Half Life : OPS Created 12 years ago2011-10-28 12:42:12 UTC by divagante divagante

Created 12 years ago2011-10-28 12:42:12 UTC by divagante divagante

Posted 12 years ago2011-10-28 12:42:12 UTC Post #300313
  • a in-house hl1 modification
  • by divagante, dedicated to all at dcfan.net.ru
  • game logo by dcFanatic99

Half Life : OPS is a hl1 modification, made in-house from the ground up, legal, and meant for PC and Dreamcast platforms. It's purpose, other than make a playable game, it's to document the making-of process so it serves as hl1 modding doccumentation, since the old valve-erc has faded long ago.

It has no linear storyline, it's more or less a bunch of random missions mixed together, adding random elements to the gameplay each map. The only thing that isn't modded of has any new elements comparing to original hl1, it's the models.


(please notice you need a copy of half life 1 to play the mod)
Current PC version (v1.0): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V544D4CG
Current PC sources (v1.0): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M4BNSK1M
(please notice the doccumentation is in development)

More info on the official dev thread: http://www.dcfan.net.ru/forum/f109/half-life-ops-3791/
My blog: www.divagante.tumblr.com


Release trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6WKmzTwMNk


I'm kinda new here, so here goes nothing, my recent release "hl:ops", a simple and short mod, that focus more in gameplay and less in bullets
Posted 12 years ago2011-10-28 14:52:20 UTC Post #300316
I see that you are using the term "in-house" everywhere. Just to clarify, that term means that you are from valve and you are using their in-house talents and resources to make this, which I highly doubt.

From the trailer, it looks like a good variety of fun, though what's up with the giant orange rings the player has to fall through?
Rimrook RimrookSince 2003
Posted 12 years ago2011-10-28 15:07:54 UTC Post #300317
Yeah, I think you mean "Third-party" when you say "in-house".

Looks fun indeed, although it somewhat lacks custom content for a mod. More like a map pack.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 12 years ago2011-10-28 15:54:12 UTC Post #300318
oh, sorry about the confusion on "in-house", you see, this mod was developed at dcfan forums, which only did ports of hl mods to the dreamcast untill then =S
Posted 12 years ago2011-10-30 00:42:43 UTC Post #300350
looks great!

I just played thru it (about 5 maps in all)
It's really cool how each map has its own unique theme, and there is some continuity between the final 3 maps. I would suggest that you have some kind of story to tie your mod together, preferably.

Personally I though it was too easy, except the rings part that was confusing. Crossbow and RPG are way too strong against soldiers. But seeing as they aren't easy to find I guess it's all well. Overall I thought this mod is pretty enjoyable and each of the locations are quite interesting. 5 short maps.

[just wondering do you know about the trigger_autosave entity, or did you want to do that kind of style between each map?]
Posted 12 years ago2011-10-30 09:57:06 UTC Post #300362
The "save rooms" have three purposes: to reset entites and values between each map, (hl:ops was designed for the pc and the dreamcast) - to provide a place for the dreamcast version to save avoiding errors, and to provide an actual saving-zone in-game, so you can safelly save.

It actually helps you emerge in the next atmosphere for the mext mission also xD

Thanks for the kind comment and the trigger tip ^^
Posted 12 years ago2011-10-30 13:59:50 UTC Post #300368
I couldn't get them working. I mean, first the maps were in folders, and then my .dll couldn't access the main files. I'm gonna try again, though.
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 12 years ago2011-10-30 17:21:11 UTC Post #300375
^ you probably downloaded the sources... btw, this is for goldsource (hl1), not source (hl2)...
Posted 12 years ago2011-10-31 01:11:47 UTC Post #300392
So, I've played the game. It's a pretty good mod, but I just wish there were more missions and harder puzzles. I mean, I found the Secret Areas for every map without even trying to find them. Plus, it was easy to realize what you would use due to a map's small layout.
I did enjoy the gameplay, and the maps were well-designed. I also wish that there was more of a storyline to it. Also, the skydiving map was too easy and a waste of mapping. I completed it on the first try. It would've been better if there were different obstacles, grunts you have to shoot as you pass by their skyscrapers, and having to dodge moving things that get in your way.

Plus, thanks to escape, pushable boards scare the hell out of me.
/My 2 cents
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 12 years ago2011-11-03 19:09:44 UTC Post #300463
Nice mod, good mapping with some new interesting ideas, I liked it :) . Don't you wish to upload it on ModDB? So more people can play it.
Posted 12 years ago2011-11-03 20:32:35 UTC Post #300469
It was fun, I liked the stage with the zombies spawning, it reminded of a stage from Metroid Prime Hunters
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