cs_sarajevo map Created 3 weeks ago2020-10-05 01:05:54 UTC by LoG!c LoG!c

Created 3 weeks ago2020-10-05 01:05:54 UTC by LoG!c LoG!c

Posted 3 weeks ago2020-10-05 01:05:54 UTC Post #344748
Hey everyone, I'm sorry that I am really bothering you all with this topic but I am trying hard to resolve this. The thing is, one of the great modders of this awesome communitiy a.k.a 0rth0doX made a map called cs_sarajevo and he made 2 versions of it. The versions are cs_sarajevo beta and cs_sarajevo testing. Thanks to some amazing people here the beta was found, the only problem is that the beta cannot be played on a live server. You can play it with bots and everything but once I tested it out on the server it just crashes. The testing version is probably a almost finished version of the map, has additional building details and it's bigger and would most likely work on a public server. Now I wouldn't go through this much trouble if the beta worked, probably would have just put that one on the server and be happy about it but like I said unfortunately it crashes the server and it is not playable. The main point is if anyone here has the files of the testing version of the map I am even willing to pay for it since there is no way we can download it due to the broken link/shutdown site that it was originally uploaded on. The original twhl link of that version of the map is: https://twhl.info/vault/view/5623
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-10-05 09:01:00 UTC Post #344749
have you tried emailing him?
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-10-05 09:20:08 UTC Post #344750
Yeah, I sent him a message both here, on some other sites accounts and on his email. I am guessing that his email is inactive or he just changed it. Otherwise I wouldn't bother anyone here :D I saw a couple of people who commented on the testing version of the map, both messaged and email them and only one of them responded, said he'd check out his old hard drive for the map and after he did unfortunately no luck, he doesn't have the files.
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-10-05 20:24:22 UTC Post #344751
I've searched my old drives too, and unfortunately I don't have it :(.
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