This might not be the right place, or even site, for such a question. But I just think that at the Minecraft Forums I'll need to wait ages for an answer. I also know that some people from this site tried to run a Minecraft Server, and I think that they still try. So I hope somebody knowing how to answer me. Let's go to the question.
I want to make an admin room using tags for it. Example: John is an Admin and can freely get in. But Natasha isn't an Admin, and everytime she gets near the command block in the center of the room (command block with Radius (r=20)) she gets teleported out, if she is in the within radius.
But I seem to strugle with the Not Equal To (=!) while writing the command in the command block. It doesn't simply work.
I tried this:
/tp @a [tag=!Admin,r=30] x y z
x y z represents the position I will teleport them to, but you don't need this to help me.
Basicaly, I want this: Admins get in, Non-Admins don't get in, because they get teleported away. Using tags for players (all admins tagged "Admin"). This is what I want. Can please somebody help me?
Thanks in advance to the guy/s who help me. They are MCPE command block MASTERS. :gak: