At the beginning of the Boot Camp/OpFor Hazard Course, you have the 7 recruits yelling "siryessir", and the game "overlaps" the 7 entities playing the same sound file and making it sound very LOUD.
I tried "fixing" it using a .bps editor and finding the 7 script_sequences in order to make audible just 2 of them in a way to make stereo effect,
from this: (+audible; -not audible; @player)
to this:
But despite editing the lines:
"origin" "-256 -832 240"
"listener" "recruit_target_3"
"entity" "recruit_6"
"sentence" "!RC_YESSIR"
"delay" "0"
"attenuation" "3" -> 0
"volume" "10" -> 0
"refire" "0"
"radius" "512" -> 8 (if it works for not making some of them audible)
"duration" "3" -> 0
"targetname" "recruits_response01_6"
"spawnflags" "4"
"classname" "scripted_sentence"
My game still makes all of them audible and loud. I'm doing the test from XASH3D and I have my steam version vanilla to compare.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)