I need help yet again! *sigh* Created 13 years ago2007-03-09 15:40:10 UTC by Saribous Saribous

Created 13 years ago2007-03-09 15:40:10 UTC by Saribous Saribous

Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 15:40:10 UTC Post #215418
Okay, so when I'm using my new gpu, it's at 51 degrees when idling, and as soon as I start a 3D-app, stripes and odd colors appear all over the screen.

Is it overheating? I mean, the stock cooler should if I may say so be able to handle Oblivion for more than 20 seconds.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 16:53:24 UTC Post #215426
It's overheating. Might be broke. Get AtiTool (if you have an ATI, thanks for the info LOL) or a similar nVidia tweaking tool and play around with the settings. You might need to underclock it, sadly.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 16:58:53 UTC Post #215427
What about the temperatures when it's not idle? What graphics card is it?
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Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 17:10:23 UTC Post #215429
@Alex, when it's not idle it's rebooting my system :P
I tried loading Oblivion and then tabbing out to read the temp. I thought saw a 69 degree temperature, but then those lines started appearing, making it impossible to read.

It's a x1650xt (Sapphire) by the way,

@ZL, yeah sorry about that, was trying to get as much info in as possible in between reboots, forgot the most important thing :P

Thanks for the feedback, I have thought about underclocking it slightly, at least until I can buy a better fan, the stock one seems to suck ass.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 17:21:56 UTC Post #215430
It's very odd that the stock fan wouldn't be enough, though. Humm. Enough voltage on the PSU? No really, I have no clue.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 17:55:39 UTC Post #215433
check you've plugged in power to the card and everything. it sounds like overheating, but then again my card idles at 50 degrees and runs at about 70, so it could be normal. try a temperature monitor for your entire PC and seeing if any part is hot before it reboots.
you shouldn't need to underclock the card.
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Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 18:59:24 UTC Post #215440
It doesn't have an external power source. it gets it directly from the Pci-express slot. Yes, I've checked, I thought it would need one, so I even bought the cable for it.

my psu is 305W. not much I know, but it should be enough, since it doesn't need more juice than the pci-express slot can provide.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 19:25:13 UTC Post #215442
I think Id try a new PSU cause my X1800XT got up to 90C sometimes without any problems (X1800s and X1900s are very hot cards).
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 19:49:24 UTC Post #215443
I guess that's an option.. more expenses sigh..

Underclocking it didn't really work either, when i press "set clock" it gives me grey stripes all over the screen and then reboots after, say, 20sec.
Posted 13 years ago2007-03-09 23:36:20 UTC Post #215448
X16xx, X18xx and X19xx cores are rated upto 105C. I'd say you either have a bad card or your PSU isn't upto the job.
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Posted 13 years ago2007-03-10 09:48:05 UTC Post #215467
I see. Well, I'm off to see which one of those it is. Thanks for the help!
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