func_door_rotating doesn't work for me. Created 11 months ago2022-06-13 04:09:37 UTC by LoveForfunc_tank LoveForfunc_tank

Created 11 months ago2022-06-13 04:09:37 UTC by LoveForfunc_tank LoveForfunc_tank

Posted 11 months ago2022-06-13 04:09:37 UTC Post #346629
Hello there, first post so sorry if it's sloppy, but I'm having problems with a door that should work, but doesn't. I am using J.A.C.K.

Here are some screenshots to describe the "setup":
User posted image
User posted image
Attributes I have ONLY modified:

Move Sound: Squeaky 2
Distance (deg): 90

Flags I have enabled:

Use Only
Posted 11 months ago2022-06-13 05:49:31 UTC Post #346630
What's your problem exactly?

Note that with Use Only checked, the player will need to press the Use key to open the door.
Posted 11 months ago2022-06-14 01:11:43 UTC Post #346633
Yep, I use it and hear the use sound but it doesn't even play the opening sound or move at all.
Posted 11 months ago2022-06-14 15:30:53 UTC Post #346634
I suggest having a look at one of the door tutorials and maybe downloading one of the attached example maps. If you still can't figure it out, upload your map in the vault so we can have a look at it
Posted 11 months ago2022-06-14 23:54:19 UTC Post #346635
Tried the tutorial, but I seriously don't know what I'm doing wrong. Here is the map file.
Posted 11 months ago2022-06-15 10:27:33 UTC Post #346636
I tested your map and I noticed this:

If you are too close to the door, you cannot interact with the door when you press the USE button.

That's why you need to interact at some distance from the door.
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Posted 11 months ago2022-06-16 00:53:45 UTC Post #346639
I hear the positive use sound but the door doesn't open. Did the door open in your playtest?
Posted 11 months ago2022-06-17 20:39:36 UTC Post #346641
The dead grunt is too close to the door. If you bust the corpse with the crowbar, the door opens freely when used. I suggest you move or remove it.
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Posted 11 months ago2022-06-17 23:25:32 UTC Post #346642
THANK YOU SO MUCH. I thought I was going mad for a second, really, thank you.
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