Metamod plugin to precache player models Created 2 weeks ago2023-03-12 23:30:45 UTC by MegaBrutal MegaBrutal

Created 2 weeks ago2023-03-12 23:30:45 UTC by MegaBrutal MegaBrutal

Posted 2 weeks ago2023-03-12 23:30:45 UTC Post #347383
I made a Metamod plugin to precache custom player models if they are present on the server. Not sure if such plugin exists already – when I needed it and looked for it, I couldn't find any.

Here is the source code:

As for now, I don't publish pre-compiled binaries, but I might if there is a need.

Any criticism is welcome, especially if you find memory safety issues.
Posted 2 weeks ago2023-03-14 14:22:07 UTC Post #347387
Ah, so this will allow anyone to see your custom model? I love that
awkook awkookaka vhetutor
Posted 2 weeks ago2023-03-14 20:15:15 UTC Post #347392
Exactly that's the point! The inspiration came from a Sven Co-op server, twilightzone (TWLZ) where this is implemented and everyone is running around with custom player models. Also I had a pretty embarrassing misconception that clients can upload their player models to servers when sv_allowupload is enabled... of course it's not the case...

I can't use the same plugins those work in Sven Co-op because they're in AngelScript which is exclusive to SvenDS; vanilla HLDS doesn't have an AngelScript interface. Initially I tried to look for an existing Metamod plugin but I couldn't find one. Here's how it started:

In the end, I had to implement it myself. In order to utilize this plugin, server admins need to install an enormous model pack, so there is a great chance that when a player joins with a custom model, you already have that.
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