Hispanic version of TWHL? Created 2 years ago2022-05-30 20:15:34 UTC by jamie jamie

Created 2 years ago2022-05-30 20:15:34 UTC by jamie jamie

Posted 2 years ago2022-05-30 20:15:34 UTC Post #346574
Recently ive been browsing trough some mapping forums, and i just realized the hispanic mapping community of Half-Life is quite big, but they are all forced to learn English or Russian, but some/most of them cant and quit mapping. This site has proved to be VERY usefull for mapping begginers and regular mappers, so i was wondering if a hispanic version of the site (or at least the forums) could be created. I know this is very hard to do, but i will try to do my best at translating and that stuff.
Posted 1 year ago2022-10-28 19:05:13 UTC Post #347025
Activate google translate button on the = top == crome = google
Posted 1 year ago2022-10-28 19:06:20 UTC Post #347026
PS: How do you know this community is big if the community does note xist??? how did you get hte IDEA that the hispanic mapping community is BIG??
+How do you know such things??!!! !!
Posted 1 year ago2022-10-31 20:24:48 UTC Post #347033
Ive explored plenty of communities in Discord, other forums, valve forums, etc...
Posted 1 year ago2022-11-01 20:54:47 UTC Post #347037
i have a grand strat idea:
1. take their spanish maps
2. upload them on this site
final step 3: spam the discords that twhl.info has stolen their maps.
this will surely migrate them here.
  • thank me later , the zauper mange
Posted 1 year ago2022-11-02 03:02:11 UTC Post #347039
...don't do that.

As I've said in the past, I'm not interested in maintaining TWHL in alternate languages. But feel free to translate the content somewhere else, just be sure to provide credit and a link back to the TWHL page.
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 1 year ago2022-11-03 15:45:32 UTC Post #347041
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