Map show case! Created 15 years ago2005-01-11 08:20:47 UTC by UrbaNebula UrbaNebula

Created 15 years ago2005-01-11 08:20:47 UTC by UrbaNebula UrbaNebula

Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 08:20:47 UTC Post #83156
What this site needs is a showcase for all the decend maps with ratings of like 4 or 5 (or just 5). Give the map a week or to in the vault and if its rating stays high whack it into the case! :P
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 08:22:54 UTC Post #83157
Sorry for dubbling but i didn't give a reason. :confused:

This way rather than spend ages to find a map with a good rating after loosing it among the worse ones you could simply open up the showcase and download all of the recommended maps. :lol:
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 09:12:53 UTC Post #83158
that would be a great way for people to know which ones are worth the download.
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 12:17:58 UTC Post #83174
Well, it would work...
If you couldn't rate your own maps and you can't create multiple accounts.

Just think of it... thousands of KA_FY_SUX_ASS_MAP all rated 5 fifty times and downloaded 0.
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 12:41:41 UTC Post #83175
Perhaps limit the rating to moderators only.
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 12:53:05 UTC Post #83178
So you want to burden them even more?
We would certainly needs a larger staff for such a feature.
Disabling rating for anonymous people and limitng ratings to once per member per map should produce some relief.
For a show case we could also pick a few willing experienced mappers, who can express theirselves and who judge very objectively.
Andy can do that pretty well, but it would be too much for one, even for two people.
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 13:12:44 UTC Post #83179
2 things.

For one, I like the idea of creating a new 'juror' class, that does not moderate, just rates maps. Could also give the moderators the choice to judge, if they opted.

Secondly remove the rating ability from all sections of the vault, except the map showcase. Goes without saying that 'utter crap' would never be displayed in the showcase, as it would be 'eviscerated' quickly by the judges.
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 15:01:45 UTC Post #83193
If you can't rate at normal maps, how would any map be able to get in the showcase - as it is the high ratings that gets a map in there?

Well, I don't think "juror" would be a popular class. They'd have to go through a load of maps each day. I don't wanna be one anyway.
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 17:37:24 UTC Post #83224
How about make it so you can only rate a map once!

Even if its your own map then it don't matter as much!
and make it so they can track ip to people who sign in and cant make more accounts! unless they ask mod's to create a new logon and why!!
Habboi HabboiSticky White Love Glue
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-11 18:18:29 UTC Post #83244
The only reason that people can vote so stupidly is because atom never really finished it. At some point he will, I'm sure; he's not going to forget it. Can people stop complaining? He's come back now.
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 09:55:45 UTC Post #83338
7th: We're not complaning, just discussing possiblities. This is a forum, after all.

ZL: You're right, it would be a lot of work, but not as much as you think.

Stuff for the supposed Map Showcase could be hand-picked by the 4 or 5 same veterans, that are faithfully there rating the maps anyway--You, Seventh, Rabid, Andy, Habboi etc. Your doing the work already, why not create a section of the vault that when a user checks it out, he can be reasonably sure he's going to see something spectac.

Just a thought.
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 14:05:06 UTC Post #83370
How about we get a few people to Nominate their favourite maps, and work it like that?

I'm sure it can be worked out.

The Snarkpit did something like that (only it resulted in a big flame over nothing and one member left etc.. etc..)

Anyway - what i'm getting at is that "Sensible" People will pick the maps to go to the showcase.
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 15:00:18 UTC Post #83374
Something like a TWHL top-twenty?
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 15:37:29 UTC Post #83376
well.. yes and no - yes, a "Top" something.. but not 20 - More than that!
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 17:36:31 UTC Post #83403
That would be sweet.

But i dont think atom will have the time to code it...
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 18:47:18 UTC Post #83421
rowley: thing is, it's been discussed so many times, it's getting a bit boring.
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 18:50:43 UTC Post #83426
Atom already had plans for a new Map Vault btw
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 18:56:39 UTC Post #83441
yep. I hope he can do this qwick!
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-12 22:49:06 UTC Post #83466
Do you know what the new map vault is for? HL2 and CSS?
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-13 09:45:05 UTC Post #83495
Ummmm Hmmmm Probably HL2!
Unbreakable UnbreakableWindows 7.9 Rating!
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-15 12:05:45 UTC Post #83962
css is hl2 basically and it would be nice to have a top 20 vault although it could easily be done by coding it to place top maps on front page of vaults!
Habboi HabboiSticky White Love Glue
Posted 15 years ago2005-01-15 13:15:13 UTC Post #83970
They should just have a source vault.
Luke LukeLuke
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