I'm using JACK editor (steam version), then compile with Compilator 3 BETA 1.50 + v34 Vluzacn's Map Compile Tools.
I would like to submit the entire log but I'll go beyond characters limit on this post, sorry!

Thanks a lot! This means so much to me as it'll make quarantine easier on some of my most strained friends.