Aquarium solution Created 5 months ago2018-02-08 15:15:23 UTC by Filip98 Filip98

Created 5 months ago2018-02-08 15:15:23 UTC by Filip98 Filip98

Posted 5 months ago2018-02-08 15:15:23 UTC Post #338806
I'm new here.. i honestly got here by a link on the twister tool site and thought it was cool.
I guess this didn't need to be my introduction thread but i stumbled upon the thread where a guy wanted to make an aquarium but source didnt like that.
for some reason when i tried to bump request it i got an error saying that the thread doesn't exist so i just made a new one if anyone is interested in this.

Found this on the wiki:
essentially it's using an animated bump map, better than texturescroll
I checked the vpk's of the sdk base 2013 and both the materials are present by default so it appears that this has been adopted.
A more modern approach would be to use a flowmap instead of the animated texture but that requires more effort$flowmap#Flowmaps

now the fish may mind if it's solid so just tie the whole thing to func_brush and set solid to no
i realize someone may want to be able to swim in it but i'm not aware of any means to make this happen unless its actual water, i'm not sure why func_water_analog wouldn't do the trick right from the start
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Have you made one?

There's a fish-tank in Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines which ran on a pretty old version of Source - possibly it was just a very complex model though.
Posted 5 months ago2018-02-11 04:00:53 UTC Post #338817
Yes i have, i've been testing it for a bit and i've found that valve's vmt for these textures is nature/water_movingplane and nature/water_movingplane_beneath (in which they've also introduced a _beneath texture)
But i've found valve's vmt's buggy because it misses the fog parameters in the .vmt's and so the console drops countless warnings about them missing when its supposed to be rendered, i'm saying it like this cuz apparently its not all the time... the fog appears to only work when inside the water brush:

It also seems to have some lightning issues(i'm also sorry for the nightmare fuel in the background... it's also not supposed to be there but in the center of the water so it must have wanted to escape):
these lightning issues seem to be mostly caused by having lights get on the water directly, the glass i put on the other sides was fine either way

idk if this is standard water behavior but projectiles get their trajectory altered upon entering this water, otherwise bullets dont even pierce the surface

it doesn't look very pretty even tho it's interactive with splashes and everything, theres none of the animation that the wiki page promised.. maybe there's a fix by playing with the vmts or by using flowmaps or texturescroll like how the old cs_militia water used to use
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