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Created 12 years ago2007-07-14 22:13:43 UTC by Tetsu0 Tetsu0

Posted 12 years ago2007-08-11 14:58:34 UTC Post #231854
I've got:
1 Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Player
1 Squier Standard Telecaster
1 Fenix SG ripoff
1 Squier steelstringed acoustic guitar
1 Seqovia nylon stringer acoustic
2 Mahalo sopran ukulele's
1 Br?ko sopran ukulele
1 Balalaika from Soviet
1 Kustom 40W amp
1 Marshall 100W stack
1 Behringer Wah-wah
1 Boss Turbo Distortion
1 Boss Blues Driver
1 Behringer Compressor
1 zoom RFX 1000
2 Harmonicas
1 Kazoo
1 copy of Fruity Loops
1 copy of Reason
and som random recordig progs and stuff...

...I think that's about it.
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-11 15:13:58 UTC Post #231857
Daymn tosse.
You like fenders dont you?
Can't say i'm a fan, personally.
What type of pics do you use?
Looks like there's a dunlop on the table there. I use Fender Mediums myself.
How much did you pay for the Marshall Head/Cabinet?
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-11 15:19:28 UTC Post #231859
Yeah, I only use dunlop and fender pics!
Dunlop .88 or Fender mediums!
Fender make the best medium pics, the softer Dunlops aren't any good...
But I perfer harder pics, more bite!

You could say I am a Fender fan, yes! :P
I never cared for Ibanez, ESP, Jackson or any guitars of that kind.
I like the classics! :)

And I got the Marshall for about 886 dollars, pretty sheap for a marshall.
It sounds awesome, gonna buy another top soon though, I want one with tubes.
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-11 21:33:28 UTC Post #231907
YES! My next amp is going to be a tube amp. I played one at Guitar center the other day... No matter what note you hit, it comes through the head as clear as day. I played the intro to "sweet child of mine" by guns and roses, sounded just like the original, there was almost no background noise in it at all.

To say the least i almost creamed myself.

I have a 120W Kustom Cabinet sitting in my basement and i use my behringer as a head for it sometimes, but it just doesnt have the tone i want.

I'm looking to get a Gibson Xplorer for my next guitar. Not a lespaul, a genuine gibson.

and 868 is a steal for that combo.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-11 21:53:13 UTC Post #231910
Currently own a cheap harmonica (harp) and hopefully will be getting a decent couple of Hohner ones soon to really start learning on/
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-11 21:58:57 UTC Post #231912
This is a pretty sweet thread... I never knew so many people would play on here.

As of now, I have an Epi G-400 SG running through an old Traynor ts-20 (which ironically is a 15-watt I beleive) from the early 80's I'm pretty sure... or maybe it's older I'm not sure. I have a 15w Zoom modeling amp I use for tuning and some of the effects. But I use a junk DOD Super Distortion with it. I also have a no-name strat style guitar and a (very) cheap amp I bought from a friend for 5$ and a bug collection (lol) that has the ugliest white (with red/blue/yellow stripes) paintjob you'll ever see. After that I have a late 60's Teisco Del Rey that my dad used to have, and a Kay acoustic from around the same year. Both of those are pretty horrible to play, but they're "vintage" so they look nice. ;)

As soon as I get a job, I plan on getting a Fender Blues Deluxe RI with a tubescreamer... Anyone have anything from the Blues series?
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-11 22:19:01 UTC Post #231914
Btw, to Tosse:

Tosse -
And I got the Marshall for about 886 dollars, pretty sheap for a marshall.
Tetsu0 -
and 868 is a steal for that combo.
$599 and it comes with a FREE GIFT! :o

(Unless it's a different cab, although it doesn't seem to be.)
Very nice gear though.
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-12 08:14:25 UTC Post #231928
Woa! :o Well, I bought mine a long time ago :)
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-12 12:39:46 UTC Post #231938

woah. thats almost like.. 40 suttin percent off.
That head isnt exactly top of the line tho.
i want that one
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-12 15:26:42 UTC Post #231945
I love fenders... my dad still has a '68 Tele. Completely original, great shape.
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-12 17:49:13 UTC Post #231951
Original tele!?
Thats sexy. What color is it? The cream white?
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-12 19:17:36 UTC Post #231953
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-12 23:38:28 UTC Post #231959
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 01:49:39 UTC Post #239385
BUMP (dont yell at meee)
But i got a new setup
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 02:02:21 UTC Post #239388
Nice shit dude.

Hey in your opinion, whats better... an Epiphone explorer ($400), or like an ESP for roughly the same amount, maybe a tad more. Im curious.
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 06:41:59 UTC Post #239390
how do you open your drawers?
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 16:01:46 UTC Post #239409
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 17:02:42 UTC Post #239413
there's plenty of room for my drawers, i just have to move my guitar.
And i'd recommend an explorer because they're the shit.
My buddy has one and if you get the action right, it's sexy as hell
User posted image
amazing isnt it?
and yes, i know he looks like claudio from coheed.
That'd be a compliment for him actually.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 19:25:32 UTC Post #239429
User posted image

Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 22:25:16 UTC Post #239444
Yeah, the explorers are my favorite guitars atm.

Electronica = Shit. Any retarded 12 year old can call himself a musician. Real music requires skill, talent, and emotion.

Music is about listening, playing and feeling.

Not microchips.
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 22:51:12 UTC Post #239447
These guys make electronic music and own at music, you can't say electronic music sucks.
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-29 23:05:53 UTC Post #239451
Yes I can, because it's an opinion.

... shared by many, many people.
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 01:48:47 UTC Post #239461
I've heard that song before, and like it actually.
I like a little bit of every genre of music.
Mostly only rock tho.

But i believe that to actually perform is where the real skill lies.
To perform you not only have to get the notes right, but you have to put on a visual show for the crowd. Put forth all your energy into the music and the show.

It's about being an entertainer :-P
That's what i love
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 02:24:15 UTC Post #239463
Exactly. It's not about playing it once, or just writing it. Every time you play it, it flows from you.

Microchips do not flow from you.

That would hurt.
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 03:09:58 UTC Post #239464
I don't even want to begin to think about how that could even be remotely possible.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 05:57:10 UTC Post #239471
This is what I play:

I'm too lazy to take a pic myself.

It's a great guitar for playing metal, it has a really thin neck that makes playing fast a breeze. If you haven't noticed I'm an Ibanez fanboy :P
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 06:12:16 UTC Post #239472
you can't say electronic music sucks
Yes I can, because it's an opinion.

... shared by many, many people.
I agree, that stuff you mostly hear on mtv, radio and in the disco are pure fail. But there are quite a few electronic guys out there, who make quality music, like Fluke, Overseer and Crystal Method. Of course, it acceptable to say, that electronic sucks and you don't like it, but that was my opinion too, until I heard some stuff from these bands.
Taylor TaylorJohn Romero's Bitch
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 12:59:53 UTC Post #239481
I'm an Ibanez fanboy
you also like buckethead.
he is the epitome of amazing.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 14:14:58 UTC Post #239483
I much prefer instrumental music, but you can NOT say Daft Punk are bad.
User posted image
<3 Daft Punk
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 16:28:06 UTC Post #239489
you also like buckethead.
Buckethead has caused me so much suffering. Why, oh why is Jordan so damn difficult?
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 16:32:41 UTC Post #239490
well. it's not entirely toooo difficult. i mean. he's seemingly random, and his speed is phenomenal, But when buckethead actually plays it, he uses a killswitch (actually i think it's a button) on the guitar to cut the signal to the amp.

thats where the into comes from. so it's basically just one chord with a pattern of kills, and then a couple scale notes..

But on guitar hero 2 it's a pain in the bitch.
i never got past 64% on expert :(
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-30 22:28:43 UTC Post #239519
I prefer Nottingham Lace, it has so much emotion in it, it's the best Buckethead song by far. :>

^ magic.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-02 12:05:08 UTC Post #239637
I'm an Ibanez fanboy
:heart: Ibanez :heart:

Though Frank Gambale owns Buckethead in the face when it's comes to musicality, but not neccessarily technique (I still <3 Buckethead though):

Shawn Lane is also made of win:

As is Wes Montgomery (OMGZ he r teh black):

Technique is a means to an end, not the other way around. It's all very well having perfect technique and being able to play at 20nps, but if you can't apply MUSIC to that technique, you're not a musician. However, Buckethead does make awesome music, but I'm really talking about morons like Rusty Cooley and MAB who are only known for their technique.

Technique is great, if you use it to create music, not a bunch of random notes strung together. Of course there are various styles of music, and some of them are more technique-centric than theory-centric (though a vast knowledge of music theory helps when working with any genre of music).

But seriously, the garbage that people like Rusty Cooley and MAB (there are others, but those are the two that come to mind) it's disgusting. If you're gonna shred mindlessly, it should at least be musical (like Paul Gilbert, who has both great technique and a great sense of melody and can make even the most mindless shredding sound tasteful).

In short, theory > technique. Don't bother working on your technique if you can't even hear the difference between C7, Cm7 and Cm6.

m0p m0pIllogical.
Posted 12 years ago2007-12-02 14:04:55 UTC Post #239642
But you're 100% correct mop.
Speed means nothing if one can't actually produce music.
Scales aren't music, they're rudiments.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-21 00:56:06 UTC Post #246054
Dont hate me
But i just installed a new pickguard and Jackson Humbucker onto my kramer :)
User posted image
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-21 10:25:36 UTC Post #246063
Sweet.. lovin' the apple... lOl

I don't play instruments, but I recently put a bunch of holes in my wall above me mounted tv, and installed some speakers.. and now all I need is a light chaser because I'm installing small led lights above the tv shining upward that will glow to the music over the speakers...

I put them up rather than below the tv to get clearer sound.. theres no interference.. and its clear as hell.. I feel I have a Boss. LOL :D
Unbreakable UnbreakableWindows 7.9 Rating!
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-21 14:48:15 UTC Post #246094
Wicked. You gotta post some pics of that!
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-24 23:21:11 UTC Post #246554
I got myself a new ukulele! :D A Br?ko K-50 ^^

It's a tenor uke.

It's bloody amazing!

...I also got myself a bass guitar :) Fender P-bass ripoff, it's not the best but it's something! :) And a 130W bassamp to go with it! :)
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-24 23:34:36 UTC Post #246557
Good stuff tosse! Got a pic of that new Uke?
And how are the strings tuned on a Uke? I always wanted to know.
And another question: Where the hell do you get all this money? :)
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-24 23:54:50 UTC Post #246559
No pic, I've got a video made for the Swedish ukulele kommission that I could show you, though!

A ukulele can be tuned in many different way!

There is the standard, wich is:
A(high) D F# B
You can how ever use a long A string!

And there is the American tuning
Which is quite useless if you're playing a song with other instruments as well!

And then there's different tunings for baryton and tenors and all that!

I keep my sopranos in ADF#B and my Tenor in DGBE !:)

My new ukulele:

And where do I get all the money?
I work! :P
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-25 00:16:05 UTC Post #246560
So you're tenor is tuned like the top 4 strings on a normal guitar.
Hah. I work too Tosse, and i never have enough money for any of my toys :)
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-25 00:49:02 UTC Post #246563
Yeah, like the four top strings :)

Then you just don't get a lot of money! :P

But Im also pretty broke for the moment. Gonna be a while untill I can get some new stuff!

But the next items on my list is:
A tube pre-amp
A four - twelve channel mixer
A mic for vocals
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-25 01:35:23 UTC Post #246565
Since my last post in this thread I have acquired a rather nice mic, and a small mixer with one mic input and one guitar input.
User posted image
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-25 01:55:56 UTC Post #246568
Awesome! :)

I think Im gonna get a twelve channel mixer, jusy because they look cooler! :)
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-26 12:02:00 UTC Post #246651
OMG i want a tube amp so bad. More importantly, a Mesa Boogie. It's what our producer let us use to record our last few tracks.
When i plugged in i almost died it sounded so good.
Tube >>>>>> Solid State.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-26 15:08:26 UTC Post #246654
Yeah, tube amps are the shit!

When ever I get a tube amp it wi either be a Vox, Fender or a Marshall...
Most likely a Vox, though.

@Testu0, you're one of them Ibanez and Mesa Boogie kinda guy, huh? :P
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-26 15:14:52 UTC Post #246657
This is a bit of an off-topic question but I will go ahead and ask. Aimed at those of you who play the guitar, do you think it is realistically too late for me to start learning? and can I teach myself?

Just to give you some background I'm 17 and I have absolutely no proper musical experience. I played the piano for a couple of months when I was 10, that's about it :P
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-26 15:18:15 UTC Post #246658
Stupid question. It's never too late.

Pick yourself up a guitar, an amp, a couple of picks, a spare set of strings and a strap and then look on the internet for the basic chord patterns and get used to moving between them before actually aquiring some sheet music.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-27 00:39:08 UTC Post #246684
User posted image
Fourthgen: I'm sorry, it's just too late... JK! what The Hunter said is true!


Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 12 years ago2008-02-27 02:43:57 UTC Post #246685
Forth, my first guitar, that kramer one made out of plywood, is worth about $80 brand new. So i say get yourself a cheap guitar (one that still plays nice) slap some new strings on it, and do what Hunter said. Get some online lessons. Teach yourself how to read tableture and pick a simple song to get yourself started.

If you have the heart, you'll learn.

@Tosse: I was never too into Ibanez. I'm a Jackson and a PRS guy. Which is why i bought a Schecter. It's basically a PRS knock-off.

Oh and if you do end up playing forth, Let us know what you have!
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
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