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Created 11 months ago2018-10-28 22:02:52 UTC by Aymen Aymen

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Hello, i decided to start making videos about hammer tutorial after 2 or 3 years since the last video i just posted new video which will cover how to change map in halflife 1 and explain how to avoid the problems such as spawning in the middle of nowhere
heres the link for the video
any feedback is welcomed and please tell me what should i do next
Edit : i just released a video explaining how to make func_tank
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My apologies, I'm a bit of a cynic.

Before you continue on your other videos, a checklist might be helpful to go through:
  • What makes your videos unique compared to other hammer tutorials : What can YOU bring to the table that others can't?
  • How can you improve your production quality?
  • What kind of people will watch your videos and hope they learn from it?
Here's a few things from watching the video that in my opinion could be changed or improved:

I'd personally suggest writing a script and having your entire video planned out before recording it, and definitely spend some time clearing up your audio. As the tutorial is for a trigger_changelevel, the viewer isn't interested in watching you build a map from scratch - have this pre-made and jump right into it before adding the tutorial specific entities. There's a lot of electrical interference "pops" coming through your microphone, and there's background noise throughout the video. I'd try using a better microphone if you could - maybe otherwise use Audacity to remove some of the noise and manually take out the pops. When you playtest the level at the end of the video, the audio of HL is so much louder than the previous 4 minutes, which is a bit jarring and makes it difficult to hear your voice - keep this in mind and maybe bring the volume of HL down when playtesting.
There's even smaller things that you could do that would polish your video such as removing the start of the video where the viewer can see you minimise your screen recording software.

It's a good start and would like to see what you can build upon in future videos
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Posted 11 months ago2018-11-02 18:38:30 UTC Post #341129
@instant mix
ive tried using your advices when i was making the 2nd video where i explain how func_tank works,
ive already made the map so the viewer won't be get borred looking at my video
tried to use a script
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