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Posted 10 months ago2023-05-22 19:49:40 UTC Post #347544
Far time ago I saw an old page with hl1 mods with wayback machine, almost of them were lost (if badly I remember were from very early 00's) and currently can't be found. An old game like Half Life or Counter-Strike obviously can have lost media (like maps, skins, mods...)
I know exist the famous lost map cs_canbunk by Marwood... Do you know another lost media of that two games? Curiosity. :freeman:
Posted 10 months ago2023-05-25 11:53:51 UTC Post #347552
There's an entire official Half-Life 1 single player episode called Hostile Takeover by 2015, supposedly 60% complete when the plug was pulled by Valve possibly due the plot line being utterly insane and incompatible with everything (it starred G-Man Junior and the Team Fortress characters)

Not a single screenshot has ever been seen. But it's got to be on someone's HD,,,
Posted 10 months ago2023-05-30 22:12:50 UTC Post #347569
Oh boy... That sounds like a massive clusterfuck of an expansion. Glad they pulled the plug on that.
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Posted 10 months ago2023-06-05 09:40:59 UTC Post #347581
In any case, rip that project
Posted 10 months ago2023-06-05 10:42:38 UTC Post #347582
The Infamous lost video of office.mpg that I believed showcase the office of Valve at that time and some of the clips shows the development process of Half-Life.
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Posted 10 months ago2023-06-07 07:21:44 UTC Post #347587
I never heard about that clips :o
Posted 6 months ago2023-10-11 15:16:37 UTC Post #347943
PigFactory2003b by VooDooPig (http://web.archive.org/web/20031112152953/http://cariad.netfirms.com/twhl/mapvault_map.php?id=4)

Second after cs_canbunk, seems to of been in testing during that archived post.
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