Problems with compiling viewmodels in Blender Created 1 week ago2022-09-16 07:29:17 UTC by AlexanderB2109 AlexanderB2109

Created 1 week ago2022-09-16 07:29:17 UTC by AlexanderB2109 AlexanderB2109

Posted 1 week ago2022-09-16 07:29:17 UTC Post #346875
Recently i've decompiled HL1's SMG viewmodel to edit in blender. However, whenever I export the smd from blender and attempt to compile it with Crowbar (which I know is just a GUI for Valve's official tools, making studiomdl the problem here) It just says " unknown attachment link 'Bone09' ".

Is there a reason for this? I'm unfamiliar with HL1 viewmodel editing.
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-16 12:19:24 UTC Post #346876
You may have accidentally created a new bone called bone09. But that is unlikely seeing how it is called bone09.
What exactly did you do while looking at the model in blender? Did you copy meshes and body parts of it into an own model of your making?
Make sure that if you did that. That you copy all attached bone names as well as the body meshes (or their groups) onto the new model mesh.

Keep in mind that you can not copy paste models (for example new torsos.) onto another models head without making adjustments to the bones which are all parents of specific mesh groups. Some models got like exp. 128 bones while others perhaps only got a 100 bones. You would need to de-parent all the meshes of it's old bone structure and parent the meshes onto their new bone groups from scratch or by selecting several parts of the meshes to the desired bone section.

Bones are actually that what makes the models move later on in any game. Like our bones inside our own bodies keep us from falling and collapsing in itself to the ground as 1 large bag of water. The very fabric of what we namely are - bags of water. :) I suggest you checkout some tutorials.

Check out the great tutorials made by Tetzu0: How to install Blender for Hl1 Gold Source Engine Part2 Bone tutorial on simple can. Animating things Fixing broken Animations IK Bone rigging (Important regarding your current situation) Animation Tutorial2

Have fun.
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-16 19:27:05 UTC Post #346878
Thank you for responding. In most cases I haven't touched the bones at all. I've simply decompiled the model from crowbar, edited a (really poor) scope on, and have tried compiling it again. "Bone09" was already there when I decompiled the model. It's just the SMG attachment bone, if I'm correct.

If I delete Bone09, it just tells me that it can't find the bbox for any of the other bones. I'll check out some of those blender tutorials though, thank you!
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Oh my god I forgot to switch the compile mode to GoldSrc in blender. Hopefully I won't make that mistake again, lol!
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-19 21:37:18 UTC Post #346889
Glad that it worked out for you. :)
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