Making a Wall That Blocks The Player But Lets Monsters Through? Created 3 months ago2019-08-15 00:39:44 UTC by PsyWarVeteran PsyWarVeteran

Created 3 months ago2019-08-15 00:39:44 UTC by PsyWarVeteran PsyWarVeteran

Posted 3 months ago2019-08-15 00:39:44 UTC Post #343009
Is it possible to make a wall that blocks the player but allows monsters to pass through?

I have been experimenting with "clip" texture but it seems to block the monster too - I though that was the case if the "monster clip" flag was ticked while using the func_monsterclip?
Posted 3 months ago2019-08-15 05:17:42 UTC Post #343010
You must use another texture for the func_monsterclip brush, try using NULL or AAATRIGGER.
Posted 3 months ago2019-08-15 12:23:23 UTC Post #343013
I tried making a func_monsterclip brush with the AAATRIGGER texture and as I have suspected, it let both me and the monster through, and as I have said before, when the monsterclip flag is ticked on the monster, if doesn't let the monster pass but still allows player to pass through.

I want the opposite of that.
Posted 3 months ago2019-08-15 12:24:41 UTC Post #343014
try trigger_push, afaik there's an option that makes it affect only players
it's not the best way but the only one without custom code
also, if your monster is big (garg, bigmomma), you can instead use the CLIPHULL2 tool texture (or something like that, don't remember) included in zhlt.wad, which works like clip but creates clipnodes only for this specific hull (which is used by giant monsters)
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