Co-op partner wanted! Created 10 years ago2009-09-26 20:33:04 UTC by Funessen Funessen

Created 10 years ago2009-09-26 20:33:04 UTC by Funessen Funessen

Posted 10 years ago2009-09-26 20:33:04 UTC Post #273729

I havent mapped for CS in more than 4 years, but the other day I suddently felt the urge to do it again. Since Ive been playing World of Warcraft since the very beginning of it, I thought it would be fun to map something from it.
The best suited location in WoW to transform into a CS map i found to the the instance called Scholomance. So without giving it much thought, I installed Hammer, found some blueprints for Scholomance, measured it up, and started mapping it.
My idea was not to copy the WoW instance, but use the layout of it. Would ne neat to make it look like the WoW map, but its not legal to use the WoW textures, and I dont think the HL engine would be able to run it with all the details anyways. Instead i decided to run with the layout, and make it into a mix of an office, and a factory of some kind...

Well now Im done mapping all the basics, which means all the rooms. Took quite a while longer than i expected...
This is the point where I figure out how poor my texturing and lighting skills are, and I kinda lost the spark.

Now Im hoping that someone would find it interesting to collaborate with me on this project. You should be mainly in charge of texturing and lighting the thing, but also helping out decorating the map with me, so you dont just get to do the dirty work. Right now all the rooms are completely empty, but I got a few ideas for some of them. But since this is gonna be a collaboration, we must agree on what to do where, and why :)

I really really hope somebody is interrested in this, so I dont have to put it on hold for a long time, while I practice my skills. However, that is what Ill do while waiting for a partner :)

And btw., this is for Counter Strike 1.6

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Good pitch. Needs something to get attention, though.

Screenshots of what you've done so far, perhaps?
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 10 years ago2009-09-26 21:22:44 UTC Post #273733
Kinda hard to get decent screenshots of it, since its not an open area map, and everything had the same texture :)
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