Change level Trigger and Landmark Not working!!! :( Created 10 months ago2019-08-08 15:37:16 UTC by HARVLAW_ORENGI HARVLAW_ORENGI

Created 10 months ago2019-08-08 15:37:16 UTC by HARVLAW_ORENGI HARVLAW_ORENGI

Posted 10 months ago2019-08-08 15:37:17 UTC Post #342972
Hello there. i have tried many times to get the change level trigger in my custom maps to work but unfortunately they just wont for some reason. The land mark name on both maps is "lm1" and both triggers are told to search for landmark "lm1" but it just doesn't work. So if anyone could help me with this issue i will be very greatful

Posted 10 months ago2019-08-08 17:11:07 UTC Post #342975
Can't remember but I think you might need a env_global entity.
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-08 19:39:03 UTC Post #342976
env_global doesnt really do anything :/
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-08 20:20:10 UTC Post #342977
Could you be more specific? What is the actual problem? Does the map not transition at all when you pass through the trigger_changelevel? Or does the map change but you end up somewhere completely different?
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Posted 10 months ago2019-08-08 21:30:30 UTC Post #342978
Env_global is not needed for a changelevel.

What engine/game is this for? And I second the request to be more specific - can you tell us the problem, and exactly what entities you are using and what properties you've set?
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-09 00:09:57 UTC Post #342979
You must have a trigger_changelevel linking to the first map in the next map, did you check that ?
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-09 06:33:00 UTC Post #342981
The game engine is the Goldsrc engine , the game is my custom half-life mod (Orengi's mod) , the change map transition is meant to be a portal that gos somewhere completely different but i will be making maps that have normal transitions. Yes i have check if the trigger in the first map links with everything in the second. All the map properties are all normal and the dll for the mod is a unmodified hl.dll , so that you know the problem was not caused by me. :P
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-09 06:35:39 UTC Post #342982
But when it takes me to the next map , 1. you don't start alive and your in a completely different place and you can not spawn or anything , unless if you type in the console restart , because i placed a info_player_start entity there.
Posted 10 months ago2019-08-09 11:44:24 UTC Post #342983
Is there a trigger_changelevel linking back to the first map in the second map?
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Posted 10 months ago2019-08-09 12:34:15 UTC Post #342984
Read this maybe you missed something.
Also don't autorun the game from after the compile step.
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