How to make a button, giving you a gun? Created 2 months ago2019-03-08 19:52:15 UTC by KrystevPlayz KrystevPlayz

Created 2 months ago2019-03-08 19:52:15 UTC by KrystevPlayz KrystevPlayz

Posted 2 months ago2019-03-08 19:52:15 UTC Post #342192
If you play CS:GO, de_cache, you should know that on Heaven there is a crate with an AK47 inside. You can't get it though, but if you press your USE key you get one straight into your hands. That's really cool. My question is about making all the same effect, but in GoldSrc and more accurately, for Counter-Strike 1,6. How to do it?

Thanks for the help in advance.
Posted 2 months ago2019-03-10 04:57:20 UTC Post #342206
The game_player_equip might be what you want - not sure if it's in Counter-Strike but it is in Half-Life.
Posted 2 months ago2019-03-10 10:22:43 UTC Post #342213
Oh, thanks. That actually worked out. I made the crate a func_button and set Don't move flag with no sound, so it doesn't look stupid on activation. Then I set it's target to the game_player_equip and it worked. But on start of the map it doesn't give me my knife and pistol. But I'll work it out. Thanks for the help tschumann. I really appreciate it. 👍
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Posted 2 months ago2019-03-10 19:15:44 UTC Post #342214
There's a lot of Vscript floating around in CS:GO. I've been meaning to learn more about it.
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