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Posted 1 week ago2021-11-28 20:14:56 UTC
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In regards to scripting, and assuming scripting allows for creating custom monsters and entities, I believe this could definitely be a plus.

For example, Garry's mod provides a Lua API which allows clients to override the game's default behavior. This mainly has the following advantages for clients:
  • Hide internal game code complexity
  • Reuse custom entities in multiple projects (No need to recompile)
  • Easier way to manage modularity (Depends on script language used)
  • Abstraction over game update (No need to recompile or merge changes in code base)
  • Write minimal code
In addition, this would probably encourage more people to contribute to a common SDK rather than maintaining a fork separately.

On developer side, the following must be taken in consideration:
  • Maintenance of script library (Additional work)
  • Ensure scripted language updates do not break client scripts (Unit tests)
  • Require to manage a wiki for clients and update documentation
@fresco You are welcome. Thanks for having made a great mod.

Releases are now available on ModDB. For more information, please see the following post.
During 2015-2017, I released several projects that involved recoding Half-Life 1 mods from scratch. These projects are mostly known as Half-Life mods SteamPipe patches, which will now be referred to as Half-Life mods reimplementations.

The projects source code was released in the following repository with a branch for each mod.

Lately, a lot of restructuring has been made to the source code and after months of work, I am happy to announce that work on updating each project is finished.

For each project:
  • Source code has been reviewed and reworked for some parts
  • Almost if not all features were retested
  • All found issues were fixed
  • CMake support has been added
  • Project has been moved to its own repository
  • A Release is now available
In addition, a base repository has been created and will be used as a reference for each project.

Projects: If people wish to download and play the latest version, it would be appreciated. Any issue should be reported on the corresponding project repository.

Note: Each release does not include the full mod. You must install each original mod, and apply the release files on top of the original mod files.