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cs_sarajevo testing by 0rth0doX
Posted 9 years ago2011-05-11 20:54:01 UTC • Unfinished • Counter-Strike
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cs_sarajevo testing
0rth0doX 0rth0doX
9 years ago2011-05-11 20:54:01 UTC
8 years ago2012-06-26 14:03:07 UTC
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Well, it's been a while since my last upload..

Last month I loaded hammer again and done some parts of cs_sarajevo, it really is a huge map now and working in one big whole map is just too exhausting.
There are 3 separate parts of whole map which needs to be compiled together someday if it would be possible (these 3 are fully compiled with extra RAD, full VIS etc..) and 4th is big, almost whole map but without rad or vis

I should decrease the fog amount, use gl_fog 0 if it annoys you.

Edit: It seems that it is impossible to compile everything together because of many errors that surfaced, i'm sorry we will never have chance to play cs_sarajevo as I imagined (maybe on source some day who knows) I think gameplay would be great so here is youtube link demonstrating how it should look if I ever manage to compile.

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Commented 9 years ago2011-05-11 22:05:35 UTC Comment #19054
I have just tested this map, and it is amazingly detailed!
I enjoyed playing it because it reminds me of places where ive been, the hallways the buildings.

If i could give this map more than 5 stars i would.
I love how everything looks so detailed, the windows, the terraces, the wires on the wall.
There are some errors, for example:

Blue pixels on wood planks that are used as window blockage
The train is a bit too small
The models aren't solid (use clip)
Some places have textures that are too stretched, but i guess that will be blocked off even further before you can see em.

The map looks amazing and i cant wait to see it finished!
Commented 9 years ago2011-05-11 22:31:12 UTC Comment #19055

I've spent so many hours just taking pictures in that part of town (place where I grow up if you see that apartment building behind the yellow building that was my flat on 4th floor before we were evicted from flat by force in the war by the bosnian army).
Even they banned me for some time in that yellow post-office building for taking too many pictures inside, they've must be thinking I was a hijacker or something.. :)

Everything you see in a map can be and will be subject of change because this is still beta :)
Commented 9 years ago2011-05-14 20:01:08 UTC Comment #19077
Looks amazing!! =)

First i should mention i had to shorten your filenames in order for the maps to work in wonHL, just to let you know. ;)

sarajevo-big-no-rad and MDL-test
These maps look utterly amazing. I can literally think of nothing to make it look better after running through it quick, except that the skybox is a distraction, because the corners aren't properly blended, so they are visible. Also perhaps, if you played with the water, you could make it a little more realistic, but that's not a huge deal at all. I've seen [url=]Soup Miner[/url] pull off some really amazing water in GoldSrc (maybe pm him for some ideas if you're interested).

Looks as realistic and as good as you can get in goldsrc, and better than many source maps i've seen for that matter... Truely impressive stuff!

As with the rest of the maps, truly amazing stuff. The only thing i can think to improve is replace the decal parking stripes with brushwork stripes. they don't look quite as fresh as the decals, but they won't give you that unnatural blur effect as you walk toward them. (pm me if you want some tips on the parking stripes)

Superb stuff, truly top-notch mapping!
Commented 9 years ago2011-05-31 21:01:16 UTC Comment #19183
Thanks, you are right about the filenames i should have shorten them, but they are working with these names in my hlwon so I thought there is no need to rename them..

Map is really getting bigger... I don't know what are the goldsrc limitations in brush or entity number.. it seems i'll be working on this until some badass compile error comes up.. maybe error is already present as i haven't tried the whole big map to compile in vis and rad.

These errors you see like skybox, unfinished stuff ... are byproduct of rapid simultaneous work on every part, just to get closer to the final stages of the map and to deal with these compile errors as soon as possible.

Yes, water could have been better but maybe it is the brush underneath the water with texture scale +10x that spoils the overall look.
As you said maybe i will pm Soup Miner,i very much admire his work.

What about the parking stripes, as i recall it i don't think i've put any parking decals? Where exactly did you see them?
Commented 9 years ago2011-06-01 23:13:05 UTC Comment #19185
the parking stripe infodecals are in the sarajevo-hint-exp map. you can tell what i mean by how they fade strangely if you walk backward away from them. This is not a huge deal in any way, i just feel brushwork stripes work better for long visual stretches. ;)
Commented 9 years ago2011-06-05 19:21:26 UTC Comment #19214
Oh you mean the street stripes? Yes it would look much better with 1 unit thin func_illusionary brush work but then I couldn't stop on never ending detailing..
Commented 2 months ago2020-09-30 13:35:14 UTC Comment #102921
Had the chance to play the beta and fell in love with it. I sure hope that one day you will come back, see this comment and re-upload this testing version :)

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