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Posted 3 days ago2023-05-26 16:44:30 UTC
in Bug with trigger_levelchange Post #347561

UPD. I fixed it! Problem was like you said, trigger_changelevels were too close to one another between maps.
Posted 3 days ago2023-05-26 11:41:55 UTC
in Bug with trigger_levelchange Post #347559
I tested a little bit and find out that:

After you go into map2 from map1, you cant return, same bug.
If you load on map2 from console, and return to map1 (which you can), you cant go to map2 from map1
And for some reason, after i moved triggers a little bit on map2 and map3, when you load on map2 and go to map3, game just crashes.

I would like to mention that i use Spirit Of Half-Life 1.8, but this bug was even before i start using sohl1.8

Link to rmfs (Google Drive)
(The only thing that this maps uses from sohl1.8 is giving a player suit at the start, so maps works well in vanilla hl)
Posted 3 days ago2023-05-26 09:10:21 UTC
in Bug with trigger_levelchange Post #347556
In the game this bug appears too.
Posted 3 days ago2023-05-26 06:31:25 UTC
in Bug with trigger_levelchange Post #347554
Please help!

The level does not change on the second map to the third after passing the first map.
But if you load second map from the console, level change works fine!

Showing the bug