HL1 Crossfire map Created 5 months ago2022-03-01 16:20:12 UTC by DocRox DocRox

Created 5 months ago2022-03-01 16:20:12 UTC by DocRox DocRox

Posted 5 months ago2022-03-01 16:20:12 UTC Post #346305
How could I make it so that when the airstrike occurs that the frag points will be given to the player who pushed the button? Can this be done by adding entry in BSPEdit?
Posted 5 months ago2022-03-01 17:06:58 UTC Post #346306
I've had a quick look in the code, and env_explosion, trigger_hurt, and func_breakable don't seem to keep track of who triggered them so you can't use those to kill the players unfortunately. But it looks like func_mortar_field does? I've never used it. Perhaps you can have the button target a trigger_relay targeting a func_mortar_field? Try and see if it works?
Posted 5 months ago2022-03-02 22:06:07 UTC Post #346307
Thanks for responding. I have just a little bit of experience in editing things in a map using BSPEdit. It will not let ,e post the crossfire.bsp here so that you could show me. I could copy and paste and send it to you in email.
Posted 5 months ago2022-03-03 03:23:34 UTC Post #346308
Hi DocRox good to see ya on here!
Posted 5 months ago2022-03-03 04:04:37 UTC Post #346309
Hi DocRock, hope all is well for you.
Posted 5 months ago2022-03-03 07:43:48 UTC Post #346310
You could try it in Hammer first
Posted 5 months ago2022-03-05 00:37:14 UTC Post #346317
Thanks again. I have no idea how to even use Hammer let alone set it up. I can see that it seems to be complicated to make the map do that for me. Thanks again for your help.
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