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Created 1 year ago2019-04-05 21:54:11 UTC by CPripyatUit CPripyatUit

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So far, in order to make NPCs speak, I looked up the sound file under sounds/vo/..... and had an ambient_generic play that, with the NPC in question as source entity. But I'm pretty sure that's not the way to go, seeing as it doesn't account for localised versions of the games, etc etc. I tried googling it but couldn't find out what the proper way is, except for stuff referencing Faceposer (which I hope isn't necessary because that stuff, afaik, only works on a mod scale but not a map scale).

Sooooo..... what is it I'm looking for?
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NPC speech is added through the logic_choreographed_scene entity, which can be used to play .vcd files previously created in Face Poser.
If you need to use custom voice lines, then you’ll have to create your own scenes in Face Poser, and you have to make your map into a sourcemod to include them.

Fortunately, it’s really simple to make a sourcemod, and making a scene with just a sound clip and no animations is not too complicated.

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If you just need to use existing voice clips, you can look through the existing .vcds to see if they’re right for you. The stock scene files are not included in Half-Life 2 since they’re compiled into a single scenes.image file. However, they’re all included with Source SDK 2013, which you can find on Valve’s Github page.

You can also look through decompiled maps to see how which scenes are used for a particular piece of dialogue, and how else they need to be set up in order to work.

I hope you find this helpful!
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