Welcome my former comrades from the forgotten depths and rubble of the Black Mesa laboratories. Recently, while creating a small project, I found that I was missing content to make me feel that the map or game I was creating was pretty.
Probably some already use AI to help but I would like to show in this topic some textures to create in openjourney. It would be cool if we expanded the topic with more posts where everyone uploads some texture and captions it with what AI created it.

prompt: nordic viking wall ornament texture Size: 512x512
ai: openjourney - https://huggingface.co/prompthero/openjourney
User posted image
User posted image
There is probably also a command that will make the texture tileable but.... out of laziness I didn't look in the documentation :) Probably such textures will have to be slightly tweaked in the graphics program anyway.
ps. unfortunately I have exceeded my token limit and will have to wait longer before I can create any images, have fun