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Created 7 years ago2012-01-21 23:49:51 UTC by Don Punch Don Punch

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The Commander Update - The primary RTS element in the game and leader of the team gets examined in this weeks update.

com•mand•er Noun:
1.A person in authority, esp. over a body of troops or a military operation: "the commander of a paratroop regiment".
2.A naval officer of high rank, in particular (in the US Navy or Coast Guard) an officer ranking above lieutenant commander and below captain.
3.The most feared monstrosity of metal and man to ever step foot on the battlefield.

Today we look at 'The Commander', the primary RTS element in the game. The Commander is in charge of each teams resources and how they are used. They will decide the very outcome of the game with the help of their team. Team work is vital to a successful Commander, as he cannot stand alone in battle for very long. A good Commander will inspire his team to work together by giving them objectives to reach, and by listening to their needs as upgrades become available. This ideal is the very foundation of Mist of Stagnation.


The Commander was an idea that got changed around many times in the early concept stages, and even 1 last time well into development of the game. We played off of some of the 'player/commander' game play models other's have already used, and spun off of it what we liked/disliked about them. Most notably was NS and Empires a Half-Life 2 mod. The result was a mixture of a commander who has RTS capabilities & an in-the-field presence, while still maintaining the steampunk environment. We started off with plans that the Commander would just be a unique player model that would be almost like a field promotion, but would still stand out to the other team.
User posted image
This was changed as we thought of games like TF2 and how important the silhouette of a player is in a fast paced FPS like this. With the inspiration of our very talented concept artist, we came up with 2 unique mech's that would serve as the vessel for the Commanders.
User posted image
User posted image
As you can see, each mech has features that represent each faction. This idea also gave us a better opportunity to give the player a true RTS environment and HuD. We will be going into more detail about the factions in a later article, but you can read up about them in a previous update.


Coding began on this idea immediately, and the results instantly inspired the team. While in early development we used a stock vehicle to represent the Commander model the player would be in later.


(note: test level - models and layout do not represent final design)

After a quick mock up HuD, we knew how vital the Commander's HuD would be, so design started on it. For early development, we decided to use the same HuD for each Commander, but this will be changed as we move further down the road. This is the final result we decided on for the Commander's HuD
User posted image
The player playing as the Commander will has a 1st person view from inside of the mech, with arms visible as they move levers and hit switches relevant to the players actions. The Commander will not be a fighting vessel as its primary function, but does have some powerful defensive actions. As you can see, each commander will have an arm designated to a very powerful melee attack. In addition to this very high powered / low rate of fire attack, the Commander will also have the option to use its other "Hand" to punch and/or swipe away enemies that are close to it. We look forward to seeing some truly epic Commander fights in the future.

As the player enters the RTS mode and primary function, they will be presented with a holographic screen or 'Aural-Ocular Generator' (AOG) which will give the player an overview of the battlefield, upgrade options, and resource monitor. The AOG will take up most of the screen, so when in the RTS mode, the Commander will be vulnerable.

WIP Iron Mason Commander Mech
User posted image
WIP Northland Pirate Commander Mech

The Future of the Commander:

While the immediate future calls for a streamlined process of development without the addition of any new features, we do have our bucket list for it. We have thrown around ideas about buildings and how that would change the landscape of the game (no pun intended). We have plans to give each commander its own unique HuD and interior model. Anyone who is familiar with the UE3 engine knows it supports destruction on its vehicles; well as you can see, our mechs are a perfect match for that system. Visible damaged parts that can be blasted off and repaired back on. Which leads right into a repair system for them as well. The most important feature is still out there... we need you to tell us what you like and want to see as you all start playing Mist of Stagnation.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week. If we get enough followers by week 8, we will have a very exciting gift for you!
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Before you post a thread about your mod, make sure you have at least have some sample content to sh-wwwwwwhhhooooOOOOOOAAAAATTTT!!!????

Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
Posted 7 years ago2012-01-22 19:37:28 UTC Post #302888
I remember Mist of Stagnation. Sucks that the website doesn't permit people to really view the forums anymore...
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 7 years ago2012-01-22 20:11:41 UTC Post #302889
What do you mean? If you click the community link, it takes you to the forums, or here is the direct link.

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Mid-week show and tell:

Posted 7 years ago2012-01-27 02:33:36 UTC Post #302992
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 7 years ago2012-01-27 04:30:06 UTC Post #302996
Superb stuff as always man, I especially love your concept sketches.
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
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Player and Faction Update - This week we explore the player models and the factions they belong to.

Creating a unique player in a steampunk environment was not the easiest thing to do, and still be original. It's almost expected to see an over abundance of gears and clockwork when you hear "Steampunk", but how practical is that?

So with that in mind, we went in a direction that fused classical Steampunk, with a more dirty and realism based Diesel Punk (more of a MadMax style of grunge).

Our vision vs. our needs:

In the early stages of character development, we had a few ideas of what we were looking for, but the art direction for character was really just an art reference sheet at this point. Our primary character concept artist Cormac 'Mac' Langen did an amazing job taking notes and critiques on what we gave him in direction and what he did with it.
His 1st step was to narrow down exactly what is was we were looking for:
User posted image
After we decided on a design to go after, he then presented us with a color scheme to pick from:
User posted image
From there things were starting to come together and the art direction for the 1st faction was well underway.

Iron Masons:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
The same idea was used on the Northland Pirates after we established they were more of rag-tag misfit outsider type group.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Let us make man in our own image:
With all this great concept art, it was time to turn it into reality.
We had a very talented player modeler, but as the Indie world works; he just stopped communicating one day and was never heard from again. This was a huge setback for us, as we already had 2 player models modeled.

Enter Errol Stange.

Errol was a great addition to our team, as he had a natural feel for steampunk, and had plenty of experience with player modeling. I will let his work speak for itself...

1st he created a base male sculpt for us to use:
User posted image
and then blocked in the main details
User posted image
This was the point when our detail concepts cam into full use:
User posted image
User posted image
Giving us our final render of the 1st Iron Mason model:
User posted image
Our other characters will not be parts of future updates (in the 8 weeks of updates), but will be displayed in our image gallery as they become ready.

Factions: So who are these guys?

I know 2 groups of people don't really need a reason to kill each other in an endless battle, but hey, we got one.

After the great wars of the early 20th century had laid waste to the world, all structured governments and militaries fell apart as chaos and anarchy ruled. Two main groups were formed as the struggle for control of the few remaining resources on the planet were scavenged.

The Iron Masons
The Iron Masons, one of the oldest of the surviving factions, is also one of the strongest. This stems from their militaristic nature, and heavy industrial background. They believe that the way to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction is by returning the world to what it once was. They are willing to stop at nothing to achieve their goals, and have the manpower and technologies to do it. Originating from a closed society known as the Freemasons, the Iron Masons have very clear cut ideals about leadership and patriotism. Traitors are very rare, and if it occurs, the perpetrators are punished to a degree that would give most nightmares.
The Northland Pirates
A relatively recent addition to the power on earth, the Northern Pirates are a group of scavengers and survivalists, looking to make their way in the wastelands of earth. Lacking advanced technologies, they make up for it with ingenuity and knowledge of their surroundings. Living in harmony with their environment has taken its toll on their social structure. As a collective whole they act more like a pack of wolves then human beings. Prone to internal conflict, they are feared on the front lines of battle
The Iron Masons are typically more technology based and are found in the remnants of the old world, rebuilding it in their image, while the Northland Pirates are outcasts and with their nomadic nature, they are usually found on a coast or mountain range in very makeshift villages.

Once again we thank you for checking out news, and keep spreading the word. We thank you for all the encouragement we have been getting from the public. We even are working a deal with Abney Park right now to provide them with something for their upcoming music video.
...and as always

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week. If we get enough followers by week 8, we will have a very exciting gift for you!
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Guns, guns, and more guns. This week we look at the weapons we are working with to make this steampunk experience even better.

Over the past few weeks you have seen the players and commander system, now let's get to the fun stuff. Everyone love a little fire power, or in this case steam power in their hands, Today we put it all out in front of you to look at. For those of you who have already been following us, some of this you will already know about, but we also have some never released media today too!

One of the first members of the team Kris 'RagTag' Thaler, has single handedly created the unique weapon experience you see before you today. We gave him a basic overview of the types of weapons we were wanting, and some very basic design ideas, what we got in return blew our mind!

Here are the various concepts he created for us:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
These are all 3d model concepts which allowed the great perspective views you see here:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
This was very helpful when it came time to start modeling these out, because there is always a gap between concept and design phases. After months of modeling, everything was going great, and then we hit a wall again. Our modeler was unable to continue because of school, and I fully support him on his choice to focus on that instead of this. He is still with the team, but in a different capacity now, but in the meantime, we had some models to make with less time than ever to get them done!

Enter Patrick Walsh.

Patrick joined our team about a little over a month ago as a hired gun to knock out these models and get them over to our animators as fast as possible. What a great decision that was!

Warning!!! Cover keyboard to protect from drool.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Our weapons system also uses a series of upgrades that the commander of the team decides on and researches. Some of these upgrades can include new ammo types, higher capacities, better accuracy, scopes, and more. Deciding which of these your team needs will be a fun part of the game, and making the right choices will determine the victor.

When our coders started to implement these weapons into the game, they found that there are a lot of tweaks to be made for a good, balanced game to happen. There were many rounds where an over powered, infinite range shotgun was used for single-shot KO's from across the map.

Once again we thank you for checking out news, and keep spreading the word. We thank you for all the encouragement we have been getting from the public. We even are working a deal with Abney Park right now to provide them with something for their upcoming music video.

...and as always

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week. If we get enough followers by week 8, we will have a very exciting gift for you!
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Posted 7 years ago2012-02-05 05:40:19 UTC Post #303168
Very nice. The upgraded shotgun and the assault rifle are very reminiscent of the Huot rifle and the Chauchat, I really like the way you guys have went with the design. And that grenade launcher is fuckin' awesome.
Posted 7 years ago2012-02-06 00:41:47 UTC Post #303189
Yea, the weapons are my favorite part of the game. Glad you like them too. We really got lucky with the talent we got for all stages of weapon development.
Posted 7 years ago2012-02-06 01:39:24 UTC Post #303190
I read this entire thread on interlopers, drooling over every picture. Then I came over to TWHL and read this entire thread again, drooling over every picture.

You owe me a new keyboard.
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 7 years ago2012-02-06 04:58:02 UTC Post #303192
Here how about a fresh nugget of modeling that we just got in today, moments ago.
User posted image
Posted 7 years ago2012-02-07 20:12:23 UTC Post #303203
Well, I've just added this thread to my tracking list. Also, I ended up drooling all over Archie's keyboard.
Posted 7 years ago2012-02-08 12:36:21 UTC Post #303212
User posted image
It's nice that I can choose my favorite weapon at this early stage. :D
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 7 years ago2012-02-08 21:14:39 UTC Post #303219
Wow good to see you guys are still making excellent progress don!
Looks fantastic!
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 7 years ago2012-02-09 01:34:39 UTC Post #303229
That's some jaw-dropping stuff indeed, I don't think I've ever seen such sophisticated work on a Source mod before.

Can't wait to see more! :o
Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 7 years ago2012-02-09 02:07:36 UTC Post #303231
Well, its not a Source mod anymore, its a full fledged Indie game now, and we are on the Unreal Engine via UDK.

Thanks for all the comments guys. Be sure to follow us on indiedb.com and like us on facebook. We can use all the viral help we can get!
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This week we take a close look at the music of Mist of Stagnation with an interview from our lead sound designer.

As any fan of music, or games (let's face it, anyone who has working ears loves music) knows how important the sound in a game is. It plays a pivotal role in immersing you into the environment you are a part of. The most beautiful environment is nothing without the ambience of the living world pulling you in deeper.

The music is one of the most important features of any game. It can inspire you or induce fear, it can tell you everything about an area without one word being spoken, and it can create emotions that can only be felt by the touch of music.

As you can see, we are passionate about the music in our game, and with that, I give you Michael LaManna:
Hi my name is Michael La Manna and I’m the lead audio designer for Osiris Studios upcoming title, Mist of Stagnation.
My job is to create all the sound effects that you hear during game play as well as the soundtrack with fellow composer Misha Snowball.

I just wanted to take a moment to explain a little bit about the process in which I create music and sound effects.
The first thing I like to do before actually making music is look at the concept art, get a feel for the game environment and its characters.
Everyone knows if you’re creating music for a fantasy style ‘rpg’ game you’re not going to use a 303 or 808, but on the other hand if you’re
making a track for a science fiction game that could work out. I always like to lay my drums down 1st, even if I decide later not to have
percussion, it seems laying down drums just gives a foundation for my tracks. I’m a PC guy so my software of choice ‘DAW’ has always been
Cakewalk, now called Sonar X1, they were 1st on the street for computer midi and I’ve stuck with them through the years. One thing that
I’ve learned is you could never layer too much, even the smallest sound panned to the right or left can make a difference in a track.
User posted image
For Mist of Stagnation we had to create a few different genres of music, my fellow composer Misha lives in the UK so we used Skype quite a
bit transferring files back and forth. This process was actually very easy; she would come up with a rhythm and I would lay down the percussion
or vise versa. Sound effects on the other hand were all done by myself with either my huge effect library or me tweaking a sound in my
garage using my 4 way mic setup for Foley. All the sound effects were then re-worked in sound forge the defacto software for audio designers.
User posted image
That’s pretty much it I hope you guys enjoy the game when it comes out, a lot of people dedicated countless hours to developing it.


Michael La Manna is also owner of Floppy Entertainment look for their 1st mobile release “lil’ Sherman” in April 2012 for Android and IOS.

Here are some of our current tracks we have completed. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.





User posted image
As an extra thanks for all the support, and back by popular demand, here is the final renders of the Grenade Launcher: (sorry Archie, right after you got your new keyboard I go and put this infront of you)
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
...and as always

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week. If we get enough followers by week 8, we will have a very exciting gift for you!
Posted 7 years ago2012-04-09 23:56:43 UTC Post #305163
Newest weapon added to the mix
User posted image
Posted 7 years ago2012-04-10 01:02:33 UTC Post #305167
Please tell me that's a flamethrower.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 7 years ago2012-04-10 02:31:25 UTC Post #305171
Ok, that's badass. First time I saw this mod I was like "great, another like the other hundred I've seen get posted and never finished"

but every time you post i get sold more and more.
Posted 7 years ago2012-04-10 03:40:23 UTC Post #305173
It's called the Boilermaker. Without being too cliche, its a steam gun.
Posted 7 years ago2012-05-04 00:25:18 UTC Post #305937
So we last left you with an update 5 of 8... So what happened?

Unfortunately we lost a lot of progress due to a (now removed) team member not being honest about his progress on his share of the workload. That really backed things up, but not to worry we are now stronger because of it.

We have recently added on a few new members to the team that are dedicated to the cause and are pumping out quality work.

Here are some of the newest renders since the last update:

The Sharp Shooter
User posted image
User posted image
The Assault Rifle
User posted image
The Pistol
User posted image
and the Boilermaker
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
We are very excited about the latest works we have, and are even more excited about our concept artist signing a new contract with us to extend his stay and pump out another full set of weapons, starting with melee weapons for each team. Here is a taste of what we have so far.
User posted image
We are almost done with our 1st level too, and we look forward to showing it off! (its about damn time too, am I right?)

Look for that update in the very near future.

I am also proud to announce that we are finalizing the hiring of 2 new amazing environmental concept artists that will help keep our team on track and fully inspired.

Look for a huge update in early June, we are going to blow your socks off. Animations, in game weapons and players shots, level design shots, game play shots & more.

Tell your friends and remember to follow us, that is what drives us to finish quicker!

Posted 7 years ago2012-05-09 15:43:06 UTC Post #306053
I can see a massive flaw in that boilermaker , and it's that whomever is holding that gun is going to get charred hands pretty damn quickly.
Instant Mix Instant MixTitle commitment issues
Posted 7 years ago2012-05-10 06:23:35 UTC Post #306069
How so?
Posted 7 years ago2012-05-11 07:04:14 UTC Post #306097
Northland Pirates melee set
User posted image
Posted 7 years ago2012-05-11 10:11:32 UTC Post #306098
He's got a point come to think of it. A flame set up like the one on that model (as in pointing downwards, it would have to make a pressurised jet of flame to be effective) would probably give off a hell of a lot of heat, so a heat shield would probably be needed. Or the operator would have to wear heavy gloves, and clothing that covers the arms.

And I like the look of those melee weapons. :)
Posted 7 years ago2012-05-22 22:08:32 UTC Post #306413

1st player model is rigged. All weapons and player animations will be done in apx 8 weeks
Posted 7 years ago2012-05-22 22:15:42 UTC Post #306414
The poor video quality definitely detracted from that, but still it looks really good. You guys keep rockin'
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 7 years ago2012-05-22 23:26:45 UTC Post #306416
The animation quality looks superb, even with the choppy video. Nice!
Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 7 years ago2012-05-29 02:36:30 UTC Post #306551
and now with some movement animations


btw, this forum needs a youtube plugin badly!
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-07 05:43:48 UTC Post #306838
newest wip animations to our player model

These include jumping death and crouch movements.

Posted 7 years ago2012-06-07 06:41:45 UTC Post #306839
Loving the WIP snippets.

Just imo, but the jumping animation at 0:23 seems to end a little abruptly.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-08 03:21:55 UTC Post #306855
Could you expand on that? I love good feedback.
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-08 03:40:21 UTC Post #306856
Well, I dunno, it looks like he loses his inertia a little too quickly. After he lands he just shifts straight into his normal standing position. It seems like there hould just be the slightest bit more swinging of his body, or he should sort of recover from the landing a little slower. It's not a small jump he does.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-08 03:43:43 UTC Post #306857
The dying animations look very fakey, like a body part stalls in the air for a moment before it continues falling.
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-08 04:49:24 UTC Post #306858
Really? I thought the death animations were rather good. Lots of movement where there should be movement. Not all deaths are quite so slow though, I must say.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-08 05:14:29 UTC Post #306859
Our death system will use a variety of death animations based on how the player is killed. Everything from bullet to knife, even explosions have their own blow back death animation.

I guess you will see examples of that soon enough though.

A lot of cool things are about to happen over here. We have about 4-6 weeks before everything is all put together and we start looking sexy.
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-08 05:20:33 UTC Post #306860
The animations are great but the death animations are too exaggerated.
Depending on the type of death, they shouldn't just simply drop dead like many games have them, but they shouldn't hold themselves up like that. They're attempting to hold themselves up until they can't, at which point they fall like a rock [They lose control of their muscles, their body: they fall]
Crollo CrolloTrollo
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-08 05:41:48 UTC Post #306861
I don't understand your point of view Collapse, it seems like you just described frame by frame one of the death animations there.

Can you elaborate your pov?
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-08 20:34:21 UTC Post #306880
Well, for somebody who had just had a wound afflicted to him devastating enough to kill him in 4 seconds flat, he shouldn't even be standing as long as he is.
In the very least he should lose his sense of balance, staggering and having some of his limbs give out, but instead he just stands stiffly with his hands out dramatically or whatnot. It's like he didn't even notice he was shot and just falls dead after a couple seconds.

Somebody made a mod for Crysis that was an excellent portrayal of what I'm talking about: It ragdollizes the character when fatally shot, but attempts to stand upright for a second or two before falling. [The ragdoll stiffens just enough to stay standing]
Even the tactical attachment gives a good representation of this: They start to fall, but fruitlessly attempt to stay upright and grab things before they're rendered unconscious.

Other then me nitpicking overall the project looks great. Keep at it, too much wasted potential and good projects dying nowadays.
Crollo CrolloTrollo
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-09 02:10:33 UTC Post #306885
Thanks for the feedback. I have too much money invested in this project to let it die. It's almost ready anyways!
Posted 7 years ago2012-06-12 02:48:08 UTC Post #306988
I agree.
I think the deaths should be a bit more rag-dolly
Keep up the great work Don, I'm rooting for this to take off!
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
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