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Created 14 years ago2007-01-27 13:50:31 UTC by Orpheus Orpheus

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I thought audio books were for the elderly and blind people.
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What kind of books do you have? And how much space does one typically take up?
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I have a couple i've converted to mp3, but I don't do it too often because It takes up too much time.

Like Orph said, there are lots of variables concerning size, namely how long the book is, and what bitrate you plan on saving the mp3s or whatever at. I just recently did Starship Troopers, and at 9 discs and at a 128k bit rate, it turned out to be about 60MB per CD, or almost 550MB.

Imo, your best friend for audio books is the public library. Whatever they don't have at their branch, they will be more than happy to search around the country at other branches 'till they find it for you.

I live in upstate NY, and my last book I requested, they borrowed it from Chicago Public Library!!1 (Apparently, of all the libraries in NYS, they didn't have the audio book I wanted, if you can believe that!?)
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...get Star Beast
Upon your recommendation, I will, though I don't see how it's possible for anything to be "10 times better" than Starship Troopers! :P (I've been meaning to read more Heinlein, I just never seem to get around to it)

Another option is to get the text for the book you want, and make a text-to-speech mp3. It's hard to listen to at first, but you get used to the speech engine's "voice" pretty quickly.

I'm listening to Watch On The Rhine by John Ringo right now :) (I used Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech to convert it, but there are tons of 'em out there.)
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Oes! I was thinking you meant Star Beast was 10-times better! I've read the book--Troopers--many times, and I concur ureservedly! (I know that book so well, I can read it in half a day or so!)

Thanks for the giftbook!!1 :)

edit: That book is Cell by Stephen King! (I actually just read that one recently--the hardcover was 50% off!)
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I'd host mine, but I don't have near-enough hosting. We need a big, sekrit filespace to upload too, the location available only via PM :)

(It wasn't my intention to sound ungrateful about the book, I just thought it was the Heinlen one ;) )
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