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Created 12 years ago2007-07-14 22:13:43 UTC by Tetsu0 Tetsu0

Posted 12 years ago2008-02-27 07:19:28 UTC Post #246694
Forth, no it's no too late! If you're dedicated you can become really good at the guitar!

And teaching yourself is the way to go!

Buy some gear and learn how to tune your guitar, and then just use tabs!
There is also some good tutorial video on Youtube and such. So just use those for help!

I thought myself how to play, and now Im really fucking good, if I may say so myself. Although I don't know the theory stuff. I just know how to play, so I don't know any scales and stuff, it just didn't suit me, if it sounds good itsounds good, no matter what scale it is!

So I say, fuck theory, just learn how to play!
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-27 16:40:10 UTC Post #246725
Thanks guys, Tosse has actually inspired me to look into it. It's funny that there's such a contrast between you guys and my real-life friends. They all think it's too late for me to start. Maybe they're all assholes. :P

I'ma look around and see if there's anything cheap for me to start on. I want to see if the guitar is actually my thing, first. I might just suck full-stop.
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-27 17:09:14 UTC Post #246726
You're gonna suck for about 3 days.
It's just the phase everyone goes through.
Then you'll see yourself get noticeably better because you're going to get more and more comfortable holding a guitar, and having your wrist... that.. way.. kinda like.. the getting ready to toss a bowling ball down the lanes-sort-of-thing. (only point your fingers at your face and not straight up)
With your left hand anyway.

And a hint: i rest the pinky side of my palm on the bridge while i pick (the bridge is where the strings come out) It helps me play easier.
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Posted 12 years ago2008-02-27 21:25:44 UTC Post #246750
Fourth, I think you should sit down when you learn, when you can play a bit, try to stand up and do it!

There are some really cheap and nice guitar packages out there, I think Squier has a few cool ones. If you're gonna get a squier I think you should get a Telecaster. Squiers are cheap, and a Telecaster has a much simpler design then the Stratocaster which mean there is fewer parts they can mess up. the Telecaster is also a really, really, really, really, really great guitar!

Tetsu0; oh, you're one of them rest-the-palm-against-the-bridge kinda guy? Im more brutal myself! Im just swinging away like Im punshing someone who's giving me a blowjob! It feels good and it sounds better for the stuff that Im playing!
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