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Posted 6 months ago2020-09-20 14:09:40 UTC
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Thanks a lot!
Posted 6 months ago2020-09-20 11:42:14 UTC
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So, currently, I'm trying to make a sort of incremental story level, where you complete endings and in certain endings, a number is changed and saved and lets you advance further and further in the level by triggering door locks and stuff. But I'm not sure how I could save a number and let it trigger things when the number increases. Is that possible? I'm making the level/mod for a game based on the Portal 2 version of Source, by the way.
Posted 7 months ago2020-08-29 17:01:59 UTC
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About You

Name: Luis
Age: Teen
Hometown: Closest I'll specify is Northrhine-Westfalia
Relationships: None
Occupation: School
Current goal(s): Get rid of my shitty manipulative friend, finish school decently, expanding my home lab
Politics: Not interested
Religion: I don't believe in god, but one objectively can't say what is truly real, so I just choose what I like most, which is science,

Favourite Things

Food: Everything very spicy
Hot drink: Would be coffee if microgram amounts of caffeine wouldn't make me horribly dizzy
Cold drink: Fruity things are cool, but I also enjoy sweet things such as milkshakes
Snacks: General sweet chocolate things, cookies or cake
Movies: Fantasy or sci-fi. But I rarely watch videos, I usually watch series of fantasy or sci-fi, sometimes also horror.
Videogames: I am very picky, and picked out a lot of very great games and I all love them equally, so let me pick out a few: Half-Life series (obviously), anything from Frictional Games, I also sometimes enjoy me some FNAF. I also very much love a nearly unknown game called Distance, which is a mysterious horror game with the very experimental element of you being a car robot chasing an anomaly, and also Terraria has a very special place in my heart
Music: Dark ambient, creepy music such as earthbound giygas music or the cave from the past and the other track that plays there
Other: I very much enjoy science, and practice home chemistry and am collecting elements as well as hard to synthesize compounds

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Many vegetables, lots of other stuff I forgot
Hot drink: Also coffee since it makes me feel very bad
Cold drink: not sure
Snacks: many sorts of chocolate, sometimes
Movies: Horror movies, romances also isn't really something I will watch if I can avoid it, some other things I don't remember are also in that category probably
Videogames: most puzzle games, most strategy games except for some games in the C&C series, some other games
Music: All that wasn't named above, except when it fits into a game (for example in Distance or Terraria)
Other: I hate when people say that they don't like chemistry because they don't understand that chemistry is the study of all matter, and that they buy everything which has natural written on it, as if everything found in nature isn't as synthetic as everything else is