I've got a skeleton here (prop_ragdoll, /models/skeleton/skeleton_whole.mdl/, and I'd like to hang it up by its head. I've tried a phys_ballsocket and a phys_ragdollconstraint; the first led to the thing glitching around weirdly, the second mostly worked but just hung it by its pelvis.

I've tried using attachments as target names, i.e. "skeleton1_prop,eyes" (also tried "head"), but that didn't seem to work.

If anyone can help me here, that would be much appreciated.

P.S: while I'm at it, this isn't worth making a new thread for: I'd love to get npc_citizen to stop referring to the player as Doctor Freeman, setting "Gordon pre-criminal" didn't do much to get the Point Insertion treatment, any ideas? All of this is in EP2 btw.