Do you love playing with crossbow in HLDM as well as me? Created 2 years ago2018-07-31 20:37:39 UTC by hfc hfc

Created 2 years ago2018-07-31 20:37:39 UTC by hfc hfc

Posted 2 years ago2018-07-31 20:37:39 UTC Post #340350
My favorite thing in HLDM is shooting enemies with crossbow. I cant imagine any game more fun than shooting HLDM crossbow.

crossbow is very accurate (%0 bullet spreading) and very deadly (1 shot 1 kill). its the perfect marksman weapon :)

i dont hate moving targets when using crossbow, but i hate hev suit energy because i cant kill people with charged HEV suit.

all game developers makes guns some amount inaccurate and some amount weak to maintain realism and balancing. but a deadly accurate and fast marksman weapon could be fun as well.

do you support guns like HLDM crossbow in games, as well as me?

Or do you thing making it highly accurate is out balancing game and making it less fun?

well suddenly i wanted to start making a mod with deadly accurate guns :)

Infact pro shooters in real life more likely to favor accurate guns rather than faster firing guns. and all pro Game players choose highly accurate and powerfull guns like gauss or awp :) even though they can compansade its inaccuracy they prefer accurate guns. because its consistent and reliable. :)
Posted 2 years ago2018-08-01 06:36:26 UTC Post #340357
I dislike the crossbow for it's OP-ness.

Like you mentioned, if you don't have battery (HEV suit) then your kinda dead instantly. I've seen cases where pro players would get the crossbow, kill that player, go to the next respawning spot, snipe that same guy again that just respawned and repeat again until the frag limit is reached or the victim ragequits (or the attacker get rekt some way).

I prefer Quake 2/3 Arena's Railgun where the first shot deals a lot of damage (80/90) and you need a second shot to finish the victim, in the case where the victim has armor, that would be 3 shots. This gives a chance to the victim to either try to escape and/or fire back.

Unreal Tournament 2003/2004/3/4 Lighting Gun and Sniper Rifle share the same thing except that you can one shot people as long as it's a headshot. Speaking of Unreal Tournament 4, I dislike the fact that the Sniper Rifle's scope kinda highlight the head to make it obvious.

And of course, I also dislike when developers make horrible balancing decisions. The 2 most popular examples I have: 1) PAYDAY 2 where a medieval crossbow deal twice (or 4 times) the damage of a Barrett M99 .50 cal sniper and 2) Killing Floor 2 where the same .50 cal deals x1.5 the same damage as the Railgun for a price multiplied by 2 (and ammo cost as well).
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Posted 2 years ago2018-08-01 08:25:51 UTC Post #340358
The only thing that annoys me with the crossbow is the zoom (there might be some way to go around it, but its out of the scope here) other than that its a great gun.

Q2/Q3's railgun did 100 damage to non armored enemies, they dumbed that down in Quake Live to 80 as far as I remember which made it more fun imo, since now you had to hit 2 shots or splash the f*cker with RL afterwards :D

It really comes down to personal preference and skill level, that's why multiple weapons exist in the first place. Having only one gun or all guns be 100% accurate just wouldn't make the game fun. That being said the egun should really die in hell.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-08-01 09:55:03 UTC Post #340359
The crossbow is usually cheap, and I suppose its fine as long as its recognized as such. I might go for it occasionally, but it's not the sort of thing I enjoy using too much in HLDM. Same goes for the other particularly powerful weapons, like the egon and the gauss (at least, when its being used offensively).
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Posted 2 years ago2018-08-07 14:01:36 UTC Post #340442
As a fan of sniping in video games, the crossbow in HLDM is one of the worst weapons of all time. The single player variant has a much slower velocity, meaning that you have to anticipate enemy movement and lead your target.

In multiplayer, it's just a silent, bullshit death laser. This is why I always aim to put it in places where it doesn't work well. If my map has a tower, the crossbow goes at the point farthest from it, usually in a basement. If the player wants to snipe from the tower, they have to earn it.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-04-13 18:17:25 UTC Post #342459
i have played a lot of hldm and i think all weapons are great in it. Now for example in quake what really annoys me is that the grenade launcher seems to have a mind of its on. As in exploding when it hits a player but not exploding when it hits a wall
Posted 1 year ago2019-04-13 21:36:43 UTC Post #342461
Well that's what its supposed to do either you nade someone straight up or bounce a nade off the wall and wait for it to detonate. While I love sniping I hate the xbow for the ridiculous fov it gives while its zoomed in, that's why i prefer the magnum.
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