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Posted 3 months ago2022-03-11 06:38:26 UTC
in Shiny missing texture? Post #346335
Hello, I have a texture problem, I wanted to find some texture on the floor and when I applied it to the brush, something like Shiny missing texture appeared there, it looks disgusting ingame.
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Posted 5 months ago2022-01-02 15:13:23 UTC
in trigger_changelevel not working Post #346178
Hello, I made trigger_changelevel on my two maps but it doesn't work for me, it always puts me in the main menu, and I don't know what the problem is, I looked at all the tutorials I could find but nothing works

---- Host_Changelevel ----
Loading game from //MOD/save/sl_2.HL1 ...
ERROR: couldn't open.
Loading game from //MOD/save/sl_01.HL1 ...
ERROR: couldn't open.
Level transition ERROR
Can't find connection to sl_1 from sl_2
'cfg / motd.txt' not found; not loaded
'cfg / motd_text.txt' not found; not loaded
SV_ActivateServer: setting tickrate to 66.7
Dropped Sbni_CZ from server (Server shutting down)


Name: lan_1

Start disabled: No
Name: chl1
New map name: sl_2
Landmark name: lan_1

MAP 2*
Landmark name: lan_1

I don't know what the problem is, by the way, I have the maps in my custom folder that I created, I don't know if that's the case, but when I put it in \ Maps, it didn't work either.
I made my own half life 2 textures I tried to put them into the game, at first I could see the door, but I fixed it somehow but then I just saw out of nowhere Stairs, Please Is it possible to fix it?

"$basetexture" "LBWall2"
"$translucent" 1
Is there a tutorial on how to change the position of the Half Life 2 main menu buttons?