Headcrabs Created 15 years ago2004-09-05 20:50:28 UTC by Coolfat3459 Coolfat3459

Created 15 years ago2004-09-05 20:50:28 UTC by Coolfat3459 Coolfat3459

Posted 15 years ago2004-09-05 20:50:28 UTC Post #56815
Did anyone ever notice that baby headcrabs have the sack that Gonarch does but normal headcrabs don't? What's up with that?
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-05 20:58:14 UTC Post #56819
Maybe they lose it when they mature, but only males lose theirs, as for females we have yet to see any (hehehe.....makin' sweet headcrab love...lol! :lol: )

Oh, and did anyone else notice a Slave prowling around Eli Vance's lab in one of the long HL2 trailers? I figure the humans found out how to manipulate their collars...
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-05 21:19:37 UTC Post #56822
If you ever play HL: Decay, there's a lab where a sci is experimenting with the collars.
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-05 22:01:56 UTC Post #56825
I heard rumors listed in PC Gamer, a very good source of pc gaming news and reviews, about the probable stories of Half Life 2. One of them was that there is a new breed of aliens that threatens both the Xen and humans. With that the humans and Xen team up. I certainly hope thats the case because as everyone knows, XEN ROXORZ J00R BOZORS AND OWNZORZ J00R PHONEZORZ!!! OOOOOOOOOHHH J00R NERVZORZ JUST GOT SERVZORED!!! HAXORS TO THE MAXOR.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-05 22:27:21 UTC Post #56831
Maybe the babycrab and the headcrab aren't related at all?

Bum Bum Bummmmmm...
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-05 22:33:46 UTC Post #56832
To be continued...
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-05 22:38:24 UTC Post #56836
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-05 23:10:36 UTC Post #56845
The new breed of aliens could be those Race X ones we saw in OpFor...
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 00:41:03 UTC Post #56851
Ever heard of betraying you allies the Xen?
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 01:55:36 UTC Post #56861
I don't care about Xen aliens betraying me as long as I get a chance to fight with 'em!!!
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 03:09:23 UTC Post #56864
Lol, in Half-Life 2, the alien slaves are your allies. Neat.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 03:52:55 UTC Post #56870
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 04:05:34 UTC Post #56876
In HL2 there are these nasty spider headcrabs.
Fast as hell, slick and pretty hard to kill :P
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 04:07:36 UTC Post #56878
How do you know? :P

Also, they got poisonous headcrabs, they look like tarantula spiders.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 07:35:05 UTC Post #56897
Hes got the leak, :| .

But i think this: Snark goes to baby garg then a garg. I think this becasue they all have the same type of funky skin.
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 07:37:51 UTC Post #56901
The HL2 aliens are related to the Op4 ones - look at the voltigores and look at the new ant lions!

Also I hate those baby headcrabs, you can never see the fuckers!
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 07:42:45 UTC Post #56904
And they take away 1 health each and if theres like a hundred of them you die, and they are hard to see and the suk and they are small and they suk (did i say that already?) and the BOOOM!

/me head exploded, to big of a run on ssentence...
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 07:47:04 UTC Post #56906
Am I then really the only one that uses the Hive Hand on them?

I don't believe that...

Also, I don't think Snarks are baby gargantua's. They look more like voltigore's then, but I think they aren't related besides the fact that they are all Xen fauna. They do have some similarities, yeah, you can't always think up for totally different enemies, right? ;)
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 08:27:07 UTC Post #56907
I thinks snarks and cumtoads are somewhat related to eachother. Since they almost look the same.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 09:08:50 UTC Post #56908
how would a flesh eating snark and a happy toad be related?
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 09:19:54 UTC Post #56911
I seriously doubt that snarks are related to any other type of Xenizen. (I say Xenizen because there was no way of saying the earthling type conjication of Xen aliens, Point of View said Xenizens, so I say Xenizens)
But duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! Alien slaves fight with you! That's, like, the coolest dude!!! Like like like like like... duuuuuude...
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 09:33:25 UTC Post #56914
Am I then really the only one that uses the Hive Hand on them?
Sure...but if you only have a handgun it sucks. A crowbar would be effective only they are so small and hard to hit.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 14:17:26 UTC Post #56987
Hornet gun is the best to use against baby headcrabs, at least in my opinion. I am assuming a hive hand is the hornet gun.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 14:20:12 UTC Post #56988
im telling, the snarks will burn in hl2 BURN I SAY BURNN!!!!!!
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 15:13:54 UTC Post #56999
About the Xen Slaves, Nihilanth died so their collars were disabled. The Xen Slaves (Vortigaunts) were never bad, they were under the control of Nihilanth. In HL2, they team up with humans to get revenge.

BTW: If you look carefully at the HL2 trailer in Eli's lab, the Vortigaunt isn't wearing a collar. :D
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 15:53:14 UTC Post #57011
How do you know?
See ieatmonkeychows reply. pwned.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 16:04:25 UTC Post #57017
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 16:11:45 UTC Post #57024
User posted image
Graveyard inc. exclusive.
In-Hammer screens from HL2.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 16:13:07 UTC Post #57027
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 16:14:02 UTC Post #57030
Very nice.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 16:48:34 UTC Post #57052
Poison zombie?

Never heard of it b4... :
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 17:12:16 UTC Post #57068
I dont like the way those things look. Hopefully thats not like that in game... :roll:
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 17:20:40 UTC Post #57072
In-Hammer screens from HL2.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 17:47:00 UTC Post #57087
Yeah, I don't like how those monsters looks, they don't look anything like they should. Anyway on to what I was going to say. If the alien slaves aren't bad and only attack because of their collars, which are now dead, perhaps other aliens will team up with ou too? Maybe? Grunts? Contollers? No, probably not controllers, they are Nihilanth's henchman... ooooo.... what is Nihilanth in reborn and he teams up with you!!! Dude that'd be awesome! Have Nihilanth blast huge enemies and such!
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 17:57:40 UTC Post #57089
That would be the crappest story line ever, teaming up with an allmight being.
Gordon could just take it easy, lol.
Nice idea, badly executed.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 18:06:15 UTC Post #57091
Nihilanth is DEAD!!1!11
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 20:20:21 UTC Post #57105
Goddamn those zombies look half-chewed, and just like the Flood zombies from Halo.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 20:45:28 UTC Post #57107
Well maybe aving Nihilanth fight beside you is a bad idea, but what if Xen got over run and you had to help Nihilanth! That actualy makes sense! But Zombie, Nihilanth is reborn in Redemption, and that game was sold with CS retail, so I am assuming it has been published as an official mod. Which could possibly mean that what happened in Redemption will have some kind of effect in Half Life 2. Maybe? Just a hunch...
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 21:52:20 UTC Post #57111
Nihilanth is dead once and for all! He was enemy #1 in HL, and he would still be an enemy if he were reborn in HL2, which isn't going to happen (I think VALVe would release that would be too cliche). No other aliens team up with you, the Grunts weren't being controlled, they were voluntarily helping Nihilanth. As for the other Xen lifeforms (except controllers), they weren't even helping Nihilanth, they were just creatures that lived on Xen. Here's a list of enemies that were consious of the invasion and helped Nihilanth out:

-Nihilanth (duh)
-Those flying things that warped in Grunts
-Vortigaunts (not really helping, but under the control of Nihilanth)
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 23:28:07 UTC Post #57127
wat do u mean by those flying thingys? i never need them before then. hhhmmmm... u mean floaters? (no not u floater)
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-06 23:56:43 UTC Post #57130
I don't know what they're called, but they fly around and have beams that warp in Grunts and destroy stuff that come out of their bottom side.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 01:32:57 UTC Post #57134
Flyers? That's their common name.
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 01:35:55 UTC Post #57135
Grunts were just sent in to silence the facility. No connection with the aliens. After all, they fought the aliens themselves pretty hard too... never played OpFor?

As for those flying transport aliens, they were made from brushes, they're not models, toonton. They appear in several locations, especially a lot in Xen.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 03:14:31 UTC Post #57153
"These crab creatures have a unique parasitic strategy, don't you think?"
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 08:26:39 UTC Post #57194
Nothing a good whacking with a monkey wrench doesnt sort out.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 10:02:52 UTC Post #57208
CP: I'm not talking about Human Grunts, I'm talking about Alien Grunts. ;)
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 10:05:59 UTC Post #57211
Ah, right. Grunts sounds like, well, grunts to me, you know. That's what I usually call them, just grunts, since they're used much more than alien grunts.
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 10:11:04 UTC Post #57212
hgrunts i call em
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 10:12:54 UTC Post #57213
Yeah, human grunts are hgrunts.

BTW: I don't why VALVe named them both Grunts, IMO it's stupid. :zonked:
Posted 15 years ago2004-09-07 10:16:45 UTC Post #57214
Because they are both grunts... :P
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