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Hey, guys. Remember that vague, nooby user who made one tutorial that happened to have a few bugs in it and then left never to be heard from for months? I'm back. Sorry I've disappeared. I've moved to Source, and am now working on materials and stuff for my first map.

If you don't know, HypernovA is a mod about Half-Life 1 from the perspective of Eli Vance. When I first made it, I was fairly young, and did the first thing that came to my mind. As it grew, I promised the public I'd never close it down. I've been a shitty developer, as well as a slow one, but hopefully I'm back on track. The mod will feature an almost total conversion of HL2 Ep2, using new models and shizz. I know, it's another "Mesa mod", but forgive me - I made a promise, I intend on keeping it. Frankly, I can't wait to finish this and work on my engine and two games.

I'm more of a modeller and coder than a texturer and mapper, yet I don't have anyone to help me.

SO, LET THE SCREENSHOTS COMMENCE. Mainly working on new materials.
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EDIT: Arranged oldest to newest. Features the materials: Tiles, glass window, a tile wall, and a brick wall. I'd like some criticism...that's actually why I'm posting. Oh, and if anyone wants to see pics of my website (which is a lot better than the materials).
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It looks quite nice, how big is it so far? Is it just the few rooms that you've made? Also nice to have you back lol.
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Ohai, Skals. Nice to be back! Only contact I've had with TWHL over the past half year was the occasional chat with Archie, Penguinboy, and Urby.

Anyways, outside that window up there's a battle by a tunnel between some HECU (which need to be modelled, textured, rigged, and animated), and some vorts and agrunts (which also need to be done). I'm planning that releasing this part, which happens to be a dream, as a video, would attract attention and get me some help. Problem is, till then, I've got work to do in things I don't know how to do - specifically, I'm a shitty texturer, and have never rigged or textured a material fully, surprisingly. Only meshes so far. I guess I never thought it was GOOD enough. Now I'm almost there, so it's a good time to start.

I'm going to work on props and stuff later. Need to get the materials later.
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Every-time i try to make custom content for source i quit because it's such a pain in the ass.
That glass looks sweet.
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