OP4: Is it possible to change color (gradient) of Night Vision? Created 1 year ago2021-05-13 01:29:53 UTC by B-to480 B-to480

Created 1 year ago2021-05-13 01:29:53 UTC by B-to480 B-to480

Posted 1 year ago2021-05-13 01:29:53 UTC Post #345600
Hi! I was wondering if there is an easy or hard way to change the color of your vision when you activate the NVgoogles in OP4. I also saw that there are almost none mods for the NVG, but they dont do want I'm looking for.
For what I see, of_nv_a & b files have the texture for "noise" but I don't for what and how the other of_nv sprites work.
So If someone has an idea or can explain how they work, I see myself trying to do a few mods for NVG.
Thanks for reading,GL and have a nice day!
Posted 1 year ago2021-05-13 10:27:01 UTC Post #345601
Posted 1 year ago2021-05-14 16:48:46 UTC Post #345606
@Solokiller Thanks for responding! So it is unreachable for people not into Gold source level coding? what a pity... It would take me tons of time to learn by myself. Well I hope this helps someone else.
Posted 1 year ago2021-05-14 20:14:35 UTC Post #345607
Yeah for now anyway it requires programming knowledge.
Posted 1 year ago2021-05-15 14:12:04 UTC Post #345609
Thank you! really appreciated the help!
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