Crowbar 0.35 Model decompiled incorrectl Created 10 months ago2017-09-07 19:45:37 UTC by guest3444307 guest3444307

Created 10 months ago2017-09-07 19:45:37 UTC by guest3444307 guest3444307

Posted 10 months ago2017-09-07 19:45:37 UTC Post #337347
I was working decompiling the HL2 model Female_01 but when I opened the smd on Milkshape 3d the verts came out messed up for some reason here is the picture of what happened
Posted 10 months ago2017-09-08 10:32:46 UTC Post #337348
I did find somethig similar with some of my hi-poly models once I decompile them. Probably all that stuff is unnecessary polys genearted by the mdldec program. To get rid of them, as I did, select the groups in the group window, probably what you will see is the model´s groups highlighted in red with all the other stuff (the polys that look as a cloak) not highlighted, press "Control + i", delete all that crap, and I am almost sure that the model will lok as it should. ;)
Posted 10 months ago2017-09-08 18:46:18 UTC Post #337356
I don't think we are in the right page since I was not using MDLDECOMPILER I was using crowbar 0.35 and then crowbar 0.44 just to get the same result, did you check the picture i put in the link
Posted 10 months ago2017-09-09 12:17:17 UTC Post #337359
Wait, if you are modifying a model,as you are doing, no matter what its name is, first you must DECOMPILE it, also,you can only do it after decompiling it no matter what program you use... unless you have the source files in smd format, of course.

I did check your picture, of course, you are into the group menu in MS3D, there´s where you must select the groups and then delete whatever polys/verts are not desired. ;)
Posted 10 months ago2017-09-09 18:04:51 UTC Post #337361
abbadon I don't think you understand what I'm talking about

the model when it was decompiled is messed up for some reason, do you know to the solution to this problem.
Posted 10 months ago2017-09-10 19:24:06 UTC Post #337371
Hmmm, looks a bit worst than it happened to me. With what program did you decompiled the model?, with MS3D or with Half Life Model Viewer?
Posted 10 months ago2017-09-12 16:33:13 UTC Post #337384
Use Krastio's HL decompiler, it comes with milkshape and is in the Tools menu
Posted 10 months ago2017-09-14 10:27:26 UTC Post #337404
Yes. That´s the one I use, and I only have had trouble with one of my models (14000 tris if I did remember well O_o), but I fixed it with the method I mentioned above ;) .
Posted 7 months ago2017-12-14 05:12:48 UTC Post #338371
Doesn't HLMV have a decompile option?
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